Dan Auerbach Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Dan Auerbach is an American musician, composer, singer and guitarist of Blues rock and Garage rock, plays the guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, began his musical career in 2000 and so far continues. He is known for being the vocalist of the musical band “The Black Keys”.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about his net worth, personal life and all the other information you would like to hear more about.

Early Years

Daniel Quine Auerbach was born on May 14, 1979, Akron – Ohio, United States, and his mother is Mary Little of Manx descent who teaches French and his father is Charles Auerbach a Jew who sells antiques.

His family is of musical background, acquired the taste for blues music since childhood thanks to his father who liked to listen to the vinyl records of that musical genre, he was also influenced by his uncles by the mother who played bluegrass, and his cousin was Robert Quine a great American guitarist of very prestigious punk rock.

During his adolescence Dan Auerbach was captain of the football team, he had a fairly common youth like any normal boy, however when he arrived at the university he began to listen to Junior Kimbrough (American blues musician) which led him to lower his performance in He studied as he began to look for his dream of playing guitar professionally. (See Article: String Instruments).

In the hours that Dan had to study, he dedicated himself to listening to singers such as Fred McDowell (blues singer and guitarist), Robert Johnson (blues singer, songwriter and guitarist), Clarence White (American bluegrass and country guitarist), Hound Dog Taylor (guitarist and blues singer), Robert Nighthawk (blues musician), among others. From this moment on, Dan left school and devoted himself completely to music.

Career Path

In 2001 Dan Auerbach forms a band with Patrick Carney called “The Black Keys”, Dan plays the guitar and sings, while Patrick plays the drums; this band began producing their own albums and recording in basements, until in 2010 it became a great popular rock garage band.

The name of this band was inspired by a friend of the members who suffered from schizophrenia and used the term black keys for people who were not well.

Auerbach and Carney are friends since childhood, in 2002 they recorded their album entitled “The Big Come Up”, then in 2003 they published “Thickfreakness”, in 2004 their album “Rubber Factory” was released and later in the 2008 recorded “Attack & Release” already in a professional studio.

For some years they only performed concerts in small clubs and music festivals. In 2009, Auerbach married Stephanie Gonis and had a daughter Sadie.

After several years without reaching fame, in 2010 with the release of his album entitled “Brothers” and his main track called “Tighten Up” made this band win several awards, then in 2011 they recorded a new album: The Road which reached second place in the Billboard Awards and also managed to start a tour in large stadiums.

In 2013 Dan Auerbach won several Grammy awards as a vocalist for the band “The Black Keys” and also won one as the best producer of the year, due to the co-production he made with the album “The Way” of his band and the production with the album Locked Down by Dr. John.

This same year he separated from his wife. In 2015, Auerbach married Jen Goodall and they had a son.

For 2017, after approximately eight years without Dan making any solo album, he released his new album “Waiting on a Song”, this album is a great combination between rock and pop, taking the best of both genres.

This last album of the singer has a fantastic content that transports you to the sixties, also in the songs he plays several instruments including the electric and acoustic guitar, the melodeon and the baritone guitar.

Dan Auerbach started recording some solo albums, these are: Keep It Hid in 2009 and Waiting on a Song in 2017. He later joined the band The Black Keys where he recorded the following albums: The Big Come Up in 2002, Thick freakness in 2003, The Moan and Rubber Factory in 2004, Chulahoma and Magic Potion in 2006, Attack & Release in 2008, Brothers in 2010, El Camino in 2011, Turn Blue in 2014.

I also recorded an album with Blakroc titled “Blakroc” in 2009, an album with The Arcs titled Yours, Dreamily in 2015 and his latest album is a solo titled “Waiting on a Song”, published in 2017.

If you’re looking for dirty garage noises, it’s best to skip “Waiting on a Song” right away because it’s not there. This is not The Black Keys album and this is what it is for every respect.

Many front men make a similar album to their solo albums when they do solo albums, but this is not the case here. Maybe a song like “Cherry bomb” or “Undertow” might find its place on Keys’ latest album “Turn Blue,” but these are just exceptions.

Most of the albums are released in a relaxing atmosphere of ’70s folk rock sound with very cheerful tunes that could be described as pure pop for the most part, so I believe this could have a nice aisle on radio stations and programs done right by the sea and the beach.

Maybe some of the songs are too playful, but that gives one extra dimension to Dan’s work that he wants to show that he’s not the author of just one thing.

The title track “Waiting on a Song” opens the album and is a true example of what can be expected on it. The light country pop piece explains how difficult it is to be a songwriter in the music world because it doesn’t come all by itself.

We can also read the part I explained earlier here – taking a break from The Black Keys is actually because of a lack of inspiration, and the fans don’t suffer too much because the band continues to fill them with songs. Ok, it’s not a band, it’s a front man, but better than nothing, especially if they make another timeless album like they used to lately.

The next “Malibu Man” has an upgrade in the soul with interesting trumpet solutions, “Livin ‘in Sin” sounds like a mix of Weezer and Traveling Wilburys, while “Shine on Me” is a real summer hop-cup hit you will love to listen to with a light breeze hair as you soak in the blazing sun sipping a third cocktail.

By the end of the album, Dan has skillfully, like an experienced cat, the tricks of the influences he showed at the beginning and elaborates them into a number of equally interesting songs that can easily be played in company with an acoustic guitar in his hands.

Of course, there are exceptions listed earlier, but overall, this is the most relaxing album Dan has made in all his formations. Many will cry that the album is too pop, but, I repeat, these are not The Black Keys, this is Dan Auerbach.

Waiting for The Black Keys, we got “Waiting on a Song”, a solid retro album with some really fun pop pearls. The album is cheerful and relaxing, it relaxes at high temperatures, which is exactly what we need because it is unbearably hot this summer.

On June 2, Dan Auerbach – leader of The Black Keys – will release a new solo album. Titled “Waiting on a Song”, it will be the second solo album of the musician and successor of “Keep It Hid” of 2009. The singer also published a plaque called “Yours, Dreamily,” in 2015, for a project parallel to The Black Keys christened The Arcs.

As a preview of “Waiting on a Song”, Auerbach had already presented the song “Shine on Me” with his respective video. Now, the artist reappears with a new advance called “King of a One Horse Town”, a theme that – in the words of Auerbach – refers to “anyone who is afraid of the outside world.

Some things came of their own accord for Carney’s injury, and some came for the will to move away from everything and try something different. All in all, during the Black Keys era, there were also Blakroc, The Arcs and a solo career, so it’s no wonder that “Waiting on a Song” is already the second album that Dan signs on his own.

Anyone who is afraid to go beyond his stable for fear of failure. He could be a drug dealer. A drunk. A teacher. That is a feeling with any of us can identify, how Dan explains it. Dan’s net worth is estimated at around 20$ million and most of the money comes from his engagement in his very popular band.

Personal life

Dan was married to Stephanie Gonis, and the couple has one daughter together.

In 2013 the couple divorced and he married Jen Gddall in 2015. Together with Jen, he got a son called Early.

The band members were involved in several conflicts over the years. In the end, they reconciled and are now on good terms.

In 2010, Dan decided to move to Nashville and he is currently living there with his family.

Quick summary

Full name: Daniel Quine Auerbach

Date of birth: May 14, 1979

Birthplace: Akron, Ohio U.S.

Age: 40

Profession: Musician, Record producer, Singer

Height: 1.73m

Weight: 60 kg

Net Worth: 20$ million