Chris D’Elia Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Comedy is something that keeps people going and helps us cope with our everyday issues. Without humor our lives would be dull and depressing, so comedy is what all of us need in our lives.

Stand-up comedians are a new class of celebrities that is rising from the crowd. They appear in everyday TV, in movies and they host their own shows, to which more and more people are coming.

Seems like everyone needs a bit more humor and laughter in our lives, so we all run to these celebrities and enjoy their performances.

In today’s text we are going to talk about such a performer, who is known for his good sense of humor and ability to make everyone laugh. We will talk about Chris D’elia, who is a famous American stand-up comedian and podcaster.

We will talk about his net worth, his personal life and his career, so if you are eager to find out more about him, this is your chance.

Early Years

Christopher William D’Elia was born on March 29th 1980 in Montclair in New Jersey. Chris grew up in New Jersey and his father was a famous producer Bill D’Elia and hit mother was a famous interior decorator Ellie D’Elia.

Chris was familiar with how TV and show business worked from an early age, and his childhood was pretty much marked by various events that had something to do with TV.

As a child, he fell in love with the idea of performing one day, but he wasn’t quite sure which career he is going to choose. His younger brother Matt D’Elia is now famous filmmaker, so love for performances and show business in general is something that is in their blood.

Chris is of Italian and Polish descent, and he is proud of his heritage. His mother was from Poland and his father is a second generation Italian.

Chris grew up in New Jersey, and spent his childhood until 12 years old when his family decided to move to Los Angeles. They moved for business and through that L.A. offers better opportunities for both of them.

Chris took this transition as something he had to do, so he wasn’t too sad about moving from his old town. In California, Chris went to the La Canada High School and graduated in 1998. There isn’t much information about Chris’s childhood days and his early years, but we do know that he was always a very active child and always in need for attention.

His family knew from the start, that unlike them, Chris is going to be a performer and someone in front of the camera and not behind it. All his time during high school years, he was very active and already acting in smaller projects.

After finishing high school, Chris finally decided that his career will be in acting and performing, so he continued to pursue a career in acting right after finishing school.

Career Path

As we already mentioned, Chris started his acting jobs when he was still in school. Most of the jobs he got through his father who was a TV producer, and who saw potential in his young son. He had some roles in Chicago Hope, and those were his first and thus far biggest roles.

Chris finished the New York University where he studied acting. After a while, Chris realized that school wasn’t for him and that he wasn’t patient enough to go through with it until the end. A role he ended up playing at the time he dropped out of high school, finished on the DVD right away because of the bad reception by the audience. This was the moment when Chris really felt down and wasn’t sure if career in acting is something that he wanted to do.

During these moments, he began writing his own scripts, in order to express his creative side in some form. After working on several scripts and spending some time thinking what his next move should be, he decided to pursue a career in comedy. He wanted to become a standup comedian, and this was his biggest desire all along.

He wanted to have the freedom to create his own narratives and to express them to the audience in a way he thought was best. He has been in stand-up comedy since 2006. He often says about himself that he is a stand-up comedian who can actually act.

Chris appeared many times on the Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, Showtime’s Live Nude Comedy and Comedy Central Presents. All of these performances gave him confidence to think that he has that special something and that he has a bright future in acting for certain.

His first long-term role was in a show called Glory Daye that was being aired on TBS. he portrayed William Stankowski on the show, and Chris was only meant to be in the pilot episode but ended up staying as a regular. Chris’s career has been going upwards from the moment he decided that comedy is the way to go and that acting alone wasn’t for him.

Chris is also familiar to the audience for his appearance on the NBC comedy show called Whitney. He costarred with a famous comedian actress Whitney Cummings and the show went on for two regular seasons.

From 2012 up to 2015 he was one of the hosts on the Ten Minute Podcast together with Will Sasso and Bryan Callen. Since 2017 he also hosted a podcast called Congratulations with Chris D’Elia. This podcast was on the top lists of funniest comedy podcasts and people absolutely enjoyed his sense of humor. This podcast wasn’t number one in USA only, it was number one in several countries around the globe.

People who are listening to this podcasts are being called by the host as babies and many other podcasters are drawing motivation and inspiration for their podcasts from Chris’s podcast. This is a huge compliment for him, especially because his first few years in show business have been difficult, so it is nice to see that his talent is being recognized by others.

