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I am one of the defenders that the quality of music in general is still very good, with the caveat that good music today is hidden from the general public.

And while in more or less underground styles it has always been that way and those of us who move between those styles already know it, it is not the case of the mainstream pop, whose days of greatest glory were the 80s.

Sadly, the general public today has to be content with a Beyoncé, whose biggest hit would never enter as a B-face of a Whitney Houston maxi-single in the 80s, or a wretch like Miley Cyrus, who has ended up doing her good Father, the one-hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus (the one-hit wonder thing is to annoy, the uncle swelled to sell records in the 90s).

On the masculine side, and for focusing on black music, the situation is even sadder because we have to endure uncles without any talent like Kanye west or Jay-Z become masters of the world.

That said, the 80s were different, and for not leaving the most popular black music, you had the King of Pop and an uncle of an enormous talent like Prince struggling to be number 1; then you had real monsters like Stevie Wonder or Lionel Richie, and then people like Terence Trent D’Arby, who should never appear in a text together with Kim Kardashian’s husband.

And besides them you had artists with enormous talent and they were very great, and this is where I want to talk about this elegant British gentleman born in the Caribbean and called Billy Ocean.

Early Life

Leslie Sebastian Charles was born on January 21st 1950 in Fyzabad in Trinidad and Tobago. He had emigrated from his native Trinidad and Tobago to London to begin his musical career and since the early 80s he enjoyed great success in the UK and later in the USA.

In Spain in the second half of the 80s he was known only for the soundtrack of the movie «The Purple Rose of Cairo», but his popularity skyrocketed when one summer the radio began to click everywhere «Get Out Of My Dreams , Get Into My Car ”

At that time a transfer of UK-USA artists was very common, but many of them were not known in the rest of Europe until the stamp of the day was not decided to put money seriously on the table and managed to appear in the radios constantly; and that is what happened with Ocean and how many we met him.

This was an uncle with an impeccable image, with an extraordinary voice, which handled extraordinarily well between R&B, soul, funk and pop, and with an innate ability to compose those kinds of songs that I miss so much today in Current pop music to use and throw away.

Because during the second half of the 80s Ocean was dedicated to making serial hits like “Caribbean Queen,” “When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going” or my favorite song, “The Color of Love,” one of those ballads that today no longer exist.

The 90s were no longer as favorable for him, as for many other artists who belonged to a particular era. And since then Ocean has become a cult artist for the nostalgic of those days, appearing live in those festivals remember for forty years wanting to remember his youth as the Rewind Festival that some will have to visit and that I have pending to speak in some post.

In addition, his elegant-style look of jackets with shoulder pads from the 80s has given way to an uncle with dreadlocks, since he has long since embraced the Rastafarian way of life.

Even so, Ocean maintains its absolute elegance and a privileged voice;

Finally, and for those who do not know him or want to listen to exceptional music that is no longer done today, his compilation of great hits of 1989 contains an absolutely fantastic collection of songs.

Career Path

The Trinidadian Billy Ocean became known for his album “Suddenly” in 1984 and the soundtrack of the film “Diamand du Nil” two years later.

Riding the wave of success, he disappears almost 20 years to come back with “Because I love you” in 2008. Born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, The Charles, later dubbed Billy Ocean, exiles in London to become a cutter in ready-to-wear.

At the same time, he practiced the song playing 70s disco hits with the band Shades of midnight. He’s having a successful start with “Love really hurt you,” but his career is falling quickly.

Recognition comes later, when he joins the United States. In 1981, his first album, “Nights”, is a relative failure. But three years later, he hits a remark “Suddenly”, produced by Keith Diamond. There are “Caribbean Queen”, “Loverboy” and “Mystery Lady”.

In the process, he signed the soundtrack of the film “Diamond du Nil” with the title “When the going got tough, the thought get going,” major success of the singer. We find this tube on the album “Love Zone”, produced by Barry Eastmond, big box and also marked by “There will be sad song (to make you cry)”.

Success does not leave him anymore. The next installment, “Tear down these walls”, is at the top of the charts. “Get out my dreams, get into my car”, “Love is forever” and “The color of love” are the three key songs. Billy Ocean embarks on an international tour then released a best of.

Nevertheless, Billy Ocean is waiting five years to release a new record, “Time to move on”, partly produced by R. Kelly. He cannot find his audience and the album is a failure. He puts his career in brackets.

A parenthesis that reopens in 2004 with the album “The ultimate collection”, but especially four years later with “Because I love you” whose output is preceded by a great tour.

Billy Ocean has a net worth of 12$ million. This net worth mostly comes from royalty and his successful music from the eighties.

Personal life

Billy was born in Trinidad and Tobago, by the grenadesi parents. At the age of eight, he moved with his family to Britain, in Romford, Essex County.

His musical style is formed since his early years: his father being a musician, the Billy culture emulates the passion and ambition of his father.

While working as a tailor Savile Row, Teenager, he often plays in clubs in London. He released his first single in 1972 by adopting Spark’s pseudonymous Les Charles recordings.

The biggest hit came in 1984 thanks to the release of the single Caribbean Queen, song included in the album suddenly. With this single also won a Grammy Award in the Performance category RB Best Male Vocal.

The text and title will be the often modified adaptation of artists from around the world, for example in African Queen or European Queen.

Another great success was the song of the singer Loverboy, including as the soundtrack in the famous BBC victim show in 1986: The song came in second place in the US charts.

Mr. Charles then takes the pseudonym final Billy Ocean is named after the place where he lived at that time, namely Domaine Ocean in Stepney. In 1976 he recorded his debut album Billy Ocean, while the first single, titled Love truly hurt without you, he ranks second in UK Singles Chart and in No. 22 Billboard Hot 100 USA.

In 1980, they also have great individual success Are you ready and Spend the night, included in the album Limit of the city, both subsequently performed The Toya Jackson. Later, they became famous songs L.O.D. (Love On Delivery) and Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) (1981).

in 1993 his album Time to Pass did not achieve much success, but over the years his Greatest Hits envisioned a steady turnover, while his 1997 debut compilation entitled Love Is Still It reaches the seventh position in the list of British bestsellers.

Time to Pass was the last album produced by Jive Records, recorded in Chicago together with a colleague R. Kelly, this was the beginning of his career and a longtime admirer of Billy Ocean.

His next album, titled Because I Love You, was released after sixteen years, in 2009.

Billy began his tour in England in 2007, and in March 2008 he has participated in several tours both Australia and Far East, where he announced the upcoming release of his album Because I love you.

Between 1994 and 2010, they published numerous compilations of the best singles of the singer.

The University of Westminster in London has delivered to the Billy Ocean Diploma of Honor in Music. After 20 years of success Caribbean Queen, In addition, the singer He realizes a remix the individual.

On July 29, 2011 Billy Ocean becomes one of the members of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. His title is presented by Paul McCartney.

Quick summary

Full name: Leslie Sebastian Charles

Date of birth: 21 January 1950

Birthplace: Fyzabad, Trinidad and Tobago

Age: 70

Profession: Singer, Musician, Author

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 12$ million