Brenda Song Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Singer, actress and model, Brenda Song. She was born in California, Carmichael, USA. Due to her role in the first Disney Channel show London Tipton: Zack & Cody’s Suite Life, he gained popularity.

Song was a prominent person among Disney Channel viewers from a young age.

She appeared in Suburbs at Stuck, get a feel for Lindsay Lohan and Spencer Breslin’s new Christmas present.

We are going to talk about this talented actress’s career, net worth and more, so keep on reading if you would like to get to know her better.

Early Years

Brenda Song is an American actress, born on March 27, 1988. Her early television roles included involvement in Fudge (1995) and Eddie McDowd (1999) 100 plays. She began in show business as a young fashion model.

Song starred in The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000), and accepted her performance at the Young Artist Prize, after many advertisements and TV appearances in the late 90’s.

Song’s paternal grandparents, who arrived from Thailand and found themselves in Sacramento as children, were Xiongo clan (Dele, Xyooj Hmong) who modified surname to Song when their families immigrated to America. Brenda was raised in the family of Thai and Hmong in Carmichael, California, Sacramento suburbs.

Father is a professor and mother a housekeeper. At the age of six, she transferred to Los Angeles, California with her dad to support her acting career; Timmy and Nathan were her two smaller brothers and the rest of her family joined them two years later.

Song wanted to perform dance, as a young girl, while her younger brother chose private lives. She said, “My mom always needed us to be taken to one location.” While Song yelled in her first class, she now has a black taekwondo belt. Song was appointed to the ninth grade as a university scholar.

She was educated at home and earned a high school diploma at the age of 16. In 2009, she graduated with a degree in psychology from the College, Berkeley and a degree in business education.

In 2002, Song signed with Disney Channel and made significant contributions to the series, including movies including Stuck in the Southern Towns (2004), Wendy Wu: Homecoming Queen (2006) and acting in the first Disney Channel movie Get a Clue 2002.

Career Path

After being scout by an agent from the modeler’s college at the mall, the Song began in the San Francisco show-business as a baby fashion model. At age five or six she started acting on an advertisement page at Little Caesars, and a commercial at Barbie.

It’s about a waitress and dancer called Fong who loved Hong Kong for their angry and loving children. A teenage iteration of “Fong,” portrayed as an adult by Tamlyn Tomita, was performing the 7-year-old Song. In a specific shorter film, she stars at the show, which was shortened by the frame.

In a movie called Requiem in 1995 she had the part of Young Fong and this can be counted as her first appearance. Throughout 1996, she portrayed Susan’s role in a film entitled Santa with Muscles, and fans were very fond of her performance.

In 1997, she portrayed Sandy’s part in a short film called The White Foxx and was able to shed light on her experience.

In 2008 she again portrayed Nancy’s part, and reviewers have appreciated the role in a film called College Road Trip. Special features, the social network, Fudge, Thunder Alley, Common and 7th Heaven are other films and TV shows to her name so far.

A movie about a bonded messenger, Maxine (Lisa Edelstein), and a depressed girl, Alice (Song) she appeared in the tele sphere Special Delivery, in 2009. Song has worked on the theatrical film College Road Trip alongside Raven-Symoné and Martin Lawrence. Song has also been a positive review for her acting performance. The Daily Record also found her “like comedy”.

In 2010, Song joined the central Columbia Pictures ‘ Virtual Netzwerk featuring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake. Song was included in the NBC animated TV show “Macy’s Presents Little Spirit: Christmas at New York. “At the end of 2008 Song made a special presentation at the grand opening of the RTA Health Line in Cleveland.

Brenda Song also made her transition to major films during her 2010 film The Social Network, a biofilm based on the creation of social network site Facebook. The film was a critically acclaimed film.

In 2006, Wendy Wu was dubbed the “Homecoming Warrior” in the movie. For her   success in the Last Christmas Present, he was already given the Young Artist Prize. her   London Tipton role has been known as the London Tipton character is remembered as Disney’s most enduring female character.

In fact, the website Cosmo girl Website called him’ Disney Princess.’ her   lengthy and successful journey has earned him one of Hollywood’s most promising young actors. Previously, the star was seen in an official film by Netflix titled Hidden Obsession, portrayed by Mike Vogel and Dennis Haysbert.

He has been a leading player in the following productions, including The Special Delivery Alice Cantwell & The College Road Trip (2008); Leave It to Beaver (1997) and The Ultimate Christmas. Cosmo Girl called Song the “Queen of Disney” in 2006 highlighting her biggest achievements to Disney.

In 2007, Cosmo Girl placed 9th in Netscape’s “Top 10 Beautiful Petites in Entertainment.” Song ranking 3 in Maxim’s Asian Hot 100 list of 2008 THT Stars.

Brenda and Trace pledged themselves in October 2011 but after several ups and downs the vows were stopped and they were finally finished in 2017. Shortly afterwards, he started out with Macaulay Culkin. Music is Buddhist.

For several years of her life she has studied Kung Fú, her martial arts abilities are displayed at Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. He has close friendships with Sprouse, Moore, Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Tisdale and Herrera.

Personal life

Raised in Carmichael, California, on the 27th of March, 1988. She has already achieved a great deal during this period as an actor and her ability played an immense part. She was raised in a California-based place called Carmichael in the USA. She’s an Asian American resident. She had two brothers and their names are Nathan Song and Timmy Song.

