Dan Greiner Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

It is known that some women have become famous due to their popular husbands, but there are also men who became famous due to their successful wives. One of them is Dan Greiner and this article will be dedicated to him.

If you want to know who he is, you have to know first something about his wife Lori Greiner. You have probably heard of her because she is a famous television personality.

Later in this article we are going to tell you something about her as well. Even though Dan Greiner has his own profession, he is mostly known for being in a marriage with Lori Greiner.

We are going to tell you first the most relevant facts related to Dan Greiner and his early years. After that you will have the opportunity to read about his career, as well as about his personal life. If you are interested to find out more information about this couple and about Dan Greiner, then you shouldn’t miss our article.

We will try to explain you thoroughly everything about him and his life. We are going to give you as much information as we can, because a lot of things about Dan Greiner are still unavailable and he doesn’t share them with public.

Early Years

The first thing you should know about Dan Greiner is that his real name is Daniel Greiner. He was born in the U.S., but the place where he was born is unknown, as well as his date of birth.

However, it is supposed that today Dan Greiner has approximately 50 years and he is probably a little older than his wife. There is not much information about the early years of Dan Greiner. We don’t know where he was raised, who his parents are and we also don’t know if he has siblings or not.

Also, the information about his education is not available yet. If we get to know something more about his early years, we will share it with you.

However, we are going to tell you now what the profession of Dan Greiner is and where he is working right now. You will find out how Dan Greiner is earning for living and in which way his job is connected with the job of his wife.


The first thing you should know about Dan Greiner is that his career lasts more than 3 decades. He was a successful businessman before he met Lori Greiner, but thanks to her he became famous in public. We have already said that most people know Dan Greiner only as a husband of Lori Greiner, but we should not forget his profession.

Before he joined the company of his wife, he used to work as a supervisor in the so called Name Grant Thornton Firm and he worked also for a popular Bell & Howell Company. He quit his job in this company because he wanted to work in a company of his wife. He quit in the year 1996 and he decided to help his wife in her work. Of course, he is the biggest support of Lori Greiner and she owes a part of her success to him as well.

Today Dan Greiner is working as a financial officer and chief for Lori Greiner’s company known as Your Ease Only. He is also a vice president of this company. He is dealing with preparing packets and shipping them, but he is also responsible for marketing. On the other side, it is known that Lori Greiner has always a lot of great and innovative ideas that make their work even better.

One of the most successful inventions of Lori Greiner was the invention of a plastic box for jewellery that brought them a lot of money. Dan Greiner and Lori Greiner are an excellent team in work and that’s why their company has made such success. Dan Greiner is not only the biggest support of his wife, but he is also her biggest inspiration. Without him Lori Greiner would not be as successful as she is now. Since Lori Greiner married to Dan Greiner, she expanded her empire and she realized a lot of new and successful projects.

Another important thing related to the career of Dan Greiner is that he has been working for Lori Greiner’s company more than 20 years, but he is also the founder of a company Lori Greiner Companies. He founded this company in the year 2012.

This company is also dealing with media, entertainment, sales, etc. If we take into account that this couple has two companies, then we can realize how rich they are. Later in this article you are going to find out what the net worth of Dan Greiner is and also how much money they have as a couple.

Apart from the company of Lori Greiner and his own company, we have to mention that Dan Greiner appeared on television as well. Actually, we all know that Lori Greiner is a popular TV personality and it is interesting that they appeared together in the series Beyond the Tank.

Now you are going to see the most important things related to the personal life of Dan Greiner. Of course, the only information that we possess is related to his wife Lori Greiner.

Personal Life

We have already told you that there is no information about the parents and siblings of Dan Greiner. Because of that we are going to talk about his love life, but we are sure that you already know a lot of things about that.

As you know, Dan Greiner is married. Even though he is successful in his career, the truth is that Dan Greiner became famous when he married Lori Greiner. It is known that they met at the Lincoln Park in Chicago and they fell in love at first sight. Their wedding was in the year 2010, but before that they were dating a couple of years, which means that they knew each other very good before they decided to get married. Their marriage is very peaceful, stable and full of love and respect.

