Calum von Moger Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

In the world of showbusiness, we don’t only have singers and actors. There are people from many different branches and careers, that somehow enter the public eye and become famous.

Every one of them has its own story and career path that is simply incredible and admirable.

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Finding out information about their wealth and career is sometimes hard, but we will give our best to discover as much interesting information as we can.

In today’s text we are going to talk about a famous model and bodybuilder called Calum von Moger.

We will touch on the subject of his career path, early years and personal life, so keep on reading to find out more.

Early Years

There isn’t many information about Calum von Moger. What we do know is that Calum was born on June 9th in 1990 in Australia.

He spent his childhood in Australia as well, and got hos primary and secondary education. He grew up in a family with five siblings and the family lived on a farm. He spent his childhood like all the other children, but what set him apart from others was his ambition.

He loved sports and he knew that he will be in sports one day, no matter which kind. He fell in love with bodybuilding very young, and began training seriously with only 14 years. This gave him motivation to continue on down this path, and possibly become one of the best one day.

Since there aren’t any more information about this young bodybuilder, we are going to jump on to his career path and progress so far, so keep on reading.

Career Path

Calum began bodybuilding when he was only 14 years old. He fell in love with bodybuilding as a sport, and even relocated to Geelong away from his family, in order to focus on bodybuilding and competitions.

After he spent several years in Australia, and after wining several medals in Australia, he knew it was time to relocate to USA and try his professional career there.

In 2014, Calum decided to move to Los Angeles and continue training there. Calum Von Moger is already presented as the new Arnold Schwarzenegger. Moreover, he will play the star actor in a feature film named Bigger. Yes, Hollywood is full of surprises and is currently preparing a film about the history of the Mr. Olympia competition, the ultimate title for athletes who practice bodybuilding.

Now it happens that between 1970 and 1975, it is a certain Schwarzie who left with the trophy! Here is the one who will play the international actor, in its youth version, on the big screen.

The 27-year-old Australian with muscle (more than) highlights is a professional body-builder and the king of social media in his discipline (over 2.2 million subscribers on Instagram, more than 480,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel).

He starts bodybuilding at only 14 years old and very quickly competitions are linked. In 2011, he even won the Mr. Universe title in the Junior category. This is another point in common with Schwarzie. The two men have already had the opportunity to meet and sweat together at the gym.

Directed by George Gallo (screenwriter on the Midnight Run or Bad Boys films), Bigger will be released overseas in the course of 2018. The cast will also be announced: Kevin Durand (Lost the Lost), Tyler Hoechlin (Seven at Home) or Aneurin Barnard (Dunkerque).

Calum von Moger. A name that many bodybuilding enthusiasts will sooner or later come to know. Indeed, the man known as the Arnold 2.0 has made waves in the world of bodybuilding. Become a true star in the world of bodybuilding, it challenges many people, not only by his talent, but also by his very particular principles. And for good reason, Calum is not this typical bodybuilder in constant search of size and volume.

On the contrary, it is a bodybuilder with a classic physique that reminds us of the great champions of bodybuilding of yesteryear, especially the two idols of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Reeves.

Like Schwarzenegger from Austria, Calum begins his story modestly in a small town in Victoria, Australia, where he spent his childhood on a small family farm. After moving to a large coastal town, Calum and his older brother learn to train, like classic bodybuilders like Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and Sergio Oliva. They train in a warehouse filled with raw iron dumbbells, while their friends spend their time lying on the beach in search of girls.

Moreover, Calum does not have only his training method to stand out from the bodybuilders of his time. Her physique, broad shoulders, slender, slender waist, and stretched shape reminiscent of the time remind us of the time when bodybuilders focused more on the pursuit of the V-shape (also known as the famous Apollo’s girdle). “I’m not interested in the feeling of today’s bodybuilders.

These forms do not please me at all; I do not want to look like this. What I like is the old classical forms of the 60s and 70s; I focus on quality rather than quantity. An aesthetic in perfect symmetry and proportion, “says Calum.

In recent years, the WFF Universe competition has seen the Australian win both the titles in the Extremebody category and in the overall standings. A feat that emphasizes the particularity of bodybuilder physics.

Perhaps you wonder what makes him different from his contemporaries? In addition to joining the old school of bodybuilding art, Calum brings us something different, unlike other bodybuilding pros.

He has functional strength and fitness, abilities that reflect well in his athletic endeavors. No matter the sport, von Moger does not only have the muscular and slender physique required, but also the form of functional fitness that would make any athlete pale.

Apart from his influence on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the young man from Victoria has a very unique character. The bodybuilder surprises many by his classic physique, his mentality inherited from the old school world and a particular penchant for training. This character trait is rare at a time when one focuses more on mass and size than on the slender figures of the past.

Moreover, Calum is a man who adheres to a unique belief that allows him to feed his strong will, and that’s exactly what makes him the personality to follow for years to come. It is this same kind of mentality that has earned Arnold Schwarzenegger his worldwide popularity, and it is agreed that this same success is within the reach of Calum von Moger.

You dreamed of it … and well running in 2018, your dream will become reality! Indeed, as passionate about physical culture, who has not thought once to see the course of the famous Austrian oak immortalized on the big screen and relive the saga of brother joe and benweider, which many describe as father of modern bodybuilding. Already presented as his worthy successor and after being nicknamed ARNOLD 2.0,

Calum Von Moger, strong of his resemblance to the champion, actor, businessman and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Calum, several times Mr. universe Nabba, will play Arnold (young) in the feature film titled “BIGGER” directed by George Gallo (screenwriter on MidnightRun or Bad Boys films).

Personal life

At 27, Calum Von Moger, despite the pride of being called ARNOLD 2.0, likes to remember that he is CALUM 1.0 and that he will mark the history of bodybuilding and why not cinema if the opportunity presents itself to him.

It is a first step in this direction, because it will embody the star on the big screen in this project centered Arnold Schwarzenegger “young man”, before he becomes the world star of cinema that we all know, as well as on the story of the Weider brothers, bodybuilders and entrepreneurs and true gurus of the fitness world at the head of a multi-million-dollar empire.

Weider brothers who had discovered Arnold Schwarzenegger and encouraged him to move to the United States to become the undisputed champion of bodybuilding and the highest paid Hollywood star in the 90s.

Interviewed about this Calum does not hide his pride to embody the Austrian oak: “I watched it all my life while I was training” “I started training at age 14 in order to look like him”. Calum is certainly on his way to success and he might even become the new Arnold, and replace his bodybuilding career with acting.

His string of injuries hasn’t stopped him and he continues to work very hard on all of his projects. His estimated net worth is at around 2$ million.

Most of the money comes from competitions, but also from the new business deals that have been coming his way I the past few years.

So far, he has proven to be very talented and ready to take over the Hollywood, but we will see what he has in store for us for the future.

He is very active on his social media as well, and is some kind of an Influencer. From his posts and publishing’s on his social media, he earns extra money.

Therefore, his net worth is definitely going to go up in the following years, and we can expect a lot of new projects from this talented young man.

Quick summary

Full name: Calum von Moger

Date of birth: June 9, 1990

Birthplace: Australia

Age: 29

Profession: Professional bodybuilder, model

Height: 1.88 m

Weight: 108 kg

Net Worth: $2 million