Ciara Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

In a large pool of celebrities, there are ones who stand out with their beauty and their exceptional talent. One of such people is Ciara.

She is an American Hip Hop singer who first appeared in the spotlight in the 00’s and stayed until today.

In today’s text, we are going to talk more about her net worth, her personal life and all the other interesting information you might want to know about.

We are also going to talk about her career and how she managed to reach such success in her private and personal life.

Early Years

Ciara Princess Harris was born on October 25, 1985 in Texas, in the city of Austin. Ciara Princess traveled a lot during her childhood: the military career of her father forced the family to live successively in Germany, New York, Arizona … Then Carlton, Jackie and their daughter Ciara settled in Atlanta.

Interesting thing about Ciara is that her name is actually given because of the Revlon fragrance that came out in 1973 under the name “Ciara”.

Her mother fell in love with that name and she wanted her daughter to carry it for the rest of her life. It turned out to be a good decision, because besides her amazing talent, she is also recognizable because of her interesting name.

As a teenager, Ciara Princess Harris knows she will become a singer: a clip of Destiny’s Child decides it, as well as the encouragement of her cousin, rapper TI She integrates a group of girls, she leaves quickly to devote to a solo career.

Her first song that she wrote on her own was got me waiting, and she was very proud of it. The song was written for another Hip Hop singer called Fantasia Barrino for her first album called “Free Yourself”. While she was working on songs for other artists, Ciara met a producer that will change her life.

His name was Jazza PHa, and he instantly recognized the hidden talent in this young singer. She even referred to him as to her Music soulmate. In 2002 she came out with a hit song 1, 2 Step that is still a hit until this day, and the rest is history.

Since then, we know the path traveled by Ciara and the meteoric success that she encounters: the title Goodies, a real hit of the summer, launches in 2004. Later, the album The Evolution confirms the talents of Ciara and the take to the top of the R’n’B.

On the private side, Ciara gets married to sportsman Russel Wilson on July 6, 2016 in England. In October 2016, Russell announces the pregnancy of Ciara.

On April 28, 2017, she gives birth to a daughter named Sienna. She is also the mother of a boy born from her union with rapper Future.

Since there isn’t much information about her early life, we are going to continue on to her career beginnings and see how she became as famous as she is right now.

Career Path

Goodies “,” Like a boy “,” Promise “,” Get up “or” Cannot leave them alone “are some of Ciara’s many successes. Prodigy of American R’n’B, the singer has been able to assert itself on this scene yet very coveted in the space of a few months. Followed closely by, Lil Jon and The Neptunes, the artist is already on her third album.

Ciara was born in Austin, Texas, in 1986. Daughter of a military father, the young singer moved several times during her adolescence. Between Europe and the United States, the girl finds only a reference point for her learning of singing and dancing.

It was finally in Atlanta that the singer landed with her family at the age of 15. Fan of Destiny’s Child, Ciara takes them as an example.

Stubborn and determined, the girl then promises to become a singer by any means whatsoever. After evolving within a group of girls, Ciara left the training to focus on her career and began writing a few songs.

That’s when she meets producer Jazze Pha. Real turning point in his career, this meeting will lead straight to success. Thanks to him, it records a first version of the title “Goodies”, which immediately seduces the rapper and producer Lil Jon.

The latter decides to bet on Ciara and re-records the piece in duet with Petey Pablo. True hit of the summer of 2004, the piece is in first place of tops for several weeks.  “Goodies”, the first opus of the singer out in the bins a few months later. Nicknamed by Lil Jon “The first lady of the crunk’n’b”, Ciara becomes a sure bet for American music.

Following the success of this first album, the artist is forced to set the bar even higher for the second. To believe that the challenges do not scare Ciara too much, since the year after his second album, “The evolution”, produced by The Neptunes, Lil Jon and, goes out and sells to more than a million and a half copies.

Real wonder in his field, Ciara triumphs with his singles “Get up”, “Promise”, “Like a boy” or “Cannot leave them alone” in duo with 50 cents.

In addition to her singing career, Ciara also made notable appearances at the movies, notably in the movie “Mama I Want to Sing”, with Lynn Whitfield and Patti labelledont, in 2008

In May 2009, the American star released her third album “Fantasy ride”. For this album, the young American collaborated with Ludacris, Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, The-Dream, Missy Elliott, and Justin Timberlake with whom she sings the sulphurous title Love Sex Magic.

In 2008, Ciara received a reward by the Billboard for the Woman of the Year. She received this reward as a recognition for her amazing contribution to music and his she influenced thigs to chance music-vise. Her album Fantasy Ride was released in 2009 and it had a more pop sound, unlike the previous hip hop sound of the album.

