Bernice Burgos Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

While some have Instagram just to use it for their entertainment apps, or to show things from the latest purchase, new haircuts and good times that they have to spend with their friends, others have used this social network to earn money, among all other things they do. The more, the better.

One of those people is an Instagram model who is blessed with a fantastic look and with a tendency to draw attention- her name is Bernice Burgos.

Her Instagram page attracts almost 4 million followers – people are fascinated with her looks and her fearless attitude. She knows how to keep people entertained and how to want more.

Bernice has become a part of hip-hop culture, where attractive ladies are common or better to say mandatory part of videos and overall appearances by famous musicians and rappers.

She had memorable appearances in some expensive and stylish videos from famous music stars like Rick Ross, and Bernice has been part of the high-profile fashion spectacles as a model.

Bernice was and still is a part of the TV Shows like the one that aired in MTV named “Wild ‘N Out” and “Gold Diggers” – she clearly does not have a problem in being connected to some controversial material as long as she can earn some cash along the way.

Bernice got her fingers in the fashion world in some other way, as a creative designer, and she is involved in her brand named “Bold and Beautiful” that revolves around clothes for sleep, and she had success with it, cause her models are top sellers.

She is provocative and often part of Hollywood gossip scene, some of which are true, and some are not, but she keeps public interested.

This allows Bernice to gain some serious cash along the way, and this comes a truly big deal since she does not come from wealth.

Early Years

On April 17, 1980, Bernice was born, and she came from Puerto Rican ancestry – women born in this part of the world is considered to be the best-looking women in the world since they heritage is often mix-raced. The women are known for their attractive looks.

Her family moved to the U.S.A., so Bernice grew up in the tri-state region of suburbanite neighbourhoods and cities, between New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

The vast majority of her childhood she spent in so-called Spanish Harlem.

The thing that the public know is that before she got the fame and fortune that she has today, she worked jobs like waitressing and bartending in many Bronx clubs  -what needs to be mentioned here is that success for her did not come overnight, and she was famous and still working the same everyday job.

She spoke about this period on numerous occasions, and she was even then aware that she was different, completely knowledgeable of her good looks and confident that she will make something special out of her life.

And her good looks provided her with the opportunity to make something better from her life – Bernice got a try into the modelling world, where she successful caught the eye from the public.

She was also the star of fashion shows and was featured on the cover of multiple magazines, especially in the 2000s when RnB, hip-hop, and mixture of the two became extremely popular. There is virtually no music video in that time, that does not include some hot, curvy, sexy, and bold young lad, preferably for the exotic background. And in the majority of those videos, you can Bernice.

Soon, the music industry paid attention to Bernice -she started to appear in the best music videos, especially for rappers.

Rapidly her public developed and grow to the biggest extent, people recognise her in society – Bernice was the main star in videos for Drake (it was rumored that they are a pair, but this has never been confirmed or denied for that matter), Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, etc.

Burgos’s turn to her new life was not an easy one – she still was dedicated to her old job, and it took a while before sexy starlet did not pay her attention to modelling.

She was not s young when she entered the business, but she gained success while she was 27 years old.

Career Development

She eventually started focussing just on her profession as a model and a video star.

Soon, she was published in “King Magazine”, “XXL Eye Candy”, “Black Men Magazine” and Show Magazine etc. – Bernice was on the cover of every relevant magazine that was dedicated to hip hop culture.

She used her fame to produce her brand of sleepwear called “Bold & Beautiful” – Bernice stated that she created lingerie for all women of all shapes, especially of women that are curvier and with some extra weight.

She started her company with help from her daughter who knew what the trend is in the moment –

Bernice appeared in the movie called “Notorious B.I.G.”. It spoke about the   tragic but exciting life of rapper Christopher Wallace, or better known as Notorious B.I.G.”

He was brutally murdered when he was in the height of his career.

This film earned almost 50 million dollars worldwide.

Bernice regularly posts about things she is doing and is branching on many other projects.

Personal Life

As we have said, her family comes from Puerto Rico, and she lived in New Jersey, where she has started her schooling.

She dated one boy and became pregnant as a very young girl.

Bernice dropped out of school because she got pregnant when she was just 15 years old. Bernice gave birth to a daughter and named her Ashley.

Her personal life was problematic – she was never married to her daughter’s father, who served his time in jail.

She was moving from place to place and really struggled to raise her daughter in the way she wanted.

Bernice spoke about problems and how she had to deal with difficulties of these times where she had to endure a brutal relationship with her lover who abused her and raise her daughter.

She overcame all of those issues, but there is one more surprise in her life.

