Carey Hart Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Most likely you know this name since it often stands next to one even more famous name – Pink, as in music star, Alicia Moore.

But he is forced to be recent with – Carey is a moto racer and tattoo lover, he is married to one of the most famous celebrities in the world, and the pair share two kids.

He does not race anymore, and he is more connected to the off-road races and humanitarian work.

His Net Worth is somewhere around 20 million dollars – and he gained a lot of his money by participating in competitions, so, for example, he was one of the first racers that have performed on a 250cc motorbike a backflip, that was unheard of at that time.

Besides motocross races, he is the owner of a Hart and Huntington Company – this firm works successfully in Las Vegas and many other cities in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Early Years

Carey was born in Seal Beach in California, but he was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada with two siblings, one of whom is his brother named Anthony.

His parents divorced when he was young, and he spoke on several occasions how he had problems in life because of it. He said that this affects his own marriage with Pink, since he comes from the family where people could not communicate, and the same case was in her family.

After a divorce, he stayed with his dad, a construction owner Tom Hart who bought him the first motorcycle when he was just four.

There is one information that Carey started competing when he was just six years old – he was very skilled racer even in such a young age.

While he was 18 years old, Carey was a real pro – this was 1993, and he started racing in the A.M.A. Supercross tour.

As we all know it, motocross racing is one of the sports where injuries are very common – and this was the case with Carey. He was not immune to the often falls and injuries, but he recovered – it does not mean that he does not have any pains. He stated once that his body is so damaged that he is used to it.

Just two years after he started his career as a motocross racer, problems with injuries occurred.

He had broken everything from the fibula to the tibia and almost every wrist and bone in his body.

Career Development

In 1996, Carey participated in freestyle motocross – he was just of a few who were present in this competition.

Later on in the season 98 -99 motocross events, he had done co-called superman inverted, and superman seat grab and not many motocrossers could do it, in fact, he was one of the firsts wh had ever done it.

In the Motocross world, all attempts are counting as wins, and Carey had one of them – in one event in 2000 he attempted in the first backflip on a motorbike in a race.

The next year, during  X-Games in Philly, he tried to do a backflip once again – this time he endured many injuries. Among them, there were broken bones, ankles, wrists. But this was also the event where he met his destined wife – Alicia Moore aka Pink.

The first time Hart succeeded in doing a backflip was at the 2003 X-Games in L.A. Here, he won second place.

In this year he competed in the Gumball 3000, a seasonal British that was long for almost 5000 km global drive on state roadways.

Carey was part of the Tony Hawk’s HuckJam tour, and the problem was the fact that he was hurt right away. His limps were broken, and he was losing blood very much.

After this horrible event, he did not race for three whole years.

But Carrey did not waste any time – he started another business; it was his company that was located in the place where he grew up,  Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is called “Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company”, and it is a tattoo shop and a shop where you can buy exciting shirts and another wardrobe.

His shop was a part of a T.V. series named “Inked” – it had significant success, and he opened more shops across Canada and U.S.A.

Carey hosted A.B.C. X Games F.M.X. in 2005.

Two years later he completed his first Supercross unit.

Hart is dedicated to his Supercross club, and with R.C.H. Racing co-owner Ricky Carmichael he is managing the process in motocross on top of the headboard in race results and team communities.

In 2008, in Las Vegas, he opened the bar called “Wasted Space”, some of the co-owners were brothers Benji and Joel Madden; eventually the club was closed.

Carey appeared called “Gumball 3000; The Movie” and a was also the star of the biographical documentary “Goodtimes With Carey Hart.”

Carey Hart was given the 1st R.A.D. Lifetime accomplishment prize, and he has a full house of other rewards, like st Place – Costa Mesa L.X.D. Freeride MotoX and 1st Place – Costa Rican Supercross.

Personal Life

Everything that is connected to Carey and his personal life is connected to one person – Pink, his wife for 13 years.

The pair met in Pennsylvania, her hometown. She was there at a Motocross event, and there she spotted Carey while riding.

They have dated a while, but after two years, the duo broke up – they have said that they busy schedules made their relationship problems and that they could not work it out.

She has become the most recognisable pop star in the world, and he had his career as well.

The pair got back together in 2005, and the next year the duo got married in the lavish ceremony in Costa Rica –they brought their families and friends there by plane.

But the marriage was not fairytale – they split up in 2008 due to hectic schedules.

But the emotions were strong and the pair never legally divorced – they got back together in 2009.

The most meaningful gift for them came in 2011, where their daughter Willow Sage Hart was born. Pink said that Carey is the best dad ever and that she also spoke about how amazing mom she is.

The family photos after Willows birth were sold for charity, and the couple and the entire family is often involved in humanitarian activities, and the often share them on a social media. Carey donates money for different causes, like for kids with autism.

Five years later, his son, Jameson Moon Hart, was born – the family was complete.

Often, Carey posts on his Instagram page, pictures of his kids, especially Willow that just like her dad loves to drive motorcycles, and is very athletic, just like her mom.

Carey was once scrutinized for posting pictures of his daughter Willow that drives a motorcycle without protection – but he stood up for himself, and said that he knows what he is doing and that will never jeopardise anyone.

It should be said, that the pair had their fair share of problems, and they were many times on the verge of the breakup – but in time, the couple learned to communicate better and is often visitor of the therapist.

Carey appeared in several Pinks music videos – she often spoke that their relationship that can be dysfunctional at times is the thing that keeps them together. Even in times, they have not dated, he was a star in her videos, most notably “So What” (they were not together while filming this video), “Just like a Pill” (one of the first videos he appeared), and “True Love” (where their daughter Willow also appears).

Carey has a band that is called ” Pennywise”.

He appeared in numerous T.V. Shows, among them, Australian Rove Live, the Today Show, David Letterman show, and Inked.

Some of the movies in which he stared in smaller roles are Ultimate X,  Flipped Out, Crush: A Transworld Motocross Film.

Carey starred in the high profile Hollywood movies, in small cameos – Triple x and Charlie’s Angels. Pink wrote some songs for this film.

Carey’s entire body, besides the head, is filled with tattoos, and he has them since he was young.

In 2009 he did a tattoo of his wife on his leg – he described it as a day of the dead style tattoo.


So, we can say that Carey’s wealth did not come just from his success as a motocross racer, that he is still now, but not in a measure that he once was.

He is also the owner of his own company, and he is married to one of the most successful singers in the world whose own Net Worth is around 175 million dollars. Together they make a true power couple – and it seems to have it all.

The duo bought vineries and started making their own vine, and it appears that the selling is going amazingly.

Hart appeared in commercial campaigns that were high profiled – among the companies there were, Dunkin’ Donuts, Fox, Ford, and Mountain Dew – Carey loves whisky and good beer.

He appeared in Teen People, ESPN The Magazine, also in Paper Magazine, Rolling Stone, and was in the front page of the covers of various motocross and tattoo publications.

Quick Summary

Full name: Carey Jason Phillip Hart

Date of birth: July 17, 1975

Birthplace:  Seal Beach, California,

Age: 44 years

Profession: Motorcycle Racer, Tattoo shop owner

Height:   5 ft 10, or 1.8 m

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: 20 million dollars