Chelsea Peretti Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Chelsea Peretti is a stand-up comedian, actress and author who has worked as Gina Linetti in Brooklyn Nine-Nine since 2013.

In addition, she appeared in the “Kroll Show” and “Comedy Bang! Bang! “And was a guest in Parks and Recreation and Louie.

She is also in the last season of Girls guest.

We are going to talk more about her career path, her personal life and her net worth, so if you want to find out more, keep on reading.

Early Years

Chelsea Peretti was born on February 20th 1978 in Oakland in California. This talented comedian a born to a Jewish mother and Italian father. The family kept close to their heritage and was very proud of it. She spent most of her childhood in Oakland and did things that most kids her age do.

She grew up with three siblings, two brothers and one sister. Her older brother is actually the very successful Jonah Peretti who is the co –founder of The Huffington Post and Buzz Feed. So the Peretti family has several successful family members to be proud of.

She went to the College Preparatory school and later moved to New York where she attended the Bernard College. During her time on college she studied one year abroad on the London’s Royal Holloway and ended up graduating in 2000.

She wanted to finish college before she stared working, and that was one of her life’s goals. Another interesting thing about Chelsea is that she went to elementary school together with her Brooklyn 99 costar Andy Samberg. Moshe Kasher, also fellow comedian, went with Chelsea to junior high.

So, all her life she encountered equally talented people who later came back into her life.

The actress and Key and Peele co-creator Jordan Peele have been dating since 2013. In November 2015, the two got engaged and got married a year later in April. At the ceremony, only her dog was present next to the two.

In February 2017, Peretti announced that she will become a mother, son Beaumont Gino Peele was born on July 1, 2017.

Career Path

Chelsea began her career by writing for the Village Voice, Playgirl, Details and the Huffington Post. After being a writer for several years, she decided to try her luck on TV.

She moved to LA and started doing smaller roles such as ones in Louie, Kroll Show, and TruTV Presents: World’s Dumbest and many others.

She also wrote six episodes of the popular comedy show Parks and Recreation in the season 2011-2012. From the 2013 until 2019 she was a regular star on the show Brooklyn 99 where she portrayed the role of Gina Linetti. His last episode on the show aired in January 2019.

The inimitable Gina, announced that she was leaving the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in a message that could only be the image of her character: hilarious.

The last few months have not been easy for Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans. After five seasons of laughter, the Fox decided last May to cancel the series before it was saved in extremis by another giant of the television, the channel NBC at which the co-creator of the series, Michael Schur had already proved himself (Parks and Recreation, The Good Place and The Office, as a screenwriter).

With a season 6 scheduled for 2019, fans could be relieved. But not for long. Another bad news is jostling their favorite series: the departure of Chelsea Peretti, aka the extravagant Gina, during this next season.

Faithful to her self-proclaimed self-styled character, Gina Linetti’s interpreter has taken up Emmy Rossum’s letter to extract a few quotes: “It’s hard to put words on feelings, but I’ll try. (…) There are these real connections, these real friendships that brought us back season after season after season. (…) I taught Emma to shave her legs. (…) This kind of stability, this family, nourished me and allowed me to feel safe enough to stretch and grow creatively, “she said, among others, selected in the text.

After she left Brooklyn 99, Chelsea had a role in a film Variety SHAC which is a comedy troupe from 2004.

She performed together with Heather Lawless, Andrea Rosen and Shonali Bhowmik. The troupe had a major success and Chelsea was quite an attraction due to her performance in a popular show.

Chelsea also had several appearances in the You made it weird with Pete Holmes, How did this get made, The Todd Glass Show, The Bone Zone and many others. In 2010 she was on the Variety’s list of top 10 comics to watch that year.

Her Twitter account was on the number 75 of 75 Best Twitter accounts in 2014.  Chelsea Peretti, Brooklyn Gina Nine Nine, will be leaving the regular cast from season six.