Ten years after she gave birth to Ashely, her other daughter was born – a girl named Sarai.

Nowadays, it can be seen how much her daughter Ashely looks like her mother – she has the same curvy look. Some claim that they have the same surgeon cause they are so alike.

In 2017, there were claims that Ashley was pregnant, she was just 21 years old – Beatrice later confirmed this in a statement where she asked from the public to give her support that she needed at that moment, she was 36 at the moment when her daughter gave birth to her baby.

Ashely gave birth to a daughter named Amarie, and this made Beatrice a grandmother at a very young age.

But she was, as every young woman a desire to find love, but her love affairs were connected to high profile boyfriends – some of them were very public, and some of them are never confirmed, even in a moment when paparazzi made some photos of her and alleged boyfriends.

One of them is Suge Knight who she dated in 2012 – he is one of the most triumphant music producers in the world, and the owner of hip hop producing company. He was convicted to 28 years in prison, primarily due to the murder committed on the set of film “Straight Outta Compton”.

Later she was connected to famous rapper Drake. There were many pictures of them, and the rumors were running that they were engaged. The pair have never confirmed that they have been dating, but the photos prove wrong They broke up, as some reports claimed in 2015.

She spoke about Drake in one interview and have said that he is the sweetest guy she has ever dated, and that now they are really good friends, and that, if he gets married he will invite her to his wedding, and what is ever more surprising, she will come to it.

In 2016,  Bernice started dating T. I, the famous and married rapper, and there are claims that they have been off and on together for some time now.

They themselves have never confirmed that connection, but online and in print magazine that are numerous pictures of them winning and dining all around the world.

From LA to Las Vegas, the duo enjoyed their romance all over the world.

She had her fair share of controversies in life, and many claims that she put them on herself, while others claim that she uses this notoriety to gain even more money – Bernice was detained by the police because there were claims that she hit one 14-year old girl.

Bernice was accused of perpetrating a second-degree felony; threatening the well-being of a girl.

As far as her relationship with T. I, there were claims that his formal wife, Tiny accused Bernice of ruining her marriage.

Bernice said in her defence that T. I told her that he was divorced and that his marriage to Tiny was over long before they started dating.

But Bernice also told that they were friends who slept together often, and the public was in shock because of this statement.

Tiny and Bernice got into a huge fight, and their confrontation came public – all insults were on display, and she said that she regrets what she has done.

This altercation came out on social media, and Bernice said that she did that to defend herself because people were telling lies about her.

It seems that Bernice is bisexual.

Also, there are specific reports that Bernice is dating a female – actress Felicia Pearson.

Allegedly, the two met at a night club and began their involvement more.

They have posted some videos and pictures of them, and it has been said that they are fighters for the LGBT community.

Nowadays, Bernice is romantically linked with a rapper Meek Mill – there were reports that he is in love with her.

She was even connected to hip hop artist Young M.A – he had uploaded a picture of the pair, and in them, they are very flirty toward each other.

Burgos is endowed with a beautiful body that she continually displays on the Instagram page – just this process is boosting her fame and this lead to the story about whether her look is natural or not.

She is often called the best urban model in the industry.

Bernice did not succeed in remaining her look natural, so she admitted that she had some plastic surgeries – to enhance her excellent look.

In one interview she said that she had some work done, and when the reporter asked her where did she had some job done, Bernice said – everywhere a little work.

She also said that the first thing that she touched was her famous derriere -Bernice has said that she has done this after her baby was born because she did not like how her body looked like after birth.


Instagram is an inevitable platform for presenting her products along with the photos that show how her business process looks like, what inspires her in business. She can take advantage of her Instagram page and her 4 million followers – of course, and she has found a perfect way to monetise herself on this platform. Her photos are racy, and people like to look at her exotic beauty.

She is able to sell whatever she wants in this way.

She gained money from her Instagram page, from her clothing line of lingerie (that sells amazingly well) and her modelling career and appearances in videos of famous rappers – like in DJ Khaled’s 2016 music video titled “Do You Mind”.

If you look at the website of her brand, you can see that she is the model that can stand side by side with much younger ladies and that the majority of her line is sold out.

She also appears in TV Shows, so now when her popularity is on its height, she asks from the producers even more money and special conditions. They agree cause Bernice open attitude brings good ratings.

So it is reported that her Net Worth is around 1 and 1, 5 million dollars.

Quick Summary

Full name: Bernice Burgos

Date of birth: April 17, 1980

Birthplace: New Jersey, U.S.A.

Age: 39 years

Profession: Model, Entrepreneur

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: 1, 5 million dollars