Anthony Davis Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Anthony Davis is a very popular professional basketball player who gained a huge fan base.

He hails from the United States and is currently playing for an NBA team named “New Orleans Pelicans”. He is one of the most popular players in the game as well.

Anthony is known as the youngest basketball player to win 59 points in one game which is an outstanding result. This was something not many people could achieve and he was therefore very happy to be the first person to do this.

Early years

Anthony Davis came to life as Anthony Marshon Davis Jr. on March 11, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois in the United States.  Little did his parents know that he will one day be a great sports player.

His father after whom Anthony was named is also a very tall person and is 191 cm high. It runs in their genes and therefore all male members of the family have always been pretty tall.

His mother Trainer is pretty tall too… She is 185 cm high so it is no wonder how Anthony grew up to be that high. It seems like he was born to play basketball.

Anthony has two sisters: a twin sister named Antoinette and an older sister named Iesha who was also playing basketball from her young age. They have always been in good relations and have worked together since they were very young. The time they spent together ended up being great for them in order to become closer.

Anthony was very loved and supported from all the women in his life: from his mother and sisters to his granny and aunts. This meant a lot to them because the family had a much easier job financially: whenever they needed help, their cousins were there.

He grew up alongside his sister, sharing everything that happened to him and the three of them are still very close. They are close to this day.

He was raised in the South part of Chicago where he played basketball from a very early age. This helped him get ready for his professional career pretty quickly and he didn’t have to spend much time training because he was already ready by the time he was being recruited.

He was a student at Perspectives Charter School. This school was very popular amongst families who wanted their children to excel in math and science but the school wasn’t equipped for any sport.

The school even didn’t have a gym so Anthony played ball in a church nearby. This showed how interested he was in basketball when he was ready to play anywhere.

Career development

After he became a great player Anthony also became interesting to several basketball coaches and his parents realized that he wanted to start a basketball career.

They came up with an idea to help him get better basketball training conditions so they  wanted to transfer him to a better school but were advised against it by the coach.

The coach explained that it was better for Anthony to slowly grow up as a player rather than to get into very competetive surroundings which could make his game suffer.

He wasn’t noticed much, not nationally or even locally but because of his team he started to gain recognition and people started respecting him as a serious player. rated him as the No. 1 player in 2011. His career went upwards after he started playing on Heanstreets system. He was recognized by scouts and he was offered a scholarship by Syracuse.

Nevertheless, Anthony has chosen Kentucky University although he received offers from three other universities: Syracuse, DePaul and Ohio State.

His commitment to Kentucky was connected with a big controversy because it was reported by “Sun-Times” that his father Anthony demanded Kentucky for a big amount of money to confirm the commitment. It was discovered that it was a lie and they had to remove the article.

His senior high-school season was successful and he had an average 32 points on every game.

He received several honors during high school so he was a member of Parade All-American and a member of 2011 McDonald All-American.

He was also the leader of the USA team at Nike Hoops Summit. After he was enrolled to Kentucky University he became a new member of their famous basketball team: the Kentucky Wildcats.

Their coach was John Calipari who was satisfied with him because although he was 2,08 m tall he was a great blocker and he was very fast. He is also known as an awesome 3-points . He helped his team to win all their games and come to the finals where they lost from Vanderbilt Commodores.

In 2012 he won the Associated Press College Basketball Player of the Year. He won the Wooden Award in the March of the same year. He was also named as the Naismith College Player of the Year.

He won the Most Outstanding Player Award the same year. He surpassed Shaquille O’Neal with his record for the number of blocks per person which was a big success since Shaq was an awesome player and a big star.

He made himself eligible for the 2012 NBA draft and was chosen by the New Orleans Hornets and has signed a contract with them on a period of 3 years and amount of $16 million.

After a good starting season, he hurt his shoulder at the beginning of 2013 season and had to miss a few games. He also received a knee injury which ended the season for him in April.

He was praised for his fast break transition and great offense while he was a rookie bug was needed of him to improve his isolation skills.

It was in 2012/2013 season that his team New Orleans Hornets changed his name to the Pelicans.

Anthony gave a big amount of money to build a basketball court at his high school.

He began his 2013 season very well, by becoming the youngest player to gain 25 points and 15 rebounds in the same game.

He was nominated for NBA Player of the Week. This was a pretty big thing for him.

His greatest game was against the Los Angeles Lakers. It was a spectacular game and many people watched it just to see his performance.

He was injured in a game against the New York Knicks and had to miss 6 weeks of playing. This was a really tough period of time for him because he didn’t know if he could continue playing or not. It was also pretty stressfu for his family that was watching over him the whole time.

He replaced Kobe Bryant at 2014 NBA All-Star game when he was hurt.

Anthony was the youngest basketball player since 1993. to make 40 points and 20 rebounds in one game. The person who did it in 1993 was again Shaquille O’Neil.

At the end of the season, he has suffered several injuries and missed a lot of games. It was a very negative experience for him as well.

He began the 2014/2015 season in a great manner and made a lot of points. He succeeded in making 43 points against the Utah Jazz which was his career-high score.

He helped his Pelicans to reach the 2015 NBA Playoffs. Although the Golden State Warriors won the Championship he had made a great appearance on the court. He was also selected to the first team All-NBA.

In 2015 he has signed a new contract with the Pelicans but now for a period of 5 years, this time worth $145 million.

He continued his great game and became the third player since 1983. To score 50 points and 20 rebounds in one game. The other two that succeeded were Shaquille O’Neal and Chris Webber.

In his 2016/2017 season when he became the first player after Michael Jordan in 1989 , to gain over 50 points in one game.

In 2017 NBA All-Star game he was the starter of the game.

He also broke a Pelicans record by becoming the first Pelicans player ever to score 2000 points in one season.

He continued his great work in 2017/2018. It was on his 25th birthday that he managed to make his first triple-double in his career although they lost against Utah Jazz.

The Pelicans won the Spurs and reached Playoffs where they lost in a match against Golden State Warriors.

He has reached his 10 000 points in a game against Philadelphia 76 rs and became the youngest ever to reach those points. He was very proud to hear this because he wasn’t even thinking about achieving those points. It just happened naturally in his career.

In 2019 he decided not to continue his career in the Pelicans and will become a free agent in 2020. He was fined for it with 50k because he shouldn’t have told it publicly, on the national Vmoùr

He was a member of the Olympic Basketball team in 2012 which won the Gold medal.

As for the TV appearances he has been seen in talk show „Mike & Mike” in 2014 and 2015. It was a very funny show to see and people loved him there.

Personal life

He was in a relationship with Dylan Gonzalez who is a known female basketball player. She has over one million followers on her Instagram chanell.

Anthony was also linked to Brittney Griner who is also a female NBA player.

He had earned a lot of money from endorsement and was seen in a lot of adds. He collaborated with Red Bull, Nike, Foot Locker and more. He is world known for his wingspan of over 2,5 meters.

He is a huge fan of Lil Wayne and Strawberry Snowballs.

He has a daughter named Nala and is in a relationship with Marlen. Marlen is American and her parents are from Dominican Republic.

The two of them have met in 2016 and they have welcomed their daughter one year later.

He is known for his unibrow and is nicknamed AD. He wears unibrows since he went into puberty.

His favorite basketball player is Kevin Garnett.

Quick summary

Full name: Anthony Marshon Davis Jr.

Date of birth: March 11,1993

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Age: 26

Profession: NBA basketball player

Height: 2,08 m

Weight: 115 kgs

Net Worth: around $35 million