Clyde Drexler Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

This story about life and wealth that this unique person created will make us all believe that with hard work and good work and life attitude you can do what you want in life.

Clyde Drexler is a retired basketball player.

He was elected as the NBA All-Star for ten times throughout his career and dubbed one of the Greatest Players in the annals of this game.

He won an Olympic gold medal in 1992 Olympic and was the part of the NBA Dream Team.

He became a Basketball Hall of Fame draftee, and he became that two times – once he is named in 2004 for accomplishments in his career and other time in 2010 as an original part of the “Dream Team”.

Now he works as a commenting reporter for Houston Rockets hometown matches.

Early years

Clyde Austin Drexler was born on June 22, 1962, in New Orleans, Louisiana

He went to a to Ross Sterling school, in Houston, Texas and one of his friend there was a famous tennis player named Zina Garrison.

He was interested in basketball, but he could not accomplish joining that team the first, and he moved into the baseball team alternately.

Being tall for 1,98 meters, Drexler played as a centre. He started to gain recognition from college trainers for his excellent execution upon Sharpstown High School in a 1979 Christmas competition.

In 1980, after finishing school, he was proposed by the State University New Mexico, and Houston University, after his youth buddy Michael Young said that Drexler was the greatest basketball player in high school.

During that summer, he was employed in the bank, being a finance major. In was later recalled by his coach Guy V. Lewis that he originally received hatred letter of Houston fans for selecting Drexler, as they perceived that he was not adequate to perform.

Career Development

In college, Clyde and Michael created the brotherhood of basketball that earned national recognition with their acrobatic performance.

As a junior, he announced his wish for NBA and left Houston with outstanding results in all three seasons that he played there.

He remained the only basketball athlete in school records total records of 1,000 points.

In1983, during the NBA draft Drexler was chosen by the Portland Trail Blazers. During his 1st season, Clyde was thriving, although his 2nd season is estimated as his breakout term.

In his 3rd season, Clyde eventually made his first All-Star team. In the 1990 season, he conducted the Portland Trail Blazers to Finals of the NBA, but in the finale, they fell working upon the Detroit Pistons.

A year later,  Clyde led the Portland Trail Blazers to succumb the Western Conference Finale, notwithstanding being much bigger favourites than the Los Angeles Lakers.

In 1995, Portland Blazers honoured Drexler’s application to be sold for Otis Thorpe, right before the sale deadline.

Clyde hade made 21.5 points per match, on average, in his third and final performance in the NBA.

Drexler was removed during a game In the 1995 NBA Playoffs, by referee Jake O’Donnell – all of this was motivated by a personal conflict between them at the time, supposedly.

The referee eventually withdrew a couple of months following the incident.

In February of 2009, he joined in the All-Star NBA Weekend’s Celebrity Game.

Many celebrities played, like Dominique Wilkins, Terrell Owens, and many more celebrities like famous actors, musicians, etc.

Throughout his time spent at Houston University, he was given the nickname “The Glyde” due to his quickness and athletic abilities on the court and his cheerful and calm character off the court.

When he performed at the University of Houston, he became famous for his outstanding skills as a finisher, but in all wasn’t saw as a surpassing shooter.

In his whole career, Drexler became a fantastic basketball player in the game, even shifting a skilled player and more compatible external shooter.

His marvellous leaping abilities let him be an acrobatic dunker and Drexler played in numerous NBA All-Star competitions during the late 80s.

Drexler was generally viewed as an adaptable player, and he was perpetually the leader at his place in points, assists, rebounds, and steals.

He also showed a sufficient number of blocked balls for a professional his size, placing third for his career totals among defenders.

Clyde jersey has a number 22, has been retired by the Cougars, Trail Blazers and the Rockets.

As mentioned before, Drexler was initiated into the Basketball Hall of Fame in his first year of qualification.

In 2004 Clyde wrote and published a biography named “Clyde the Glide.”

Personal Life

Drexler married two times, and his first wife Gaynell married him in1988. Drexler and Gaynell were together for more than two decades.

The pair share three children together -they are named Adam, Elise, and Austin.

In 2014, Drexler partnered for the second time in the whole matrimony.

He met his wife, Tonya through Dominique Wilkins, his fellow NBA teammate.

Drexler has numerous real estate throughout America. He has two residences in the River Oaks–Memorial neighbourhood of Houston and the Dunthorpe suburb of Portland.

Referring to his family, he has two sisters, Virginia and Denise and one brother named James. All of them the owners and managers of the family barbecue eateries in Houston. His mother is also in the restaurant business.

The eatery is named Drexler’s World Famous BBQ & Grill.

In his first NBA season, as a rookie, Drexler started funding in real estate, and although he has resigned, he does some work in  Drexler Holdings LLC, located in midtown Houston.

Drexler has made numerous guest appearances on television. To name a few, he was on a famous tv show “Married with Children”, and he also had a cameo role in one episode of  “Arliss”.

He was a guest starred in an instalment of the tv show “The Sentinel”.

Drexler was also active on the big screen. He made a cameo role in the basketball movie Like Mike 2: Streetball, in 2006.

That same year, Drexler entered the first season of the Spike TV show called Pros vs Joes, which is about three amateur players playing against expert athletes.

He was also a part of the regular season Green Team and the season finale Orange Team.

In  2007, it was stated that Drexler would become a participant in the widely popular show “Dancing with the Stars” with a partner named Elena Grinenko. He was voted off in the fifth round.

In April of 2010, Drexler guess starred on “Celebrity Apprentice”, a show that was aired on NBC. His role was to support the men’s team “Rock Solid”  to complete a task to create video ads for Right Guard.


Drexler is now a retired professional basketball player that was adored by many, and throughout his professional career, he has gained over 28 million dollars.

The Glide as many like to call him comes from New Orleans, and he was, during his long and lucrative career he was a ten-time All-Star and was labelled one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History -this makes sense cause he performed side by side with Micheal Jordan, and was a regular in the NBA Dream Team.

Clyde Drexler won an Olympic gold medal in 1992 because he was in the team in the United States men’s Olympic basketball crew (so-called The Dream Team).

He also has won and an NBA Championship in 1995 with the Houston Rockets.

Clyde was also Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee (two times, once in 2004 and other time in 2010).

He also gained some cash by explaining and talking for Rockets home games.

But this man is not out any education – he is good with finances – Drexler majored in economics and worked as a banker. This was unquestionably a place where he learned how to be good with money, and he proves it, he did not wait for things to fall on his lap, but he worked hard for them.

So the majority of his cash proceeds from the time that he spent in the NBA, where he was one of the best basketball players ever.

So for example in 1997 when he played for Houston Rockets his pay was around six million dollars, and two years prior it was nearly 10 million dollars, and you should add up some lucrative endorsement contracts that he had.

In the end, we must add that Drexler was so smart that he focused his concentration on other origins of income.

One of which is investing and real estate – the best business for those who retire and have some money to spend.

Drexler started investing in real estate – this is also one of his productive careers after leaving from basketball.

He started working in a real estate market in Managing Director Holdings LLC.

Quick Summary

Full name:  Clyde Austin Drexler

Date of birth: June 22, 1962

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Age: 57 years

Profession:  basketball player

Height:  6 ft 6 in (2 m)

Weight: 95 kg

Net Worth: 28 million dollars