Chanel West Coast Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Chelsea Dudley, also known by her stage name Chanel West Coast, is a female rapper, singer and TV personality from the United States.

Her beautiful appearance also gained her the role of a model. Many states that she was never too talented and that she was only happy to be in certain situations during certain times.

She came to limelight after she played roles in MTV’s shows Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory which are hosted by Rob Dyrdek. She became really good friends with both of them and she continued to spend time with them outside of the show. Many were speculating that she dated Rob,  but nobody confirmed or rejected this.

She was very young when she entered this shows and became popular extremely fast. Many people sexualize her and she had a lot of problems when she first entered the industry.

She is also called CC a lot, both by her friends and her fans. She doesn’t mind it at all. It’s a quick nickname that she thought about having when she was starting her singing career.

Early years

Chanel West Coast was born on September 1st in 1988 in the town of Los Angeles, in the state of California, United States. She was born by the name Chelsea Chanel Dudley.

She is happy for the fact she was born in the state of California because she got much more chances to get a manager than others.

Music and art managers and producers always search for their next stars in Cali and LA.

When she was young, she lived in North Hollywood with her mother and in New York, with her father, that was a DJ there so she often swaps places.

It was because her parents were separated. She had a really hard time getting over her parent’s divorce and she spent a lot of time making rhymes and having fun with friends in order to forget about it.

Chanel has spent a lot of time in the city’s nightclubs when she was little,  due to her father’s job as a DJ.

This woke up a tremendous amount of love towards music in her and she immediately decided to act on it.

She took dancing and singing lessons from an early age and enjoyed them very much. She wanted to be good in many fields of the industry just in case she never succeeds in music.

Once when Chanel was asked why she started rapping she stated that a song that inspired her to start rapping was „How Do U Want it“ by one of the most popular rap legends, Tupac Shakur.

She also loved Tupac’s book titled “The Rose that Grew from Concrete” and it inspired her very much to continue following her dreams.

Chanel has English and Jewish origins. Her father has Russian ancestry so we can say that she is of mixed origins. She does not pay special attention to studying the languages that her parents know and she said that she did not want to enroll in a college because she knew she would not be interested in it.

She went to Taft High School but soon dropped out and finished her high school education by homeschooling. Her parents did this to make her adaptation process easier and to make her finish school.

She was a part of the choir when she was in school because she was singing great and was very talented. This was her first experience of getting approved.

Career development

After she met Rob Dyrdek through their mutual friends, he introduced her to television back in 2008 after she was discovered through MySpace.

She has been appearing on TV for over 10 years. She has been the face of many different shows and series and therefore many people that follow her work watch a lot of her work.

Sometime after that Rob decided to give Chanel a position of his receptionist when he was working on an MTV series called Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. It was a very popular series at that time.

The series gained very high ratings so it was renewed for the second season.

In 2009, Chanel appeared in a video by Mike Posner’s for his single “Cooler Than Me”. This was a breakthrough for her because Mike Posner is a really big artist and a lot of people watch his videos.

In 2009 she started getting into music and collaborating with a lot of artists. This was a moment that got her into the big industry.

She recorded her single “Melting Like Ice Cream” in 2009 and it featured an artist named Tiffanie Anderson.

MTV loved it so much that in 2010 they premiered the third season of the series that had 12 episodes in total. A year later, they premiered the fourth season due to the success of the third season.

Chanel made her debut as an actress in 2011 when she was on an episode of MTV series called „The Hard Times of RJ Berger“. She played the role of Sheila and the fans of the series liked her very much.

After that, she got a chance to be one of the cast members of a popular TV series called „Ridiculousness“, also hosted by the same host: Rob Dyrdek.

In this series, Chanel West Coast, Rob Dyrdek, and Sterling “Steelo” Brim review interesting Internet videos, often of people doing dangerous stunts that went wrong. This show often featured popular stars like Justin Bieber, Waka Flocka Flame and so on.

Some of the people that guested on the show had some of their funny videos released there. Many people started to think that Chanel is forcing her laugh and is trying to make her jokes funny by being annoying and repetitive.

Chanel was also included in the cast of the fifth season of Fantasy Factory following the second season of Ridiculousness, both in 2012.

In 2012 she gained a great opportunity to give her voice to a character called Flipz. He is one of the characters in the popular animated series called Wild Grinders.

In 2013, she continued to voice his character and was also featured on the third season of Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness. She was also in the sixth season of Fantasy Factory that year.

She was in the fourth season of Ridiculousness that premiered in January of 2014, continuing her longtime collaboration with Rob. She enjoyed her time there and she was,  most of the time, the only female person on the reacting couch and therefore always got a lot of attention. Sometimes there were whole categories dedicated to her and her laughter.