She ended her practice at the University of California by completing her classes online. She has an excellent degree in psychology and a small business degree. Her performance in TV shows and films was incredible, and that’s mostly why she is the celebrity she is all about

She doesn’t have a husband, but she is dating a lot. Sources indicate that her boyfriend Trace Cyrus is her definite choice and their affairs were one of the most important issues around the city. The couple’s relationship continues to be good. The pair date back to 2010 when their relationship started off, they can even get engaged pretty soon.

Brenda Song has a net worth of 5 million dollars. She’s is still best known for her television success. She started acting in adverts after being scouted in a shopping mall at the age of five. In 1996 Santa with Muscles she made her first film appearance.

In 2001 she received a Young Artist Award in a TV Movie for Last Christmas Present, and appeared in The Social Network. Brenda was interested in Trace Cyrus (2011–2012), according to Hollywood Couples. Ashley Tisdale, whom she encountered on Bette’s cast, became a colleague. She has Timmy and Nathan, two younger sons.

The American actress and singer Brenda Song is known for depicting London Tipton in Disney Sitcom Zack and Cody’s Suite Life. Her character in this series is regarded as Disney Channel’s longest continuous woman. She has been appearing in all versions of Zack and Cody’s Suite Life (2005-08) and spin-off show (2008-11).

Through her movies and TV series, she earns a huge amount of money. She brought $3500k back when she starred in The Suite Life at the Disney Top.

In 2010, she entered the Social Network, which earned 224.9 million dollars t. She had great success in her career and she gave her a lot of profit and a fantastic net value. Because of her income, she’s been living her dream life. She has a wonderful net value of $5 million, according to some reports, and that shows how good she was in her profession.

The height is just 5 feet and 2, which is around 1.57 meters, so it’s not really high. Since it was so popular, data about her and her profile can also be obtained from wiki websites including Wikipedia and IMDb.

The leading role in the Fox TV series Dads, where Song plays Veronica, was performed in August 2013. In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” Song supported the series and dismissed racisms. Fox opposed shooting scenes that were considered racist by watchdogs. Fox declined to reproducer scenes which were deemed racist by people, but which were not known to exist anymore.

In October2014 Song attracted the TV campaign of Fox and FoxTV in 20th Century. The NBC sitcom pilot Take It from Us frequently featured Song in April 2015. Song was shown in Life in Bits, as Bonnie in November 2015. The pilot of Song was CBS pilot Bunker Hill in February 2016.

Song was also introduced at Seth Green’s debut as the producer of the Changeland CBS, Real Life, as a regular series in March 2017. In August 2017, Song was revealed in the first holiday movie Angry Angel of Freeform. The movie is part of the network’s programming show called “Countdown to 25 Christmas Days,” which debuted on 18 November 2017.

Song was confirmed to have joined the team for the new show Station 19 for a multi-episode Arch in March 2018. It was reported in December 2018 that Song is going to be the star of the Netflix psychological thriller Hidden Obsession. The film was released on July 18th of 2019.

Cosmo Girl called Song the “Queen of Disney” in 2006 highlighting her biggest achievements to Disney. In 2007, Cosmo Girl placed 9th in Netscape’s “Top 10 Beautiful Petites in Entertainment.” Song ranking 3 in Maxim’s Asian Hot 100 list of 2008 THT Stars.

In 2009, Song was highlighted in Celebuzz ” Emerging stars” and identified as one of” Young Hollywood’s most successful emerging stars.’ In 2009 the blog Angry Asian Man called it one of the most popular Asian Americans and the most influential of its kind, listed Song #45 in its list of” Top 100 Celebies Under 25,’ and it was included in its” Hottest Young Stars ”’ list in 2008.

In 2006 Song presented the quarterly fundraiser “A Vision of Hope” series in support of Optimist Teen Homes & Community Services. She has funded the 10th L.A. Cancer Challenge annually. The Song sequence was part of the “Strength of Kids Festival” for the St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in 2008. In 2006 and 2007, it appeared in the Chicago YMCA Day.

In the 2007 Special Week Division of Disney entitled pass the Plate, it helped children and families know more about wellness and nutritious food. The show’s products are manufactured by a group of children and boys.

The LA Weekly photograph of a sang was taken in April 2008 by a LA Escort agency ad. A Disney reporter told TMZ: “The use of Brenda Song’s image without authorization has ceased and her personal prosecutor withdrawer from the advertiser”. Song submitted a libel complaint to the public seeking $100,000 in damages, Song said: “I think I must take up my position as a role model to millions of young people.

I Song was the Disney Friends for Change spokeswoman for Disney’s green camp. She also appeared in various publications for the camp on the Disney Channel. The organization wanted to explain why kids could help preserve the earth and encourage them to enroll and pledge on the Friends for Change page, giving them the opportunity of having them choose to spend $1,000,000 in green projects.

In 2010, she was the prominent sponsor of the Disney Cruise Line for Walt Disney.

Quick summary

Full name: Brenda Song

Date of birth: March 27th 1988

Birthplace: Carmichael, California

Age: 32

Profession: Actress

Height: 1.57m

Weight: 45 kg

Net Worth: 5$ million