Carmen Villalobos Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Carmen Villalobos is a very beautiful fashion model and an actress hailing from Columbia that came to fame by acting in telenovelas.

Back where Carmen is from, these series are a big deal and that’s why she got famous so quickly.

She is very popular not only in her country but in other South American countries and is considered as one of the most beautiful actresses of the region.

She has also tried herself in the world of fashion as a designer and not only a fashion model. She has successfully launched her own fashion line.

Early years

She was born on July 13th in 1983 in Barranquilla located in Colombia. Her full name is Yorley del Carmen Villalobos Barrios but she had to change it to make it more memorable in the world of the film camera.

Her father is named Pedro Villalobos and her mother is Betty Barrios but not many things about her family and childhood are revealed. She said that she would like these things to remain private, especially since she got famous so quick. She doesn’t want the media to be intruding her daily privacy.

As for her education, she studied acting in Bogota, at Fundacion Teatral Julio Cesar. She was into acting and performing from an early age and since she was very beautiful it was easier for her to showcase her talent because people remembered her easily.

She was also very positive all the time and easily made friends so she was always surrounded by a lot of people. She said that working with people in the industry has been very interesting as well.

Carmen was also surrounded by a lot of boys who wanted a romantic relationship with her but she always tried to put her career first.

Career development

In 1999 she made her debut as an actress in “Club 10” where she played Abi. She was only a teenager of 16 when she starred in it and later became a star.

Her most famous role is one of Catalina Santana for a soap opera called “Sin senos no hay paraíso”. The series was called “Without Breasts There is no Paradise” in English.

This show had four seasons and aired in 2008 and 2009. It had over 200 episodes and was popular in countries like Romania, Serbia, Canada, Bulgaria and so on, and the show aired there in 2009. These countries usually air shows like this very often.

In this series, she was one of the main characters. She played Catalina Santana, a young girl that wants to escape poverty and gets herself in a business that provides sexual services.

After she also gets a boob job but doesn’t know that her implants are used to smuggle heroin to Mexico. Catalina believes that her boob implants will get her a life that she wants, better living standards.

She said that she really liked to play this character because she was so different from most of the telenovela characters.

Some of the famous actor’s she worked with for this series is Catherine Siachoque who plays Hilda, Fabián Ríos who plays Albeiro and so on.

In 2009 she has been named one of 50 Most Beautiful people with Spanish ancestry.

She also played a role on another Telemundo series titled “El Señor de Los Cielos” or “The Lord of the Skies”. This telenovela was released in 2013 and has 6 seasons and over 500 episodes.

She plays the role of Leonor Ballesteros, a police officer that gets in trouble because of her investigation of a drug lord. She was on this series for first 3 seasons.

In 2013 she was nominated for “Best Supporting Actress” for this role on the 5th People en Español Awards.

She was also nominated for this role at the 3rd Your World Awards in 2014 in the category of “Favorite Lead Actress”.

In 2015 on the  4th Your World Awards she was nominated in two categories: “The Perfect Couple” and “Favorite Lead Actress: Series”.

In 2016 she was nominated at the 6th Miami Life Awards for the “Best Female Lead in a Telenovela”.

Shee has received an award Premios Tu Mundo in a category “I’m Sexy and I Know It”.

She was also in another Telemundo series called “Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres”. There she played the role of Alejandra Paz, a protagonist of the series. This series aired in 2009 and has more than 100 episodes. Aldemar Correa was playing the role of her romantic interest, David, in the show.

In 2018 she did her first movie, called “El Fantasma de mi Novia” which is a comedy movie. She had the role of Lupe del Mar in this movie and she starred in it alongside William Levy and Fausto Mata.

She has received an award for the Favorite lead actress in a Telenovela at TVyNovelas Award Colombia in 2018 which she was very honored to receive. She said that receiving these awards is very important for her because she feels like other people are finally noticing her talent and the fact that she is struggling so hard to make a difference in the industry.

Other than acting in movies she is involved in fashion a lot and always tries to be different but simply dressed. She had launched her fashion collection named “Simplicity”.

Personal life

Carmen got married in April of 2019 to Sebastian Caicedo, a Columbian actor known for his roles in numerous telenovelas.  Before entering this relationship she was in a seven years-long relationship with her former boyfriend whose name she kept secret.

They have met on the set of a telenovela in which both of them acted in. It was named “Ninos Ricos, Pobres Padres”. Sebastian has received the  Nickelodeon Kid’s >choice Award in the category “Trendy Guy” in 2017.

Sebastian proposed to her in 2018. Sebastian proposed to her in front of the TV cameras in Telemundo’s reality TV show. He has done it through a live call. It was a very emotional proposal since he was in a reality TV show filmed in the Dominican Republic and gained a call as a reward for his good conduct.

He decided to call her and to ask her if she wanted to marry him. She started crying and confirmed that she is happy and wants to get married to him.

In their later interviews, they have stated that they are going to have three weddings. They will have a civil, a Catholic and also a spiritual marriage.

The ceremony was held in Miami. The couple was in a relationship since 2008 and have decided to tie a knot just now.

Carmen is very active on her social media account. She has a facebook account and an Instagram account on which she posts the most. She has over 11 million followers on her Instagram account.

In 2017 she won the Your World Award in a category of “I’m Sexy and I know it”.

Her husband Sebastian is also often on lists of the most beautiful men and is often working as a model. He has almost 3 million followers on his Instagram account.

Quick summary

Full name: Yorley del Carmen Villalobos Barrios

Date of birth: July 13, 1983

Birthplace:  Barranquilla, Colombia

Age: 36


Height: 1,55 m

Weight: 52 kg

Net Worth: $3 million