Besides being into live performances, shows and podcast, Chris was also very active on Vine. During the time this platform was popular, Chris had around 2 million followers. This helped him to push his narrative and his sense of humor forward and to get his name and face out in the world.

This is the biggest reason Chris Is popular around the globe. In 2013, he held his first comedy special called White Male Black Comic that was showed on Comedy Central. He had three more specials after that one that came right after the first one.

The comedy specials were, Man on Fire, Incorrigible and Follow the Leader. The specials were show on Netflix and another interesting thing is that his father directed all four of them. It is nice to see that the two of them can work great together and that fame hasn’t pushed Chris away from his family.

In 2014 Chris began his role in Uneatable where he portrayed the role of Danny Burton. He portrayed a role of a person whose friends have troubles finding girls and he helps them out find love. The show was often based on improvisation by Chris and the live audience that was in the studio.

All of the stand-up comedians that were on the show were actually really good friends and Chris went on a tour to promote the show, since it was such a big success. In 2016, Chris performed together with Ron Funches on the Leafy 420 Comedy Tour Show in Chicago.

Chris is also a part of the Netflix series called you, and he is now in the second season of the show. In 2018, Chris mentioned rapper Eminem on his podcast. He mentioned how Eminem’s fans are all now middle aged men, but who still worship Eminem and his music.

The comedian even posted a video of himself rapping as Eminem, and the rapper absolutely loved the performance. He even admitted that he thought it was him for a second. To show his appreciation and amusement with Chris’s video, Eminem used this video as a part of his single Homicide in 2019. Chris was of course delighted and honored to be a part of such a famous rapper’s music video.

In 2019, when the music video came out, D’Elia got a role in the video and alongside with him, Chauncey Leopardi performed as well. Since Chris is active on so many projects and he is currently working on many different shows and performances, it is needless to say that his net worth is quite big.

His estimated net worth is around 15$ million and if he continues to work as hard as he is working now, this net worth can only go up. So far he hasn’t announced any new projects yet, but he will probably surprise his fans with something new in the future.

He is currently engaged and working on several TV shows and specials, so we can expect them to be as equally popular as the ones before. Chris doesn’t like to brag about his possessions, but he sometimes shares photos from his personal life and expresses his gratitude for everything he has managed to achieve so far.

In the next part of the text, we will focus on Chris’s personal life and see that he hides behind the fame.

Personal life

Chris grew up in a religious family. His father was a TV producer and his mother an interior designer, coming from such a creative household certainly left a huge mark on Chris, so he knew form early on that he will be in some kind of creative work field.

As a young child, he loved performing in front of others and acting, so he began his acting career pretty early on while still in school.

This gave him a lot of time to practice and to shape his on stage persona. Even though he was first into acting, there was always a hidden desire in him to perform standup comedy. Even though he didn’t start out his career in comedy right away, he knew that one day he will definitely try out his luck.

After leaving college and finding out that school wasn’t for him, he decided to move on to comedy. He liked having freedom to write his own scripts and make his own lines. After his first performances he knew that this is his future and that comedy will be in the focus of his career from now on.

When it comes to Chris’s private life, he is a dedicated Catholic and his parents raised him this way from early on. He was also married to an Emily Montague, but the couple split up in 2010 because of mutual problems. He didn’t like speaking about his personal life, so we don’t actually know what happened between them.

Another interesting thing about Chris is that he never used drugs or alcohol and he is definitely against them. He doesn’t see the point in using them, but probably because his life is full of goo energy and humor on its own.

Chris is currently living in Beachwood Canyon in Los Angeles, and he often shares photos from his personal life on his social media accounts. Chris has many subscribers and followers on his social media and he often communicates with them through these mediums.

Growing up, Chris’s idols were Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey and Bryan Callen. He drew inspirations from their jokes and we can definitely see their influences in his humor.

Chris is still young and he has a lot of working years in front of him, so we believe he will release more new projects in the future and surprise us with something new pretty soon.

Quick summary

Full name: Christopher William D’Elia

Date of birth: March 29th 1980

Birthplace: Montclair, New Jersey

Age: 39

Profession: stand-up comedian, Actor

Height: 1.81 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 15$ million