Azealia Banks Net Worth 2020, Bio, Real Name, Age, Height, Weight

Amanda Banks is a musician originating from the US. She became popular not only for her songs, but also for her social media.

Early years

Azealia was born in Manhattan, on May 31, 1991.

While growing up, she couldn’t rely on anyone. She was raise in Harlem along with her two older sisters. Her dad had cancer and died when she was only two years old so her mother became abusive.

Azealia said that she would kick them in the face, use various objects to hit them and always tell them that they weren’t worth a single penny. There has also been an incident where her mother literally threw all of their food so they couldn’t eat.

To protect herself, Banks moved out when she was 14 and she decided to be in the same apartment where her sister was staying.

While she was young, she realized that she liked music and became interested in all of the stuff that comes along in the music industry: dancing, acting and so on.

She got a chance to perform in the Tada! Youth Theater and she got all of the main roles since her teachers realized she is a true talent.

Amanda attented a catholic school and later danced at the National Dance Institute. She was teached at LaGaurdia High School of Performing Arts and when she was 16, she had a role in a musical which her teachers decided to send to the TV so she may get a role. She never did.

Because of all the rejections she got during her acting career developing, she decided that she wasn’t going to act after all and that she will dedicate herself to music.

Career Development

She had better luck with this since her track “Seventeen” that she made and produced herself got her a contract with XL Recordings and she got involved into work with Richard Russell, a producer.

She later quit the deal because she felt like Russell was being verbally abusive since she decided to make her own beats and she wanted to stop taking samples from him.

She formally became “Azealia Banks” and decided to make a YouTube channel where she will post her demo’s, covers and, if she was lucky, get some attention.

Soon, her visa wasn’t valid anymore and she had to go back to NYC where she sold merch in clubs and she sadly had to work as a stripper at Queens.

She says that at this point she was severely depressed because she had no one: no friends, no manager, no boyfriend, no boss… She was all on her own and had to make her way to the very top, but she didn’t know how.

In 2011, just at the beginning of autumn, she released a song called “212” and it was a digital download. Later, this one was the lead single to her EP 1991.

The EP gained success in northern Europe and Azealia started to gain some fans.

Amanda had no producer or a record house she worked with so she had to find someone if she wanted to make a studio album. This is the time she met Paul Epworth and she was featured on other artists’ albums, but still didn’t makeher own one.

She said she will release a mixtape back in 2012 and it was tritled “Fantasea”. The tracks featured, such as “Aquababe” and “Nathan”, gained her popularity pretty quickly.

Amanda worked with a rapper called Styles P and this helped her a lot to gain fame at the beginning of her career.

Her first extended play called 1991 first aired in the UK and later in the US. It got many positive reviews and the play itself reached charts that a newbie rarely does. She was number twelve on the Rap Albums chart.

Her second single, “Esta Noche”, was supposed to come in 2012, but she had a fight with her producer and he decided to keep the track offline.

She also worked with Lady Gaga while she was making her 2013 album Artpop, but Banks didn’t make it to the final cut and wasn’t featured on the album.

The same thing happened with Kanye west and Banks started to be nervous because none of the tracks she was featured in made it to the actual album.

In 2012 she made an album called Broke with Expensive Taste and the first single was released on SoundCloud. “ATM Jam” is a song that also should’ve appeared on the album, but didn’t because it had very poor sales.

In the same year, somewhat around July, she said that she was quitting the Universal Music Group contract.

Her album got a physical release in 2015 and she celebrated it by posing nude for Playboy.

Later that year, the world found out she will play in a musical drama film called Coco.

She couldn’t release new albums until late 2017 because of her previous contracts.

Banks opened her store called Cheapy Xo where she sells beauty merch, clothes and celeb merch.

Her last song released single was called “Chi Chi” and it’s from June 26, 2017.

She did later post on SoundCloud but nothing too official.

Personal life

Amanda claims she is bisexual and this is one of the very few questions she is being asked all of the time on her interviews. She said that she was very unhappy with the fact that people are judging her on this.


Full name: Azealia Amanda Banks

Nick name: /

Date of birth: May 31, 1991

Birth-sign: Gemini

Birth place: New York City, New York, U.S.

Age: 26

Occupation: musician, rapper

Education: Catholic school in Harlem, the National Dance Institute

Awards: Philip Hall Radar Award, Urban Music Award for Best Single (“212”)

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: African American

Religion: NA

Father name: NA

Mother name: NA

Brother name: /

Sister name: Latwan Banks and Lakimba Banks

Marital status: single

Girlfriend/boyfriend: /

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Children: /

Hobbies: fashion, music, arts

Pet own: dog called Salt

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Body: Slim

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Black

Shoe Size: NA

Bra size: 32B

Dress size: 5 (US)

Measurements: 34-24-34

Distinctive Features: multicolored hair

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $3 million

Social networks



Twitter: /

Snapchat: @brujadelbloque


Interesting Facts about Azealia Banks

She doesn’t like Donald Trump at all and says that America made a big mistake when they chose him for the president.

She had skin bleaching treatmants and this caused great scandals because she claims to be proud of her heritage.

She suffered a miscarriage in 2016 and she says that this was one of the hardest things she ever experienced. Banks claims that she stayed home all day, trying to find out why did this happen to her.

She is a big fan od Beyonce and Aaliyah.

Banks is famous for tweeting and being active on social media, especially during some scandals.

She posted her response when Bill Cosby was in the scandal related to sexual assaults and tweeted very unappropriate things.

Azealia attacked a politician once and she was in much trouble because of it since the politician wanted to go in court with the case and this led to all of Banks’ background and earlier life to be investigated and shared with the media.

Amanda also accused Zayn Malik for taking her ideas and making a music video that looks very similar to hers.

She said very bad things about other singers, especially when it comes to race-shaming. She also insulted the British hip hop singers and said they were worthless.

However, she reached the very bottom of her acts during a fight with Skai Jackson, a young actress to whom she said that she has to go through puberty for her voice to count.

In late 2016, she was at a party owned by Russel Crowe and she later went to the police station and said that he tried to abuse her, that he spat into her face and that he called her bad names which were alluding to her descent.

She was also involved in a scandal in 2016 when she posted a video on Instagram where she discussed witchcraft.

Quick Summary

Azealia Banks is a rapper from NYC and she is famous for her albums which she has made although she had various problems with record labels. Her estimated net worth is $3 million.