Cristina Greeven Cuomo Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Christina Greeven Cuomo is often referred to as Chris Cuomo’s beautiful wife. Although this bothers her, she tries to still do her work in the industry and avoid these topics. While many people feel like she is being a fraud and is famous because of her husband only, others see that she is a hard working mother of three and a businesswoman.

She is now a famous writer for the Purist magazine and she lives a very interesting, healthy lifestyle that she likes to share more about on social media as well. She is a true wellness expert that works with other professionals in the field to get the best information.

Early years

She has lived in New York her whole life: from the day she was born until now. She says that it was very interesting to see how this beautiful town helped her in each stage of her life and that she connects very much beautiful memories to the town itself. It would be very hard to move, she states.

Many people like to think of her as someone that has been privileged their whole life and she says that she is very bothered by that. Her father was an attorney and this brought the first bad comments on her resume. Everyone created rumors about her being brought into companies because of her father, but the fact that she worked as an intern in Hamptons for a long time proved many people wrong.

She is a very interesting person when it comes to origins. Her parents are Brazilian and German and this gives her looks a distinct touch. She said that she doesn’t feel like she is a big beauty, especially since it is expected for women in wellness to be gorgeous, but she does feel good about herself.

One thing that is interesting about her family is the fact that her grandfather used to be the German Minister of state. This was a huge function back in the day and therefore she gained a lot of attention because of it only.

He is the founder of Orient Express, a very famous name today, and the journey of this company began in the early 20th century. Many people brought this up after she married Cuomo, one of the most famous hosts in the world.

Her dad is Rainer Greeven and her mother is Regina Greeven. Both of them are people of high class and they taught their daughter to be a very formal woman. She also has a sister called Andrea Greeven Douzet and you may know her because she used to be a publisher at a few different magazines such as Beach and Manhattan.

She said she was very thankful for the fact that her parents always paid for everything and that she never had to struggle and was allowed to focus only on school. While others had to work and pursue sports, she had many hobbies that included writing and skiing.

She went to The Champlain School in Manhattan and she said that school wasn’t too interesting for her, but she knew that it was going to be important in her life so she decided to pursue it.

In the end, she graduated and continued her education at the Cornell University where she got a degree in the early 90s. She said that college education was fun for her, but it wasn’t really what she was looking for in life. She didn’t feel like it made her any more special than she already was in the field of writing.

Career development

As Cristina’s sister was involved in creating and editing magazines, obviously the sisters worked together for many projects. She soon became editor-in-chief and worked for Plum Hamptons and Gotham, which are both very influential magazines.

She had a contract with Niche Media as well, which brought her good money but was not the thing she wanted to keep on doing for the rest of her life. She said that it was making her tired and that there were a lot of controversial things involved.

Although she was famous when she began, her path to editor-in-chief wasn’t as easy as one might think. She started out as an assistant. She did nothing but brought coffee’s, filed papers, created a few restaurants or café reviews and in the end did the printing work.

When she graduated from Cornell, she said that she would like to be a true creator in Hamptons magazine, not only an intern. She was there for three years and said that she got completely obsessed with writing.

With her good friend Jason Binn, she started out a new magazine made for the locals. It was called Plum Hamptons. It didn’t really receive the amount of attention Cuomo was hoping it will.  Therefore, she soon had to switch jobs and this brought a lot of trouble and hard work into her life again.

After that, she worked in Modern Luxury and she said that it was very interesting, but sadly at the end of 2017, the company was beginning to get shut down. Not only were they cutting on expenses by reducing the amount of content, but they also fired both Cuomo and most of her coworkers.

After that, she decided to launch her own career again and to make it memorable this time. She was already pretty famous because of her husband, so she thought that this next magazine may be a true success. It was! Many think that her husband’s name helped her, but she is sure her skills improved and that people are just more aware of fitness, beauty, and the environment.

This magazine is called The Purist. It’s about many things such as architecture, beauty, skincare, media, design, interior and fitness. She said that it was just supposed to be a magazine that’s a reflection of who she is and what she likes to do in life.

