Bobby Shmurda Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Bobby Shmurda is a well known American rapper from Brooklyn in New York, who became famous after releasing a hit single “Hot Nigga” and his choreography “Shmoney dance”.

His approximate net worth is $400,000 and is gonna rise due to his many endorsements.

Early years

Ackquill Jean Pollard, widely known as Bobby Shmurda, was born on August 4, 1994 in Miami in Florida in the United States. He has an older brother Javese.

His mother is from Trinidad and his father is from Jamaica. Not long after he was born his mother  Leslie decided to relocate to Brooklyn, New York, with both of her sons because their father Gervase was incarcerated.

He is currently serving a lifetime sentence for attempted murder. His parents wanted to give their children the best shot at success and they decided that taking them to a urban city may have just do the thing.

When he was in middle school, it was found out that he suffers from ADD, attention deficit disorder, so he avoided school a lot. It was a problem for him to stay long at school or to sit quietly.

He had troubles reading and staying concentrated and he claims that his teachers and friends didn’t empathize with him. He often skipped classes and hung out with his older brother Javese and his crew.

While he lived in Brooklyn, years before his music career started to evolve, he was known as the gangleader of “GS9” and was engaged in a serial of serious crimes, such as drug traffiking, attempted murders and drive-by shootings.

Bobby claims that this is not his proudest moment and that he was young and willing to do anything to get friends, money and fame.

He was ten years old when he got interested in rapping. By the time he was twenty he decided it’s time for his music to be heard so he released his first remixed single titled “Knuck if you Buck” but it didn’t leave any mark.

The single was unnoticed but Bobby hasn’t given up. He sensed that music could be his way out of criminal activities and similar.

He spent 15 months in juvenile detention, due to his violation of probation he got after he was arrested in possession of a lethal weapon.

Career Development

It took him ten years to get noticed and that happened through his hit single “Hot Nigga”. The single alone was a hit, but it became even more popular after he released a video for the song.

In the video he presented his own choreography, a way of dancing he called “Shmony dance”. The crowd loved this and he started to become famous amongst the internet meme lovers.

The popularity of his meme was confirmed when Beyonce used his dance moves on her tour with Jay-Z, and when Drake used his moves at 2014 ESPY Awards.

His freestyle became frequently used by many famous artists like Lil Kim, French Montana, Juicy J and a lot more. So we can say with certainty that he left a trace. He says that this was something he never thought would happen and that he never actually thought that he’ll get famous on his own, so fast.

His popularity led him to his first appearance on a TV show “Real husbands of Hollywood” where he made an appearance. He was very proud of it because it confirmed his work.

He signed a record deal with Epic Records in 2014. It was a big deal, since Epic Records are a part of Sony Music Entertainment.  His first work after that was a reggae remix made in collaboration with Junio Reid and Mavado.

His debut studio album had to be postponed because Shmurda ended up in prison, but he is very committed to music and claims that he will never stop making rhymes.

Personal life

In the summer of 2014, he was arrested for possession of a lethal firearm. Later that year he was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder along with his brother Javese and one more GS9 gang member.

Overall, he has oftenly been charged with many different felonies and people are starting to wonder is he maybe really still in a gang.

He was arrested at Quad Studios along with a few members of his crew as a result of a two years old NYPD investigation. The police seized a lot of cocaine and weapon during the arrest. Shumrda never talked about this and avoids the media when it comes to crimes.

Most of the crew members were charged for carrying an illegal firearm.

He pleaded guilty trying to avoid a 25 years long sentence . He got only 7 years but after his girlfriend was caught smuggling a knife into Rikers Island jail, the sentence was prolonged to 11 years, adding four years on his original verdict. He should be out somewhere around 2022.

During his incarcerament he was involved in a numerous incidents: like the fued between the Bloods and the Crips and like when he lost his phone privileges, and even ended up in solitary confirement for a few times. He is overall not really happy with the fact that he has to be in jail rather than making music and trying to suceed in life.

He exercises a lot in prison and he built his sculpture to the maximum. He is holding on to his gangsta look and still makes lyrics while he is in jail.


Full name: Ackquille Jean Pollard

Nick name: Bobby Shmurda, Chewy

Date of birth: August 4, 1994

Birth-sign: Leo

Birth place: Miami, Florida, U.S.

Age: 23

Occupation: rapper, songwriter

Education: NA

Awards: /

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: African American

Religion: Non-Religious

Father name: Gervase Johnson

Mother name: Leslie Pollard

Brother name: Javese Pollard

Sister name: /

Marital status: single

Girlfriend: Kimberly Rousseau

Sexual Orientation: straight

Children: /

Hobbies: partying

Pet own: NA

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Body: athletic

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Dark brown

Shoe Size: NA

Measurements: NA

Distinctive Features: tattoos

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $400, 000

Social networks

Instagram: /



Snapchat: /


Interesting Facts about Bobby Scmurda

All of his albums have interesting names: Shmoney Shmurda, Shmurdaville, Shmurda She Wrote. They were all published the same year, in 2014. He says that he himself is tired of artists who don’t put any creativity into their work and that he will be the one who’ll stop that.

GS9 stands for Grimey Savage 90’s.

The lyrics of his songs often spoke of his real life and he often bragged about the crimes he comitted. Even the prosecution found details they couldn’t find anywhere – they found them in the lyrics. Bobby says that he isn’t trying to hide his past from his fans and that his life will always stay the same because he’ll never get changed by the fame.

His father Gervase Johnson is serving a life sentence for attempted murder. Some people claim that crimes run in the family and that Shmurda is too dangerous to be hosting concerts and tours, since his fans could be in danger while attending them. However, Shmurda says that all of his enemies are afraid of him and that he’ll never get his fans in danger in any way.

He is a big fan of TV and movies and was even thinking about making a career in acting. He always spoke how he would like to make a show together with Kevin Hart. He is a very big fan of Kevin. Once he had an idea of making a movie about himself to share his life story with the nation and hopefully get more respected when they see what he has gone through.

His biggest influence in music were 2Pac, Lil Wayne and Trick Daddy. He likes both North and South rappers since he lives in New York but most of his family lives in the South so he travels from one city to another a lot. He says that rappers have a special place in his heart because these are the people that were saving him throughout his early teenage years.

He sold crack wen he was just a 5th-grader, and at the same time his brother was selling more serious drugs.

Since he has a lot of free time in prison and exercise is currently his main hobby, he is thinking about writing his biography and things that happened to him in jail. He always wants to share things about his life and wants the crowd to know who he really is, not who the media portrays him to be.

Bobby claims that the worst thing about being in prison, besides from the fact that he can’t make any music, is the fact that he can’t talk and discuss with his fans whom he misses very much.

Quick Summary

Bobby Shmurda is an American rapper best known for his one huge hit “Hot Nigga” and his Shmony dance.

He is currently in jail, with a 12 year long sentence.