Chase Elliott Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

It is truly remarkable how some celebrities, athletes are so young and that they have already established themselves as relevant, successful and really rich. Others admire them, and they keep getting bigger, but what is more important some of them stay normal as they can, and are often involved in some charity work.

A person who fits in here perfectly is Chase Elliott who was born in 1995, and very young he became a professional stock car racing driver.

He currently races full-time in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Elliott is currently driving the No. 9 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for Hendrick Motorsports; and additionally, he drives part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. There he is driving the No. 8 Chevrolet Camaro for JR Motorsports.

The car race is in his blood since he is the son of the famous Bill Elliott who is the 1988 Winston Cup Series champion.

Elliott has already won, the NASCAR Nationwide Series championship, and by doing so, he succeeded in becoming the first ever rookie to win a national series championship in NASCAR.

In the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, he was named a Rookie of the Year.

Chase Net Worth is around two million dollars.

Early Years

Chase’s father is famous car racer Bill Elliot and his mother Cindy Elliott – as we have said father Bill is a NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee and 1988 Cup champion.

There is one story that says that his parents meet in the year when Bill won the championship in 1988, while mother Cindy worked as a photo-journalist.

It is a known fact that his father Bill, while he raced cars for 37 years, which is impressive by itself – won staggering 44 races and one championship.

For the honor of his father, Chase changed his racing to No. 9 from No. 24, the same number his father race in 2018.

When he was just 13 years old, in the July 13, 2009 issue of Sports Illustrated, Chace starred alongside 13 other athletes, including future world number one golfer Jordan Spieth, as potential stars.

In 2010, Chace raced in 40 races in various series, gaining twelve events over the course of the year and ending in the top ten 38 times.

This year was just the third season of Chace racing career, and he won the Miller Lite, Blizzard Series, and Gulf Coast championship; he was also titled to be Rookie of the Year the Georgia Asphalt Pro Late Model Series.

This was the season that ended for Chace in the best way possible – he finished the season with one win that meant the world to him – the Winchester 400.

In April 2011,  Sports Illustrated called Elliott as the high school player of the week.

In the same that year Chace competed in the Champion Racing Association, acquiring the series’ National Super Late Model championship.

Also in the same, that year when he was just sixteenth Chace won the Snowball Derby as the race’s youngest winner.

It is interesting to notice that Chace beat DJ Vanderley, the second place driver, by a record 0.229 seconds.

Next year, in 2012, he won the Alan Turner Snowflake 100, introduction to the Snowball Derby, for another time in three years.

In 2013, in November, Chace won the All American 400, becoming the first race car driver to win all 4 of the country’s largest short-track races: the Snowball Derby, the World Crown 300, the All American 400, and the Winchester 400.

Chace ended that year in the best way possible – in December he became the first driver to win the Snowball Derby and Snowflake 100 in the same weekend.

But one event cast the shadow on this success – when the inspection look at his car later, they have found a piece of tungsten in his vehicle, which was banned by the Derby rulebook.

As a consequence, Chace was disqualified, and the triumph fell into the hands of Erik Jones.

In 2015, after an initial winner, Christopher Bell was disqualified Chace Elliott won the Snowball Derby.

Career Development

So his professional career started when he was just a teenager, and it still lasts.

Chace became the youngest winner in NASCAR Truck Series history – and this event occurred in 2013.

Just a year later, Chace got the chance to became a full-time driver on the NASCAR Nationwide Series in the season 2015, and also to become a part-time on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. He embraced both chances and his successes that followed just proved that he got what it takes to make it: he won the NASCAR Rookie of the Year and featured championship in his first season.

Chace was also named NASCAR Xfinity Series; this series was formerly known as the Nationwide Series) most successful driver for a second straight year in 2015.

In the season 2016, Chace became a full-time driver for Hendrick Motorsports in the Sprint Cup Series – he took over this title from resigned Jeff Gordon.

In the same that year Chace has become something else – he has become the youngest race car driver ever to win the pole position in the Daytona 500 in 2016.

Personal Life

Some celebrities hide their personal lives and do not let public to see anything, and many of them have

a life filled with controversies, but not Chace.

This NASCAR driver Chase Elliott is known for his long term romantic love relationship with a college student, Kaylie Green.

Kaylie is studying communication and media at the University of North Carolina and at the same time, she is busy at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in Georgia. Kaylie comes from a family of authenticated racing car sportsmen and is herself the girlfriend of one – it is said that she is an inspiration of Chace.

Her younger brother, named Austin Green, is also a race car driver and he has a 2016 North Carolina Pro Asphalt Champion.

It is not hard to guess how these two stays for so long together, and they are so young – she is also a fan of racing, in fact, Kaylie is the daughter of former NASCAR driver David Green, and she adores to drive, and her mom works in public relation in NASCAR, the same as her uncle.

Kaylie loves to spend time on Chase races and can be often seen cheering on Chase’s – for example, she was seen at the Daytona 500 in 2017.

Often times she tweets, and shares some moments from their life together, but her profile is locked, so it seems that some privacy must stay just for them.

But the couple still wants to have some privacy to themselves – they are still not married, they are young still, she is attending college, and he is focused on his racing career.

Chace has his pilot’s license, and often he compares driving and piloting – he has said that these two are similar and that it is all about the decision-making process, and if he does not make an important decision in a split second he can get in trouble.

He does not like to eat tomatoes and loves to enjoy a bowl of cereals and Mexican food, but he tries to watch his diet before his races.

Chase’s favorite movie is Wedding Crashers, and his favorite musician is Eric Church.

He big wish was to visit Australia, and he considers himself to be a night person.

In offseason, Chace likes to spend his time going to Georgia to watch college football games.

He went to the SEC Championship and then the National Championship.

Sometimes he loses weight during race, up to 10 pounds.

In one interview, he spoke about his physical preparation -and he said that the most important thing is his endurance a low-weight, high-rep regimen.

He said that races could be very hard on the upper body, especially from shoulders to neck.


The American professional race driver Chase Elliott has care racing in his blood since his father Bill is famous car races and champion – Elliott has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

It is a known fact that Chance has made the most of his millions by racing with NASCAR and ACRA racing series, and by sponsoring brands like NASCAR cars, hats and many more.

Even more, he is so young, but he has expanded and protected his brand since he is the exclusive face of Chase Elliot Gear that incorporates a broad range of models of hats.

Chace has a grand salary from Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series where he races full-time currently – in 2011 he has signed a three-year driver expansion deal with Hendrick Motorsports.

He has won everything almost – from 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Series championship, a NASCAR national series title, NASCAR Xfinity Series Most Popular Driver.

Quick Summary

Full name: William Clyde Elliott II

Date of birth: November 28, 1995

Birthplace: Dawsonville, Georgia

Age: 24 years

Profession: professional stock car racing driver.

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 145 lb (66 kg)

Net Worth: 2 million dollars