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Cody Lundin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Discovery Channel’s survival program, Duel Survival was involved in a lot of controversy when his host, Cody Lundin, sued the chain.

This intimidation was due to his co-star, Joe Teti threatened to kill him while the show was filmed.

According to Lundin, the producers showed that he was losing his mind at the time of filming but what really happened was that Teti threatened to bury him under a mountain in Norway.

This was the second time that Lundin was pressured by his co-protagonist who had already threatened to impale him with a spear during a filming in Hawaii.

In addition, the threatened man said that Joe Teti had shown him images of people he had already killed while he was a member of the CIA.

Cody Lundin is definitely an interesting character, and there is a lot of information about him that you might fight intriguing.

Stick with us if you would like to find out more.

Early life

Cody was born in Prescott, Arizona, on March 15, 1967 in Prescott in Arizona. Cody Lundin is a 50-year-old professional survival instructor internationally renowned. Cody is a survival teacher at Prescott, Arizona’s Aboriginal Living Skills Class. Cody is his parents ‘ only son. Cody’s dad was involved in the army. His history is not so bright.

He spent his childhood day going from a place to place until he ended up staying in Wyoming, Laramie.  He attended high school and high school there.

He finished his high school and, and while going to college in Prescott, Arizona, he began sleeping on the roads, in the yards of his cousins, he also lived in shelters and communes.  Lundin’s got a B.A degree.

During his studies, he decided to live in a shelter because he wanted to test his survival skills and see to which limits he can go. Cody spent his life in seclusion, so we don’t know if he ever had a wife or a girlfriend. He never talked about it so we are not sure if he was ever in a long-term relationship.

Cody doesn’t like speaking too much about his family, since he likes to keep that part of his life private as much as he can.

The show he is on is very extreme and it takes a lot of courage for a human being to achieve what he has managed to achieve. He is faced with serious food and water deprivation, but this has never stopped him in his intention to show people how to use the elements of nature in order to survive.

In 1991, in Prescott, Arizona, he created the Aboriginal Living Skills College. There he teaches skills in survival, natural living abilities, traditional survival skills in the wilderness, urban ability to prepare, and to live of the available resources. In Discovery Channel, he also co-hosted the series TV under the name Dual Survival.

Career Path

Lundin is a very interesting person. He came out with two books on his own, that talk about being able to survive and prepare yourself to overcome he difficulties of the nature. His books have been very successful and beneficial for many people.

Follow the video with an interesting interview with Cody Lundin, in English only. It’s interesting that he makes clear his great experience (decades) with survival courses.

One part, perhaps more controversial, is when the interviewer asks Cody what he thinks of Bear Grylls, Survivorman, and others. He makes it clear that he sees Grylls with an adventure actor, doesn’t talk about others.

Bear Grylls is certainly far more capable than this one who writes you, but I don’t think it’s correct how he demonstrates survival techniques, risking his life and his physical integrity during most of the episodes. Ordinary people (I’m in the middle of these) may find this the best way to survive.

I think taking a risk is dangerous and your chances of survival diminish with Bear’s adventurous mode. I never gain much popularity criticizing Bear Grylls, the guy is idolized by many, but my opinion is this for a long time!

Lundin spent his younger years in the Wyoming Mountains where he continued his interest in learning for self-reliance. He also traveled alone with Spartan equipment and a fishing rope into the mountains of Wyoming to try capturing a trout.

He developed the first aid kit for life on the road after graduating from high school and went on a Greyhound bus that was heading westward with a bag and a guitar. It made him make honest decisions that could easily take his life. Lundin is also the writer of 2 books on survival and preparation.

Cody Lundin was born in Prescott, Arizona, U.S.A. on March 15, 1967. He is the only child in his family to be raised as a pampered child in Laramie Wyoming. His father’s been in the army. He completed Laramie Wyoming’s junior high and high school.

He graduated from high school while living on the streets, in a commune, before Cody Lundin attended college in Prescott, Arizona. He moved to Prescott College after that and was awarded a B.A. Psychology in depth and holistic wellbeing. Regarding his ethnicity and nationality, Cody Lundin is a White American.

In 1991, in Prescott, Arizona, Cody Lundin founded his Aboriginal Living Skills School. Between 2010 to 2014, he served as a co-host for a dual survival TV series. He also had the Discovery Channel series, Lost in the Wild in 2004, before that.

Because of differences of opinion on safety issues, Lundin was terminated on February 17, 2014 from the Discovery show. He uses Dual Survival’s Mora Classic 1 blade.

Cody’s school usually includes cross-country and short hikes that lead to historic base camps. To teach people how to survive in nature, he shows them camping skills and the attendants of the course usually spend their night in the woods or in nature under a tent.

He offers interesting demonstrations of skills in the nature, which makes people very interested in his course. More and more people are joining his course in order to learn how to survive in the nature and how to use the natural beauty that is all around us.

He also helps people use gear and weapons created in the nature, in order to defend themselves in case of wild animals or any other danger that can threaten them. Cody is a big supporter of many causes for the protection of the nature and animals.

He gives good example to other people by saving energy and making sure he doesn’t spend a lot of water and electricity, matter of fact, he doesn’t spend any of it.

This has been very helpful to him because he managed to save a lot of money and increase his net worth.

Personal life

Former host of “Dual Survival” Cody Lundin’s hardest job was to escape his co-host, who threatened to kill him with all kinds of weapons… He filed a lawsuit against Discovery.

Lundin claims producers made it look like he lost it on set— but his friend, Joe Teti, was the real threat according to the documents. He says in Norway while shooting… Teti tried to “dump” him while tossing around an ice pole on a hill. Lundin claims Teti was trying to impale him with a spear during a shoot in Hawaii.

Lundin likes to work out very much and is constantly active. He often shares his tips on fitness with others as well. This has become his lifestyle and he could never give up on being an active person. This was the main reason he came up with survival school too.

Due to his incredible surviving skills and his charm on the screen, he has managed to build quite a reputation for himself.

His net worth is currently estimated at around 2.5$ million. Most of the money he has comes from his participation in the show Dual Survival but also from other public appearances he makes. Besides being on the Discovery show, he was also a part of many other reality TV shows that landed him quite a large amount of money.

Even though Cody earns a lot of money, he still managed to stay a humble person and not spend a lot of money on things he doesn’t need.

He is an owner of a survival school, which brings in some more money to his monthly earnings. Since he doesn’t seem ready to stop actively appearing on TV and showing off his survival skills, we can expect his net worth to increase even more in the future.

He is satisfied that he managed to obtain himself a life where he doesn’t need to worry about money, especially because he didn’t always have such a life.

Cody is also a big supporter of causes that are focused on nature. He doesn’t like when people spend electricity or water on things that aren’t necessary. He gathers rainwater and also makes other elements in nature work for him, so he doesn’t need to spend any money on bills.

This saves him a lot of money, and is one of the reasons he has managed to gather that much money in his net worth.

It is unclear whether he is married or if he has a girlfriend, since he doesn’t like talking about his private life to others. He likes to keep his private life away from the spotlight, so he has some peace when he gets home.

This is completely understandable, and many celebrities envy him, because he is able to manage all of that.

Quick summary

Full name: Cody Lundin

Date of birth: March 15th 1967

Birthplace: Prescott, Arizona

Age: 53

Profession: TV host

Height: 1.88 m

Weight: 87 kg

Net Worth: 2.5$ million