Chad Reed Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Chad is an Australian motocross and Supercross race who has gained his fame and fortune by being a multi-time supercross and motocross champion.

He is also the record owner for the central event starts in AMA Supercross history – he has 228 starts, and his career lasts for two decades. He is often compared to Michael Jordan of Supercross.

Since Chad was just a young boy, he knew that he would be able to make it big in competing at the sports most elite level.

Chad is successful and loved by many – he is often described as an experienced and dedicated racer – so much that he has become one of the most successful motocross racers in Australia.

Many experts described Chad Reed as a driver who had almost unparalleled longevity in professional sports that is so prone to injuries.

All of this demands extraordinary skill, discipline, and as many will admit a stroke of good luck.

Early Years

As we have said it was clear since Chad was a young boy that he is about to something special – he was born in Kurri Kurri, Australia in 1982.

He often spoke of how he is proud of his Australian roots, and he said that they are like the rest of the world.

Chad said that there is nothing that Australians can’t do – they just need a chance to prove what they can do.

There is a story that he had a horse that he enjoyed riding – soon after his cousin, Craig Anderson began riding a bike, Chad immediately discovered his love for motorcycles.

This was the turning point for young Chad – he was still riding, but now he was riding bikes, instead of a horse.

His first ever bike was Yamaha PW50, and Chad was able to ride it in a family estate just outside of Kurri Kurri in NSW.

This was the 25-acre farm that was overgrown with thick bushland – this was the property that was not built completely, so the family cleared the trees and created several tracks in which young Chad could work out his racing skills.

This was the start of the enormous support that Chad will get from his family during life and career.

The most fantastic thing about his early career is that he had real support from his family – they were always along his side.

His father’s name is Mark, mothers name is Robyn, and he has a younger brother named Troy – all of them spend a lot of time supporting Chad and attending races where he participated.

They have travelled across Australia so that Chad could compete against the rest of the country, and in many times while he was racing, he was seen as the ‘underdog’.

He was not accepted at the beginning, but soon he will prove everybody wrong – he is the true talent, and he will become one of the best bikers in the world.

His racing career took off in 1997 when he participated in the Australian Junior Championship – where he took a winning position.

Career Development

From the year 1998 till 2000 Chad has been developing his professional biking career in Australia – he started to compete in the then-premier 250cc class, avoiding the traditional stepping stone of 125cc racing.

He was competitive in both motocross and supercross – this led him to win the Australian 250cc Supercross Championship.

In 2001 he went to Europe to professionally compete in the FIM World 250ccc Motocross Championships, riding for Kawasaki team.

He Reed finished the year in second place to multi-time World Champion Mickaël Pichon.

Chad was the first Australian to win a world 250cc G.P. race.

In 2002 Chad moved to the USA to ride with Yamaha of Troy, and he won many races, expect two supercross races.

He had won his first125cc National triumph at Mount Morris, PA, and finishing the period third behind James Stewart Jr. and Branden Jesseman.

In 2003 he had moved to the 250cc class in 2003 riding for Factory Yamaha.

He had finished second to rival Ricky Carmichael, losing the title by only 7 points to Carmichael despite winning eight races to Carmichael’s 7.

Chad finished his first 250cc Motocross season a distant third behind Carmichael and Kevin Windham.

In 2004 Chad had won the 2004 AMA 250cc Supercross series – he was better than Kevin Windham, Michael Byrne and Tim Ferry.

The next year he made an entry of James Stewart to the 250cc class alongside Reed and Carmichael – both of them obtained multiple wins, but  Carmichael won the championship.

In 2006 Chad wanted desperately to compete, but he struggled with injuries a lot – he had a three shoulder separation. All of this occurred in mid-season, which hindered his capacity to compete in the best way he could.

Chad and Carmichael were tied for the points lead, making the 2006 season the closest AMA Supercross championship in history, and in the end, it was Chad that took third place that night to Carmichael’s second (Carmichael retired in 2007 when he was 27 years old).

Chad was second in the AMA Nationals, but he had to pull away from the competition because of his shoulder injury.

Chad completed 2nd to Carmichael in that year’s motocross season.

In 2007, Chad came back to Australia to race the Raymond Terrace where he beat Daniel Reardon with a 1-1 performance.

The next year he developed and invested some money on the new Australian Supercross Championships, called Super-X, and he also competed where he won 6 out of the seven races.

In 2009 – he started riding a new Monster Energy Kawasaki KX-450F, and he continued winning streak – Chad won 4 out of the seven cycles of the series. Chad earned his fourth Australian Supercross Championship this year.

In 2010 he raced the first round of the 2010 Super X series that was held at Energy Australia Stadium, Newcastle; and he drove a Honda. Of course, he had won by defeating Americans Josh Hansen and Justin Brayton.

In 2001 Reed was elected a Member of the Order of Australia for his assistance to motorsports.

In one interview he stated that 2019 could be the last year of his racing career, but he also said that he loves racing so much so this transition could be hard. He also said that he would retire when he feels that he is fulfilled. Chad described that day as weird and sad.

Chad also said that the year 2019 but as long as there are performances that are good and as long as Suzuki, JGR, Toyota, and Fox want him he will be around.

Personal Life

Chad is married to Ellie Reed, and the pair shares two kids – they have a son and daughter named Tate and Kiah. They live in Dade City, Florida.

He often brings his family to races – once Reed brought his son Tate to an opening ceremony during the 2019 Detroit Supercross.

Chads best friend is stunt biker, Robbie Maddison.

In one interview Chad discovered that his most favorite food to eat is a good piece of steak and a lobster.

Playing blackjack and wakeboarding and gold is one of his most important activities to do when he is resting.

Chad Reed’s most favorite food that he adores to eat is steak and lobster.

His style in motocross often compared to Jeremy McGrath – Chad stated that he was his idol when he was growing up.

He appeared in one episode of the MTV show, Cribs.

When he was hurt, and after Supercross season was over he said that the day when he was injured was fun and that he had eight broken ribs, broken scapula and a collapsed lung.

These were just some of his many injuries during his professional career.


As you were able to see for yourself, Chad made a name for himself in motocross, and his Net Worth now is around 20 million dollars –

He has made his fortune through his achievements in supercross and motocross racing.

He is the founder and developer of the Super-X, which is the new Australian Supercross Championships.

He started gaining a lot of money way back in 1997 when he won the Australian Junior Championship – he was just 15 years old at that time.

In very next year, Chad became a professional bike racer, and he won the Australian 250cc Supercross Championship. He won it in 1999 and 2000.

He also won AMA East Coast Lites SX championship, the U.S. Open Championship along with the Bronze Medal in the 2005 X-Games for Supermoto.

In 2008 and 2009 Chad was the Australian Supercross Champion, and he also won the Monster Energy Triple Crown MX Championship.

He was named the AMA Athlete of the Year.

In 2010, Chad also gained money from forming “TwoTwo Motorsports” and recruited amateur rider Nick Howard for example.

Some of his sponsors are Bel-Ray oils and Shift clothing, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Fox Racing, Alpinestars, Pro Circuit, and Discount Tire.

He often communicates with the public via his social networks, like Twitter and Instagram.

In the end, we will conclude by repeating Reeds words – in one interview he has said that races are for him, love and passion and he said that he never found a replacement for it.

Quick Summary

Full name: Chad Mark Reed

Date of birth: Mar 15, 1982

Birthplace:  Kurri Kurri, Cessnock, Australia

Age: 37 years

Profession: motocross and supercross racer

Height:  5 ft 10 in or 1.8 m

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: 20 million dollars