After that, she was in a song named „Phamous“ by the Planet Hollywood in which she collaborated with Midi Mafia on it. She appeared in many magazines and spent time working for brands that need models. Some people think she does not deserve the fame while others believe she does.

She signed to a record label called “Label Zone 4” owned by Polow Da Don in 2011 but didn’t release anything while she was signed to them.

In that period of time, Chanel was releasing her songs on her own so they could be downloaded online. Later she recorded a music video for one of the songs called “I Love Money”.

In 2012, Chanel West Coast signed to a label called Young Money Entertainment which was led by a famous rapper Lil Wayne.

While she was under their label, in 2013, she released her first ever mixtape that she titled „Now You Know“. It featured a lot of artists like French Montana.

Some other artists who appeared on her tape were also Snoop Dogg, Robin Thicke and Ty Dolla $ign. She said that the most unreal thing about making music is that she gets to meet all of these people that probably would not know she exists. She has a lot of influencers and she said that she looks up to the good old school rap days.

It was noticed by the public and Riley Sky from Dropkick Divas Media gave it a B- (like a grade). He stated that the mixtape makes Chanel look like an independent woman and that the mixtape is „fiercely individual“.

Chanel also promoted her mixtape a lot. She went to two tours called the “Now You Know Tour” and the Punch Drunk Love Tour after the release of the mixtape. She was happy to see her career growing so suddenly.

She also shot and premiered a music video for her single „Been On“ featured by French Montana. This was a pretty fun experience, she states on social media.

Her second mixtape was called “Waves” and it featured B-Real along with YG on it.

She announced that she was working on her first ever studio album, which would be released in 2014. It was originally supposed to be released in 2014 but it was postponed for 2016.

The first single of it was titled „Blueberry Chills“ and was made in collaboration with Honey Cocaine. This single was released in January of 2014.

After that she released „New Feeling“, just a few weeks after „Blueberry Chills“ came out. The third single was released in October the same year and it was called „Miles and Miles“. They were all very well listened.

Chanel West Coast also received the Best Group Award and it was for her collaboration with Shanell for her single “Hittin’ Like”.

Rob Dyrdek featured her song on Fantasy Factory in 2015. The single was called „Bass In The Trunk“.

In 2018, Chanel West Coast released a song called „Nobody“.

She is very popular on social media and has over 3 million followers on her Instagram channel. She posts very provocative photos on her Instagram channel.

She likes to change her hair color and appearances a lot which can immediately be seen on her Instagram account.

Her latest singles were released in the spring of 2019. One of them is a single named “Sharon Stoned” which was soon followed by a video where she acted as Sharon Stone.

She likes the actress very much and wanted to pay a tribute to her, and to pay a kind of homage to a big hit titled “Basic Instinct”.

This song is really a pro-marijuana song since its name, lyrics and video go around the theme of smoking weed.

The video was quite well received and even contains the famous scene in which Sharon Stone was interrogated by two detectives in the original movie.

This time, in Chanel’s video, the two detectives are a known rapper Redman and a famous comedy actor Michael Rappaport.

Other than from music and her TV engagement she earns a lot of money from her endorsement deals with many companies whose products she promotes. They are Beach Bunny Swimwear, 310 nutrition, Candy Jewelry Company and many more.

Personal life

Chanel dated Chris Pfaff, an entrepreneur and also a cousin of Rob Dyrdek.

She also started dating Liam Horne in 2014. He is a singer from Scotland. When she was interviewed for a magazine titled LA Weekly in 2014 they made their date into an interview. They often walk the red carpets for MTV Awards together.

It was rumored that she was with Solo Lucci in 2017 because they were pretty flirty with each other on a TV show named “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”.

She cares about her health a lot and often does pilates and trains because she wants to stay fit.

When she was about eleven, Chanel started smoking marijuana, because she was exposed to it. It was because her mother had to grow it at one point in their lives to be able to pay their bills.

Chanel has always been grateful to Lil Wayne because she started off her career while being signed to his label. She even named her Pomeranian Weezy, as in Lil’ Weezy to pay tribute to him.

She is known for her weird and contagious laugh and giggles.

Due to her high net worth, she has bought herself a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and a Mercedes AMG but also has a beautiful house located in the Hamptons, very near the beach.

She has her own clothing line: she created a clothing line named Valleywood. At first, she was just going to model for that clothing company but they decided to let her be creative so they have asked her to make her own line of clothes.

Her favorite T-shirt from the line is the one with the Los Angeles skyline and palm trees.

Quick summary

Full name: Chelsea Chanel Dudley

Date of birth: September 1, 1988

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Age: 31

Profession: rapper, model, TV personality, actress

Height: 159 cm

Weight: 55 kgs

Net Worth: $6 million