Also, they don’t like to talk about their private life very much. The only thing we know is where they met for the first time and when they got married. Lori Greiner is very active on social networks, but it is interesting that she doesn’t share any information or photos of her husband. They love to keep the privacy for themselves.

However, it is known that there are no extramarital affairs related to them. Their love is strong and there are no rumours that someone of them is cheating on a partner. Dan Greiner and Lori Greiner don’t have children yet, but they love children very much. Of course, they would like to have children together.

We are going to tell you now a couple of the most important facts about Lori Greiner, because Dan Greiner owes his popularity to her. Lori Greiner is a popular American television personality and entrepreneur. She is also an inventor and she is usually known as the main star of a popular show The Shark Tank. Also, she used to be a host in a show Clever and Unique Creations. She is an investor as well and she invented great things that brought her company big success.

Also, Lori Greiner has been called Queen of QVC. Lori Greiner was born in 1969 in Chicago and she attended Loyola University Chicago. As you can see, there are much more information about Lori Greiner than about her husband Dan Greiner.

Below you are going to see in short the most important things from the biography of Dan Greiner. You already know some information about him, but we will remember you once more.


Full name: Daniel Greiner

Nickname: Dan Greiner, Dan

Date of Birth: Not available

Age: Around 50

Birth-sign: Not available

Birth place: U.S.

Residence: Near North Side, Chicago, California


Education: Not available

Occupation: Businessman, accountant, manager

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Marital status: Married (since 2010)

Spouse: Lori Greiner

Children: He does not have children. His wife Lori Greiner usually says that she adores children.

Hobbies: His biggest passion are cars and everything related to them.

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: Not available

Weight: Not available

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Brown

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $10 million

Now when you know all about the life and career of Dan Greiner, you must be wondering how much money he is earning. We have to take into account that he is not only a husband of Lori Greiner, but he is working more than 3 decades in the same field.

It is supposed that nowadays the estimated net worth of Dan Greiner is more than 10 million dollars, but we should also take into account the net worth of his wife that is about 50 million dollars. This couple has two luxurious houses, one of them is located in Chicago, another one is in Philadelphia.

We should not forget two big companies that they own – Your Ease Only and Lori Greiner Companies. Undoubtedly is this couple very rich and their wealth is growing every day more. They are very successful in their businesses and they enjoy in the most expensive things.

Social Networks

We have already told you that Lori Greiner is very active on social networks, but we cannot say the same for her husband.

The truth is that Dan Greiner doesn’t like social networks and he usually says that he doesn’t have time for such things. Dan Greiner avoids talking about his private life in public, even though he is in a very happy marriage with Lori Greiner.

Dan Greiner doesn’t have profiles on social networks, so it will be difficult to discover more information about him.

Also, we have told you that Lori Greiner doesn’t share things about her husband on social networks.

Quick Summary

You could see in this article some basic information about Dan Greiner. As we have already said a couple of times, he earned his popularity after marrying his wife.

His wife is a famous television personality and entrepreneur, as well as a successful inventor and businessman. Her name is Lori Greiner and you have probably heard of her and her success. She is a founder of a company Your Ease Only, in which her husband is also working. Dan Greiner is the biggest help and support of his wife.

We have also told you that there is not much information about the early years of Dan Greiner and his family. All we know is that he was born in the U.S. and he may be a year or a couple of years older than Lori Greiner, who is 50 now. They don’t have children yet.

Undoubtedly Dan Greiner and Lori Greiner are very rich. They are one of the wealthiest couples in their town and we can say in the U.S. in general. We have already said that the net worth of Dan Greiner is around 10 million dollars, while the net worth of his wife Lori is approximately 50 million dollars. They are owners of two beautiful houses in Chicago and Philadelphia, which is telling us how rich they are.

As you could see in this article, many facts about the life of Dan Greiner are not available, but we hope that we have explained you who he is and why he has become so popular. Of course, we should not forget that he owes his popularity to his wife Lori Greiner.

However, they are both very popular today and we hope that this article about Dan Greiner was interesting to you. We understand that you cannot find him on any of social networks, so we hope that soon we will give you new information about this popular couple.

We have told you that Lori Greiner is active on social media, but she always represents her business only. Undoubtedly they don’t like to talk about their private life. However, it may be the secret of their happy marriage and successful careers.