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Cynthia Frelund Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Husband, Age, Height

If you are familiar with NFL, you are surely familiar with Cynthia Frelund. This analytical expert is at the moment working for NFL. Gracing our TV screens with her unique personality, beauty, charisma and expertise, Cynthia is one of America’s favorite analysts.

In this article you can find out about her early years, her education and her career beginnings. You can learn about her private life, her personality and how she spends her free time. Cynthia’s activity on social media and many more interesting facts about her are just some of the things you’ll know about her after reading the text below.

Early Years

Cynthia Frelund’s birthday is on August 24th, and she was born in 1979. There isn’t much information known to the public about Cynthia’s early life since she is very concerned about keeping her personal life as private as possible.

All that is known is that she grew up in her hometown of Okemos, Michigan, and finished her high school education there, before moving to Boston.


Cynthia Frelund moved from her hometown Okemos to enroll in Boston College, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in science. Being a very good student and enjoying her studies much she earned two master’s degrees that allowed her to become the expert we know today.

Not wasting any time after university, Cynthia started looking for a job. She began her career working for Fusion, a finance firm as an analyst. Being hardworking and ambitious Cynthia earned a promotion in no time and worked at the same firm as a senior analyst. In 2008 she decided to bring her to passions together pursuing a career of a sports analyst. She landed a job at the NFL, but this job lasted less than a year. From 2007 to 2012 she worked as a pilates and group fitness instructor, at Equinox.

In 2010 she got the opportunity to work in business development for Disney ABC Television group, and she worked here up until 2012, gaining experience and crafting her skills. In 2012 she started working for ESPN, which was a big break that gained Cynthia notoriety and fame. She worked as associate director, producer and proved herself to be very versatile and efficient in different types of jobs.

From the year 2016 to the present day Cynthia Frelund has been working for the NFL as a predictive analytics expert, and is often praised as an expert that can take very complicated information and data and explain it in a way that every viewer can understand.

Personal Life

There is very little to none information on Cynthia’s personal life. She is very candid about her love life, and likes to separate professional from her private life.


Full name: Cynthia Frelund

Nick name: Unknown

Date of birth:  August 24th 1979

Birth-sign: Virgo

Birth place: Okemos, Michigan, United States

Residence: Unknown

Age: 38

Occupation: Analyst

Education: University of Boston, Northwestern University

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Unknown

Marital status: Unknown

Sexual Orientation: Unknown

Children: Unknown

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 5 ft 6 in (168cm)

Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: Unknown

Cynthia Frelund’s net worth, just like her private life isn’t available to the public. Her estimated salary at NFL is 80000 per year, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if her net worth can be measured in millions.

Social networks

Cynthia Frelund is a very active and frequent user of social media. She has several accounts across today’s most popular social media sites. She uses her Instagram profile most frequently. She shares pictures of her workplace, sports events that interest her and many precious and fun moments from her private life. Even though active on social media, Cynthia rarely shares anything too personal or too private.

She maintains her fun and quirky public persona throughout her posts. Since being a very athletic person and a sports lover Cynthia often shows off her incredible body and breathtaking work-outs. Here are Cynthia’s social media accounts that you can follow and get to know her a little better.




Interesting Facts about Cynthia Frelund

Cynthia Frelund is known to have a very fun and outgoing personality. She is one to always deliver fun and joy to her sets. Her colleagues love her for always bringing out the fun and positive side to every job, but also admire her for her professionalism, hard work and expertise. She is a very unique personality in the world of analysts. Not only does she have the brains, Cynthia is known for being one of the most beautiful and fit analysts out there.

She is very passionate about sports, since she’s been an athlete all of her life. Often showing off her amazing physique Cynthia is an advocate for a very healthy and active lifestyle. She loves to party with her coworkers and her friends, and often posts pictures of her fun and active lifestyle. Cynthia often stirs the public by posting pictures of her feet. Her fans support this by posting comments and joking how if her analyst career fails she can be a foot model.

Cynthia followed her great love and became a fitness instructor for Equinox from 2007 to 2012.

She is known for being an animal lover, and has a French bulldog whose pictures she often shares on social media, showing how much she loves her.

Quick Summary

Since starting her job as one of the NFL’s analysts, Cynthia steals the spotlight from her colleagues with her vibrant personality that radiates through the TV screens. This beautiful blonde, with a stunning smile and an incredible athletic physique proves show after show that she’s not only a beautiful face, but that she owns an incredible charisma that wins over everybody.

Cynthia is one of NFL’s most valuable assets when it comes to not only her stage presence, but her expertise too. This stunning blonde holds two master’s degrees and is respected and admired by her colleagues for her expertise and her ambition and impeccable work ethics.

She is one of the rare people who can be considered a full package. With success and ambition often comes an aura of arrogance, but with Cynthia this is definitely not the case. She is considered a joyful and loving person among the people she works with.

She is a good friend, fun and chill, always ready to have a good time when the work is over. There is no doubt that Cynthia Frelund is slowly but surely becoming one of the most respected people in the world of sports.