The third album Ciara released with the two-year lapses and this time it would have been delayed another year, that is how it is published in 2009 “Fantasy ride” that in addition to extending the expectation, did not fulfill the foot of the letter with her, being for the criticisms the most weak production until then this beautiful singer that in no event happened not in adverted thanks to that it includes the duet with Justin Timberlake that was successful worldwide “Love sex magic”.

The song is still very popular, even though many years have gone by since the song came out. The album ended up being number three on the Billboard 200 and was her third consecutive album on the Billboard. Her fourth album came out in 2010 under the name Basic Instinct, and many songs ended up being hit songs.

Her fifth album called One Woman Army came out in 2012 and she admitted that it had a completely different vibe to it. Sixth album Jackie came out in 2015 and seventh album came out in 2017 under the name Beauty Marks.

Her latest project was the judge position in the America’s Most Musical Family on Nickelodeon alongside with David Dobrik and Debbie Gibson. Ciara’s net worth is estimated at around 25$ million and most of the money comes from her musical performances and her albums.

Personal life

Ciara Princess Harris Known simply as Ciara, she is a singer, dancer, actress and model. He was born in the city of Austin, Texas. He traveled around the world during his childhood and eventually settled in the city of Atlanta, Georgia where he joined the Hearsay group, but was separated by differences between the members.

In 2004 after meeting the music producer Jazze Pha, Ciara signed a contract with laface records which produced his first album “Goodies” which achieved incredible success throughout the world, decorated as triple platinum in North America. Giving him the decoration of being one of the most prominent faces of women’s R&B. Ciara has published five albums to date and has sold more than 7 million records throughout the world.

This Austin born interpreter, producer, compositor, dancer, actress and us model, Ciara princess Harris, more known in the world of good music, important exponent of r&b, rap, dance, hip hop, soul, crunk, electro and pop, who for decade has been maintained in the world of the arts, be it for its quality or beauty.

In the musical world, Ciara influence has been significant in US and European cultures in which she lived with her father, a US military member, which without placing doubts forged her original style, also influenced her in her musical performances.

The diva debuted in the world of music in the summer of 2004 with its single “Goodies”, # 1 in billboard hot 100, a great success that meaned the album of the same name great recognitions, between the triple disc of platinum and four nominations to Grammy.

For 2006, the artist returned to the world of music with a new album that of course, wakes great expectation and of what most important was that it was not small to the same with three successes, it was the production “Ciara: the evolution”from which songs responsible for the album will arrive at the first place of the billboard, such as: “Get up”, “Promise”and “Like a boy”, and she made it platinum with this disk.

The third album Ciara released with the two-year lapses and this time it would have been delayed another year, that is how it is published in 2009 “Fantasy ride” that in addition to extending the expectation, did not fulfill the foot of the letter with her, being for the criticisms the most weak production until then this beautiful singer that in no event happened not in adverted thanks to that it includes the duet with Justin Timberlake that was successful worldwide “Love sex magic”.

Within the career of this female symbol, two more productions would come, in 2013 her album and in 2015 “Jackie”, in the middle of a career where she has sold more than seven million discs in the world, 4.3 million digital discs 6.9 million digital simples, which also have gotten her three bet prizes, three MTV, and a Grammy award.

Singer Ciara and her fiancé, Russell Wilson, have stated that they will remain in intimate abstinence until the day they say yes. The decision not to have intimate relationship until they are married comes from the beliefs of Russel, a soccer player, who takes his religiosity very seriously, and he related this in an interview for Rolling Stone. The singer, who already has a child from another relationship, has accepted her conditions.

Singer Ciara and her fiancé, football player Russell Wilson, will remain in intimate abstinence until the wedding. That is, no intimacy until they have become husband and wife in the eyes of God. This decision is based on the religiosity of the soccer player, and although the singer already has a child from another relationship, she has accepted her conditions and beliefs.

The athlete, who is only 26 years old, confessed the following in an interview for Rolling Stone: “I know that God led me into her life to bless her, so that she blesses me, and to bless many more people with the impact that we have. He has anointed us to do something miraculous and special. ”

The singer on the other hand, has accepted the beliefs of her boyfriend, and although Wilson’s religiosity could clash with the life of the singer, she says that they fit perfectly. She is perfectly happy with her husband and the two of them seem to be enjoying their time together.

Ciara is married to Russell Wilson and the couple started their relationship in 2015 and got married one year after.

She has one son that was born on May 2014 in her previous relationship with the rapper Future.

Quick summary

Full name: Ciara Princess Harris

Date of birth: October 25th 1985

Birthplace: Austin, Texas

Age: 34

Profession: Singer, Songwriter and dancer

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 55 kg

Net Worth: 25$ million