She has had many famous people on the covers of these magazines. Some of them were Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts. She has also worked with Julianne Moore and she said that the best thing about making the magazine is hearing other people’s fantastic thoughts.

Many say that Cristina is very picky about who she is employing to work at her magazine, but she says that she wants to create the best content possible for those who are believing in her. Her work is very precise and clean, as she likes to say. Her husband confirms this and says that their children often nag about Cristina being really organized and making them stay organized as well.

She also owns where she shares even more about the wellness niche. She says that everyone should have a chance to be happy and live in the way the like to. That’s why she provides a lot of free content and the website is not only for fancy people.

She used to be a part of the skin line called Nature Bisse. She was an ambassador for them and later she had to quit that because she had too much work to do and couldn’t handle it all at once. Later she worked for a helicopter company and she said that in the end, everything she always wanted to do was to focus on her own magazine and make it as good as she can.

Personal life

The biggest part of her fame comes from the fact that she is married to Chris Cuomo, an American news host. He is a pretty famous persona and therefore she appears alongside him.

They have gotten married when both of them were 31 and they had a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony. This was very important for them because back in the day they used to be very influential.

It was on November 24th in 2001 when they got married. The whole thing was very exposed to the media and therefore we know that she wore a white Oscar de la Renta gown. It was not a big ceremony, but there was media involved.

The Cuomos are not only hosts, but they have also been involved in politics as well. Mario Cuomo was the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo as well, Chris Cuomo being no exception. They were so involved in politics that people started to get annoyed by the repetitive pattern.

Their marriage has been kept from the public as much as possible and one would say that there was never any trouble in their communication. The couple has been married for 17 years already and they decided to go to Southampton in New York as their main residence.

They have three children together and their names are Bella, Carolina, and Mario Cuomo.

It’s well known that the family has a home in Southampton and that it’s almost 2000 square feet of design made by the famous Stephen Rossetti and Emma Pilkington. Many were interested in the price of the place: it’s over 2 million dollars!

They have more houses in Manhattan as well.

She often jokes about how her secret talent is making perfect bites. Many people get weirded out by this.

The family has a dog called Tennessee and the dog they had before this one was Alabama. They often joke about what their next dog may be named since they obviously name them after states that they have inside jokes about.

Besides writing for her magazine, she has a lot of hobbies like skiing and writing poetry. She says that skiing is a love of hers because it is connected to beautiful memories she had both with her parents and her husband. Poetry is something she does to keep her mind off business.

When it comes to vacations, she loves to go to Jackson Hole in Wyoming. It’s a very interesting spot that not a lot of people visits and the family can have a peaceful vacation without being annoyed by the paparazzi so much.

She is well known for being a big pescatarian so her husband always has to go buy fish or take her on fishing trips. She says that she likes meat as well, but that fish suits her much more.

The family hangs out a lot, despite being followed around. Each winter they visit the Holiday Train Show and take a look at the NYC Botanical Garden as well.

Cristina is pretty active on social media and she loves to post stuff about her children there. She often creates birthday pictures and includes many hashtags, including #luckymom.

She said that one of the best memories she has is meeting the princess of Kuwait. Although Cristina was very nervous, she managed to keep a nice conversation with her and the two got along very well.

Speaking of being nervous, she said that meeting Bruce Springsteen was a fun time! She calls him The Boss and says that she loves his music. She has stated many times that the best thing about being an influencer is meeting other people.

She is all about that happy diet and often drinks cashew milk!

She doesn’t have many followers on social media, just over 50k on Instagram and 6k on Twitter. She is not about Facebook and she actually avoids to be on social media too much as it is very addicting for her, she says.

She is big about the environment as well and wants to proceed in creating content that will help people get closer to that zero waste life we are all aiming for.

Their family was in a lot of trouble after the rumors about her husband being gay came out. The media created a huge fuss about it and they also said the couple would get divorced. This was at the beginning of 2018 and was not true. She was very hurt by this and vented on her social media, but soon learned that people don’t change.

Quick summary

Full name: Christina Greeven Cuomo

Date of birth: January 12th, 1970

Birthplace: New York, The United States of America

Age: 49

Profession: writer, editor

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $9 million