Chino Moreno Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

In today’s text we are going to talk about Chino Moreno, a famous American singer and songwriter. He is a singer and guitarist United States, best known for being the leader of the Deftones group.

He is also a member of the Team Sleep and since 2011 also the side-project cross and super-group Palms.

Early Years

Moreno was born in Sacramento, California, Mexican father and mother of Spanish and Chinese part; this last source will give the nickname Chino, which means precisely “Chinese” in Spanish.

Third of five children, was married to Celeste Schroeder, with whom he had two children: Kristian (appeared in the videos 7 words) And Jakobi.

Always interested in writing and music, Stephen Carpenter knew at the age of 10 and Abe Cunningham when he was 11.

The three men continued to see each other and remain friends with their common passion for Skateboarding.

Together, they founded the Deftones, of which he became Chino Singer (Himself the Composing Texts) and later the second guitarist.

The Deftones, considered among the founders, as well as Korn, the bare metal, sign a contract with the maverick of Madone and achieved some success thanks to a very personal sound that mixes the hardness of the guitar to the introspective voice Chino.

Career Path

Chino recognizes love songs among her favorite songs, even though she recognizes the often aggressive clothing with which Deftones expresses feelings in their songs.

The sound you are trying to create is a fusion of musical influences from bands like The Cure, Duran Duran, Faith No More, Fear Factory, Metallica and Depeche Mode, “In short, everything that has improved our minds when we were young He repeatedly stressed the leader of the group.

Also interested in the trial, in 2000, he founded Team Sleep, developing the darkest sounds and reflective sounds and close to trip hop, pop dream and post-rock, and in 2011 she gave birth to the cross electronic project, the publication of PE EP 1 and EP 2. Also in 2011 joined the alternative rock band Palms, the publication of the album entitled 25 June 2013.

Chino has a very versatile vocal technique, considered one of the most beautiful views of the bare metal ensemble. His style has evolved over the years: If the album adrenaline Chino much used the sung screaming and rap, but more rarely sung more melodic, from the album “Around the Fur” Chino was however able to pass from a roaring and furious blood and rapping, more thoughtful and introspective melodies and sung in falsetto, thus highlighting his new wave and darkwave influences, in addition to those who are more generally hardcore punk.

Finally, with the album white Pony, Chino has certainly matured his style, using the melody most often sung and thus reaching his highest artistic expression.

Chino’s net worth is estimated at around 7$ million. He has been a part of a very successful music group, so it is no wonder that he managed to accumulate such wealth.

Chino is still active and still participating in many projects, so his net worth could go up in the future period.

Most of the money comes from royalty and his engagement in the group, but some of it comes from his songwriting and his other deals.

Personal life

School ambitions, international fame, drug problems, personality clashes and the death of a bandmate. The path of Deftones has never been calm, but they have always stood. Since they were formed in Sacramento, California, in 1988 by a group of teenagers, if something characterizes Deftones is that they have meant a before and after with a sound that has always opened new paths and that has influenced a generation. But his triumphs have been marred many times.

Chinese vocalist Moreno has looked back very frankly in an interview with Team Rock, in which he talked about a career that started in the schoolyard, reflecting on the mistakes they made and how they managed to get ahead.  All this made him realize what they have been through as a band and what is worth moving forward.

Chino says he met Abe at age 12. He often speaks about them being good friends and spending a lot of time talking about music and playing together. This is what brought them closer together and managed to keep them close for so many years.

With Stephen the story was very different, because it was not at school but thanks to his love of skating. Stephen had many instruments in his garage so everyone was going to play there. Chino used to take the mic and sing something. He was very good at riffs and was very well connected with Abe.

One day they were playing Metallica and suddenly he saw him looking at me, he knew that as he had introduced them (Stephen and Abe) they would offer me a position in the band.”

Deftones never imagined playing and touring, and even after the first record deal, they were still teenagers. They have grown together, learning to be respectful of each other. When you are a child and you are in a band, there are other rules that you have to learn.

Despite this, his first concerts, the record deal, Deftones were never acquitted of controversy. Chino remembers concerts in which they booed them and in which there was no one. Until his first tour with Kiss, “I don’t even know how we ended up there but we were lucky to be opening Kiss for a month playing in pavilions.

The most complicated band in the world. The people who are going to see Kiss are there to see Kiss, and they don’t care who touches before. Our songs were more abrasive, we had a sound that had not developed and people did not understand it. ”

Chino remembers how they were playing in front of people who combed their hair during the whole concert without lowering their arms.

When they go into details and talk about drug abuse in the recording of “Saturday Night Wrist,” Chino remembers that it caused him a lot of vocal problems, “you get to that age and everything was too easy and he didn’t pay attention to anything, and then I faced reality at once. I blamed everyone instead of looking at me, so I had to learn to take responsibility. We were very dysfunctional. ”

As for when they started using drugs, Chino especially remembers the era of “White Pony.” After that tour, everyone went home and things escalated on their own. It was the beginning of that.

Chino remembers how he abused cocaine in an easy way because everyone was taking it at that time. On tour, at home, Chino knows that it could have ruined Deftones, but fortunately, they could get out of it but it took us a long time to realize, on plan, I’m doing this to myself, and even if it’s a cliché and every band After that, you don’t learn from the mistakes of others until you understand them in a difficult way.

Years passed, from “White Pony”, the namesake, to “Saturday Night Wrist” in which Chino remembers how the band was a shadow of what it was, and that depresses you and plunges you even more into the hole. And a lot of it was my environment.

What changed then? Chino remembers how his move to Los Angeles was a moment of clarity in his life. He decided never to do it again. He was lucky because he didn’t have to go through rehabilitation or anything like that.

Chino is now living a normal life and has been married three times so far. He has two sons and a daughter with his third wife Risa Mora Moreno. He often speaks about important social subjects on his social media accounts, and he is very connected with his fans online.

Chino likes to have that real life connection so he can understand the fans desires and reactions in a realistic way.

Chino’s career and life have been a wild ride and he definitely has a lot of stories to tell.

Whether his career will take on a different turn in the future, we still have to wait and see.

But for now, he has managed to achieve plenty in one lifetime.

Quick summary

Full name: Camilo Wong Moreno

Date of birth: June 20th 1973

Birthplace: Sacramento, California

Age: 46

Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 7$ million