Chronixx Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Chronixx is a very popular Jamaican personality who got famous for his reggae sound. He became one of the most prominent representatives of Rastafari reggae music.

He comes from a musical family and his father’s stage name was Chronicle. That is why he was known as Little Chronicle for a while.

He never minded this nickname and he said that he actually loved to spend time with his family.

His music genre has been given a name Reggae Revival and is getting more popular even outside his home country Jamaica.

Early years

He was born as Jamar Rolando McNaughton on October 10, 1992, in the part of Jamaica called Spanish Town. This town is the largest in St. Catherine parish which is located in Middlesex County.

Jamar got introduced to music at a very early stage of life since his father was a singer called Selvin McNaughton, more known for his stage name „Chronicle“.

His father was thrilled that his son loved music and singing and supported hi min his aspirations in music. He wanted to spend a lot of time with him as well, teaching him all of the secrets that one can find in the industry.

His father also noticed that his son has a great sense of lyrics and writing songs. He was only five years old when he had written the very first song named „Rice Grain“. He was very proud of it although it was pretty simple, and his parents were very happy about his intentions.

He was interested in playing keyboards and drums when he was young so he practiced both instruments a little.

He was surrounded by music because a lot of his family members sing and he used to sing in the church choir and school.

He grew up with six siblings with whom he tries to get along the best as he could.

When he was nine years old he joined the children’s church choir but at the age of 11, he started singing with the youth.

After that, he became the main director of the children’s choir, and at the age of 11, he started directing the youth choir too.

He was a student at St. Catherine High School where he got more professional about singing and making rhymes. He started producing at the age of 15.

He was able to enroll in the University of the West Indies but he chose another path. He thinks that he can do more good with making his music and sending his words to his fans.

But four years earlier, when he was only 11, he was recorded for a Gospel song and later on he became a vocal in Lutan Fyah’s music. Lutan is one of the most known Jamaican musicians who is also a valuable member of the Rastafari movement.

When he was 15 he already made riddims for other record companies. He was very happy with all of the work he did.

A great tragedy occurred in 2009 when he was only 17 years old. His brother died that year and Jamar has started writing for Zincfence Records. He said that his brother would want him to continue pursuing his dreams and because of that he continued to invest in a better living.

He co-founded the record label alongside Ricardo Lynch, but Romain Teflon Arnett was the driving force for this enterprise.

Career development

Romain is the man who motivated Chronixx to start being the vocal behind his songs and not only to write for other people.

In 2010, Chronixx had his first EP released and he soon became mentioned as one of the most talented artists in the Jamaican music industry.

The ‘Capitalist’ which was featured by Infinite was a big hit but it was the song called “Behind the Curtain” that stood out and became the favorite single of the fans.

Chronixx’s huge hit “Behind Curtain” was a big kick forward for this record label and most people consider that his charisma is the main thing that drove this record label to success.

In 2012 he became noticed by many reggae fans and the fact that he is the son of the Chronicle called „Little Chronicle“ (which he eventually changed into Chronixx) helped him a lot.

He started performing at festival slike Reggae Sumfest and at various nightclubs. Major Lazer invited him to guest appear on his mixtape named „Start a Fire“.

In 2013 he had released two big hits named „Here Comes Trouble“ and „Smile Jamaica“ which eventually opened the door to touring.

He visited the UK together with the Zincfence Redemption Band which was the name he chose for the group of people surrounding him.

In 2013, he started his tour in Kenya where he is very popular and has a huge fanbase.

Chronixx was the only artist from Jamaica to perform in Nairobi in 2013, and he was honored with the title of the Peace Ambassador regarding Kenya’s elections.

He returned to Kenya for Sumfest the same year.

In 2014, he had released his EP named „Dread & Terrible“ which entered the Billboard Reggae Albums chart at No.1. It stayed on the positions for weeks.

In 2014 he had received several awards for his work. He says that it is always very flattering to receive awards, but the most flattering thing altogether is the fact that he is noticed by his colleagues.

He gained the Entertainer of the Year Award, Best New Artist Award and Entertainer of the Year Award. In the summer of 2014, he had a concert in New York’s Central Park.

He was one of the participants of the reggae and jazz festival alongside Ernest Ranglin and Monty Alexander whom he respects a lot.

He also gained a nomination for the MoBo Award in 2014. At the Reggae & World Music Awards, he has been awarded in the categories for the Best Song and Best Music Video.

Due to his popularity and financial revenues he decided to create his own production house which was named ZincFence Recordz.

His label produced albums of many known musicians like Jah Cure and Protoje. They became role models for young Jamaican musicians.

In 2015, Joey Badass invited him to guest appear on his single „Belly of the Beast“ from his first album „B4. Da.$$“. It was a really fun experience that all of them ended looking up to.

In the summer of the same year, he showed up at the Glastonbury Festival where he was nicely welcomed by the public.

His 2nd mixtape was released in 2016 titled „Roots & Chalice“: In 2017, he had released his debut album titled „Chronology“ which was released by Soul Circle Music.

Chronixx has over 700 thousand followers on his Instagram account where he often posts. He loves social media as it is a simple way to communicate with his fans more often.

Picard Brothers, Bost and Bim and Winta James are some of the artists featured on his album. All of these people are good friends of his and they are connected through music as well.

He has written most of the songs himself and produced a big chunk of them.

He was influenced by artist slike Barrington Levy, Half Pint, and Cocoa Tea. He says that they were always very interesting as musicians, but also as people.

In 2015 he came under criticism on social media regarding his Instagram post. The post was about Marcus Garvey, a national hero but many thought the post was disrespectful and shameful because it mentions American president Barack Obama and calls him a waste man because of America’s unwillingness to expunge the criminal record of the above-mentioned hero.

He was also backlashed by his Rastafarian fans because he stated that he likes Aidonia’s music and don’t have anything against dancehall music. Many Rastafarians considered this statement as treason of his Rastafarian roots.

In April 2016 he was again attacked on social media because of his statement that a known artist Vybz Kartel is a cannibal. The artist never talked about this later but many people unfollowed him at that point.

He stated it because Vybz violent music and pointed out his song „Kill Dem All and Done“ as being a negative content for the youth.

In spring 2017 he has become the brand face of Adidas sneakers collection. He was very happy because he got many new fans from this campaign, especially younger ones.

On his debut album „Chronology“ he made a duo with his father on the single „Big Bad Sound“. It was released by Virgin EMI Records in the summer if 2017.

The album has received a nomination for the Best Reggae Album on the 60th Grammy Awards event.

His first single on the debut album Chronology is named „Majesty“ and it was followed by a music video shot in St. Mary in Jamaica.

While being a guest at the University of Guayana he spoke with students about music and his view on life. He mentioned his unsatisfaction with the Caribbean politicians and Governments who aren’t focused on the important things like building infrastructure and schools.

He also mentioned his role models Walter Rodney and Marcus Garvey. The first was a political activist who wanted to improve the education of the Jamaican people and the other one was a huge fighter for the rights of black people.

Personal life

The song is a serenade for his girlfriend who is pregnant and is a part of the video. Her name is Kelissa.

Quick summary

Full name: Jamar Rolando McNaughton

Date of birth: October 10, 1992

Birthplace: Spanish town

Age: 27

Profession: singer, songwriter, producer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million