According to the actress herself, she will not do any episodes of the new season, but that does not mean she will not be able to return for special sitcoms on the sitcom.

I want to thank you for all the hours you watched Gina being Gina: confident, stupid but smart and full of rhythm and cellphone radiation.

Peretti plays secretary Gina since season one. Since then, she has had many striking scenes and stole the scene in several episodes. In the fifth season, the actress departed from production due to her pregnancy (she is married to director Jordan Peele).

The actress has already recorded part of the sixth season and her character must have an outcome within the narrative. She is expected to return as a guest actress at some point. In addition to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Peretti has his comedy specials and starred in Game Night, Big Mouth and the independent film Friendsgiving.

Earlier this year, Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but – after a massive fan campaign on the internet – NBC rescued the series and secured another season for the sitcom. The new station already has a space reserved for detectives in the 2019 midseason, meaning the new season should start airing between January and May next year.

Season 5 covered heavier and more serious topics such as sexuality, corruption and racism. The last episode was broadcast in the USA on May 20. The first four seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are available on Netflix. The farm was not officially broadcast in Brazil and is not expected to be released here.

Chelsea is still active on all fields and her estimated her net worth is around 3$ million. Her wealth will probably go up in the following years so we can expect that Chelsea might even come up with a show of her own. Considering her talent and comedy skills, she could easily have a show of her own and become a host.

Most of her net worth comes from her comedy engagements and appearance and in the Brooklyn 99. What she has in store for the future, we have to wait and see. She is the sister of Jonah Peretti, who founded Buzz feed and co-founded The Huffington Post. With their Brooklyn Nine Nine co-star Adam Samberg Peretti already attended the primary school together. Yes, Chelsea Peretti is active on Twitter and Instagram. You can follow her on @chelseaperetti on Twitter. You can get photos and videos of Chelsea Peretti on Instagram account as well.

Personal life

Chelsea Peretti grew up in Oakland in California. Her family is of Irish and Jewish descent and her family is closely linked to their heritage. She grew up in pretty large family with two brothers and a sister. Her brother is one of the co-founders of Huffington post and Buzz Feed.

He was her biggest support throughout her career and has helped her a lot. Her personal life is mostly hidden from the eyes of the public and pretty scandal free. Besides her public performances, Chelsea is rarely in the magazines or scandal news.

She was engaged to Jordan Peele in 2013 and the couple tied the knot in 2016. The couple has one son together who was born in 2017. Peretti is mostly living a quiet family life with her small family, and is planning to expand it in the future.

She is also very active on her social media accounts and often posts photos from her everyday life. She likes to do that in order to connect with her fans and get a good feedback on her jokes and writing. Her Twitter account was even announced as one of the top 75 Twitter accounts you should visit that year.

She hasn’t announced any new upcoming projects in the future. Her latest project was Harvey Street Kids where she gave her voice for one of the characters in three episodes and in one episodes of the Simpsons called Bart vs. Itchy and Scratchy.

Earlier this year, Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but – after a massive fan campaign on the internet – NBC rescued the series and secured another season for the sitcom. The new station already has a space reserved for detectives in the 2019 midseason, meaning the new season should start airing between January and May next year.

Before, during the fifth season that Fox issued, Peretti was already absent for several chapters for being pregnant in real life. A pregnancy that was included in the plots of the series giving birth to Enigma, the baby born of his relationship with Milton, Boyle’s cousin.

Now, however, the reasons why Gina Linetti has ceased to be a regular character for the sixth season, the first that NBC will broadcast and will feature 18 chapters, are unknown.

Peretti will probably be appearing in new shows in the following few years, until then, we can still go back to some of her most memorable performances in popular shows.

Quick summary

Full name: Chelsea Peretti

Date of birth: February 20th 1978

Birthplace: Oakland, California

Age: 41

Profession: Comedian, Actress, Writer

Height: 1.68 m

Weight: 60 kg

Net Worth: 3$ million