Baby Bash Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Rappers are today’s royalty there is no doubt about it, they are loved, followed, and they live lavish lifestyles beyond compare.

Most of them are millionaires, and many of them earn money from touring, record deals and other promotions, but in recent years, social networks become the source of income also. Those who have the talent to write songs for other artists are even more lucrative.

Baby Bash is the name of an American rapper and singer of Mexican descent. He was born as Ronald Ray Bryant, in a small town of Vallejo in California, and he started performing in the middle 90s under the stage name Baby Beesh, which he changed later to “Bash.”

Today he is known for collaborating with many other famous artists, many of them are Latinos.

Early years

Bryant was born in Vallejo, California, the USA to a Mexican mother and an American father from Mendota, California.

This famous rapper was in fact raised by his grandmother, but his biggest musical influences were his father and Bryant’s father and uncles exposed him to many different types of musical genres. This can be seen today in his music that takes all that influences and rolls it into one unique music.

Primarily he wanted to become a professional basketball player, and his plans included playing for the junior college in California during the mid-1990s that he attended at the time.

But he experiences ankle injury which prevented him from pursuing a basketball career -those who know him say that he really had potential, he was a champion in his college. It is noted that Baby Bash was too short for basketball, but that he had a necessary speed for playing basketball.

Baby Bashes music career began in his native Potna Duece in California as part of the group Potna Duece.

A really big moment for this Latino rapper is his work with Frankie J. and the Kumbia Kings.

Everything changed when he meets producer Happy Perez.

Later in 1998, he went to Houston, where he met rapper South Park Mexican.

There is one interesting story about his name – before he becomes famous solo artist, under the name we know today, he was known as “Baby Beesh”, a part of the groups Potna Deuce and Latino Velvet. Later on, he changed his name to just Baby Bash, and this remains till this day.

Of course, everything turns around when he released his debut album named “Savage Dreams”, as a part of an independent label Dope House Records. This was back in 2001.

This was the breakthrough for this rapper, and on an album, he featured performances by Mr. Kee, Don Cisco, South Park Mexican, Frost, Jay Tee, and Merciless.

Career Development

So, everything blows up with his first album called “Savage Dreams”, that was later followed by “On Tha Cool”; and Tha Smokin’, Nephew. Some of the more popular singles from this album are hits like Suga Suga” and “Shorty DooWop”.

This album debuted on 48th place on the Billboard 200.

And later on, it was certified as Gold by the RIAA.

In 2005, in March, this album was old 531,000 copies just in the United States.

His fifth album was named “Ménage à Trois”, and it was released under the independent label.

Baby Bash, in 2005, released “Super Saucy”.

In 2005, Bash released an album, with lead single “Baby, I’m Back”, collaboration with singer Akon, which landed on Billboard charts.

Just two years later, next album came along, and it was titled “Cyclone”(initially it was called Ronnie Rey All Day); the title single featured rapper T-Pain, and the single it followed was What Is It” featuring Sean Kingston, landing on the Billboard charts as well.

Baby Bash collaborated with many other artists, like on the song called “Obsession (No Es Amor)” that was released in Europe and later the USA. Later on, this song was re-recorded as the European version. It was performed by Frankie J and “Doing Too Much” by Paula DeAnda (this was in 2005 and 2006).

He worked with many famous rappers from West Coast like B-Legit, Mac Dre, C-Bo, Coolio- Da’unda’dogg, E-40. He also collaborated with many R&B singers like Akon, Natalie, Bohemia, Mario, Avant, and Nate Dogg.

Also, a big part of his career are other Latino performers – they are Doll-E Girl, South Park Mexican, Frost, Fat Joe, Nino Brown, and of course Pitbull.

A major part of his career is writing lyrics for other artists such as Jennifer Hudson and Frankie J  and Paula DeAnda

On December 17, 2013, Baby Bash released his 8hth studio album, called “Unsung”, on it he worked with Too Short, Miguel, and Problem.

For production part of the “Unsung” DJ Rex, Happy Perez, Mickaël, J. Lacy, and C-Ballin were in charge.

“Unsung” debuted on 11th place on the Billboard 200 with 48,000 copies sold in the first week released. This was his highest charting album to date.

As far as his other career achievements go, Baby Bash was MySpace’s #1 Latin artist, and his hit single “Cyclone” was sold over 750,000 digital copies and ringtones before the album was released.

He worked on movies during his career. He started in a film called “Primos” that was released in 2010, with Chingo Bling and Danny Trejo. This was the comedy genre about 3 cousins working in a bakery with dreams of making money.

One time, in December 2010, Baby Bash was offered a job as an on-air personality for Wild 94.9, an RnB commercial radio station.

Personal life

Many controversies followed his life, but basically, there is not so many information about Baby Bash, especially about his private life.

Baby Bash was once arrested for possession of marijuana, on September 10, 2011, in El Paso, Texas, with Paul Wall. This was an undercover raid, they went on a trial, but the Grand Jury let them go. Baby Bash made it clear that there were no drugs involved.

But at the same time, this famous rapper shows his different side.

On the same month, Baby Bash has stated that he would be sponsoring a new energy drink just for women named after his 2011 single “Go Girl.” and all with a great cause. Some of the sales proceeds from the energy drink will be donated to various charities for breast cancer- and ovarian cancer-research for women.

He has a son that carries name Brando Rey, and a daughter, Prezz, but their mother is unknown, and Baby Bash is secretive about his personal life.

One information came to the public – Baby Bash was in a relationship with the Natalie Alvarado in 2005. She was a singer, and they dated until 2008.


As we have said, Baby Bash is very active on social media, and he has a lot of followers on all of them – including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Additionally, Baby also runs a YouTube channel in which he has earned more than 272k subscribers, and his videos have more than 259 millions of views. It is safe to assume that Baby gain money from social media, his record sales – all of his albums combined had over a million of sold copies.

One thing must be remembered when it comes to his earrings, Baby Bash has been the part of the industry since 1995, and besides his songs, he is blessed with the songwriting ability and acting, so he earns from it also.

We believe that even when he does not record anymore, he can always write for other artists and be active on social media, and he does not have to worry about his future.

Quick summary

Full name: Ronald Bryant

Date of birth: October 18, 1975

Birthplace: Vallejo, California, USA

Age: 44

Profession: Rapper and Songwriter

Height: 5 ft 7 inches

Weight: unknown

Net Worth: somewhere between 7, 5 and 10 million dollars