Cosculluela Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Cosculluela may not be a worldwide known name but in Puerto Rico, he is considered as one of the best rap performers and singers with a very huge fanbase. He says that he focuses on this country anyway because he loved it.

His most notable work was his album named Blanco Perla which was released in 2015 and produced a smash hut which helped hum conquer the Puerto Rican music scene. It was named “Te Busco”.

Early years

The respectable rapper was born as Jose Fernando Cosculluela Suarez on October 15, 1980, in s Puerto Rican municipality named Humacao. It wasn’t too long until he started to get nicknames because his name and surname were too long to pronounce in daily talk.

His father originates from Cuba and his mother is a native Puerto Rican woman. Jose Fernando lived a quiet cozy life as a kid and a teenager since he grew up in a family from the upper class and never lacked anything from his young life.

He is very grateful for having this chance in his life since he had many friends that were not so lucky and they were attracted by gangs and similar trouble.

The whole family lived in Palmas del Mar, a beautiful resort near the beach where they had their place in the gated community. This gave his parents the security they longed for. He was happy because they were much calmer.

Living in such a place resulted in him playing golf and tennis most of the time. It brought him satisfaction to join the tennis club in his high school and play with them. He said that this was possibly the most stress-free time in his life.

He was a student at Colegio San Antonio Abad. He entered various competitions and did very good in them. It was not a surprise to his parents, who always believed in him.

But he was also very interested in music so he was only sixteen when he began producing his own mixtape alongside his brother Jaime with whom he is closely connected.

A group of his friends was also very interested in music so they also joined him in making mixtapes. Jose began his studies in San Jose and continued making records underground.

His music made its way to DJ Buddha, a very known American DJ and record producer whose real name was Urales Bargas and who comes from Massachusetts.

He is known for producing Reggaeton music so he came to the studio in San Juan where he learned about Cosculluela.

His reason for coming in San Jose was Echo, a known producer but after spotting Cosculluela’s talent he chose him to join his hip hop group named “Buddha’s Family” where he replaced a rapper named Tempo.

Career development

In 2004 he had released a demo tape titled “Este Es Mi Momento” and it became a huge hit. He became a known name in the Puerto Rican music scene and started collaborating with an American reggaeton singer named Yomocvery frequently.

Echo, earlier mentioned Latin producer took Cosculluela to his Invasion Music record label after he realized that Cosculluela’s career is going only up.

As a member of Buddha’s Family, he became known by his performance in the group’s hit song called “Te Va Ir Mal”. He was very happy that the single was doing good and they soon moved on to some new projects.

This opened him the doors to more collaborations. He began working with a famous producer named Gocho and also with a reggaeton producer Alex Gargoyles. Together they made a lot of compilation albums which became huge hits.

He was invited to guest on albums of many known artists and was especially praised for his work as a songwriter. This launched his career to a new level and made it easy for him to move on to the next project.

He eventually gained a nickname because of his great writing skills. He was called “El Principe del Verso” which is translated to “The Prince of Verse”. He was very flattered because of this.

Cosculluela eventually left Echo’s Invasion label due to Echo’s problems with the Universal Latino record label who was not interested in releasing albums of any Echo’s artists. This was a bit of a setback, but he wasn’t going to quit any time soon.

Cosculluela made and agreement with the White Lion record label and his owner Elias de Leon and signed a contract with him. This was a big moment for him and he was extremely honored to be moving in this direction.

Cosculluela hoped that he would soon release his debut album but it took him two years to succeed in it and he wouldn’t have done it without his friend Wisin Y Yandel, the owner of WY Records who was highly influential in the Universal Latino group so he pressured the label to release his album.

El Principe, named after his nickname “El Principe del Verso”, was finally released on December 2009 by White Lion. It was a project worked on very hard and long, so there were a lot of positive predictions about it.

The album was a big success and reached the 3rd place on Billboard’s List of Top Latin Albums. The biggest hits from the album were “Prrrum” and “Na Na Nau”. It eventually became one of the most listened reggaeton albums of the year and gained many positive reviews. It was especially praised for its lyrics.

The following year, in 2010, Cosculluela has released his new album which he named “El Principe: Ghost Edition”. Wisin & Yandel’s guest appeared on this album. This one did well, but not as well as the previous one.

His next album was named “El Nino” and it had a romantic reggaeton vibe. “Blam Blam” and “Si Tu No Estas” were the singles released from the album as the lead singles.

The album was featured by Farruko, J – Balvjn and Nejo & Dalmata. His last album that was released under Universal Latino came out in 2014 under the name “Santa Cos”. He was happy about the album and it got pretty good reviews, but nothing ever beat his famous work.

The main track from the album was the same-named single which came as a diss track to Temoi, another rapper from Puerto Rico.

His most notable work was “Blanco Perla”, his album released through Warner Music Latina, after a battle amongst various record labels who fought about signing him to their labels.

His huge hit “Te Busco”, featured by Nicky Jam, was the first single he released from this album. One of the huts from the album named “La Bada” and it spoke about his own wedding in 2015.

Daddy Yankee, Arcangel and Tempo were some of the artists that guests appeared on his album. He was very happy to work with them because he made some friends, but he also got some really good advice.

In 2018, a trap star named Anuel AA, also from Puerto Rico, has released a diss track named “Intocable” which was aimed against Cosculluela. Diss tracks started to get popular at that point, especially with many YouTube stars doing a lot of them.

But the track was so full of homophobic and misogynistic statements and foul language that the artist was so backlashed that his promoters canceled his concerts and distanced themselves from Anuel AA. This was a huge issue and it got a lot of controversies.

He mocked an HIV positive TV host La Taina, LGBTQ community and even the people that survived Hurrican Maris but lost their houses due to it. Only two days later the rapper Anuel AA has released a five minutes long video in which he deeply apologizes for his diss track saying that he had made it while he was filled with hate.

His latest single released in 2019 is named “Dime A Ver”.

Personal life

As for his personal life, he was married to Gina Moreno with whim he has a son named Jose Fernando Cosculluela but the pair divorced in 2015 after his wife sued him for physical abuse and filed for divorce. After this, he started a relationship with Jennifer Fugenzi whom he married in 2015.

He has almost 8 million followers on his Instagram account where he mostly posts about music.

He also uploads a photo of him and his young son named Paolo Jose Cosculluela Funguenzi who was born in February 2019.

He loves to document the wonderful moments in his life, but he also draws a clear line on where he wants his privacy to stop.

His wife Jennifer has almost one million followers on her Instagram account. She is a businesswoman and has her own stores of clothing and lashes. He says that he hates it when he sees how many men flirt with her on a daily, but he has to trust her.

In January 2015 he committed a serious felony so he had to appear at the court before the situation became worse.

He was arrested after he was accused by his girlfriend for physical abuse. She claimed that he was calling her derogatory names and beat her up twice that week.

The girlfriend stated that she was too scared to call the police but when the beatings continued the next week she had no choice but to call the police.

The people who knew him were very surprised by his short fuel.

His skilled lawyer managed to get him released with a bond of $40,000.

Quick summary

Full name: Jose Fernando Cosculluela Suarez

Date of birth: October 15, 1980

Birthplace: Humacao, Puerto Rico, Latin America

Age: 39

Profession: rapper, singer, songwriter, producer

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 82 kg

Net Worth: $10 million