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Anna Akana Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Even though actors and musicians are still considered to be major stars, another form of celebrities is starting to emerge.

Youtubers are slowly winning over the world and their presence in the media is becoming increasingly larger.

In today’s article we are going to talk about a Youtuber called Anna Akana, who is a famous American comedian who posts videos on Youtube regularly.

We are going to learn more about her life, her career and net worth. So, stick with us if you want to find out more.

Early life

Anna Kay Akana was born on august 18th 1989 in USA. Originally from Japan, Anna Kay Akana is Japanese as her father.

She was born in the U.S.A. (California USA). Her age is 28 years old and the sign of birth is Leo. It seems she’s a mixture of different values and traditions.

She is basically a blend or alliance of traditional Japanese and Filipino. While her Japanese father and mother come from the Philippines.

Because her father worked in Marine Crops, he traveled from country to country, picking up all the dialects, traditions, and lifestyles from those places. As a result, she fluently speaks Japanese, Spanish, and English.

Her future was not set until 19, when the abuse forced her younger sister to commit suicide. She became so sad that she almost refused to smile and to be happy. Unless she was watching Margaret Cho’s comedy show. She started performing stand-up comedy after that. She was in shock, however, she was unable to do it properly.

Then, at the same age, she switched her platform to YouTube social media. On August 07, 2011, she joined YouTube where she made comedy videos. But in 2013, based on her emotional attachment, she released a video entitled, “Please don’t kill yourself.” She has also written and published in a book of the same name.

We can find both humor and seriousness in her YouTube videos. On her YouTube channel, she makes both documentary and comedy videos. In 2014, by collaborating with comedian Megan Rosati, she created comedy music.

They called their duo Cat Benatar. At the same year, in 100 new media top rock stars, she was able to list her name.

At the documentary and comedy, she didn’t stop. So she decided to make a short movie such as “Miss 2059,” “Ant-man” and “Miss Earth” and much more. She has directed short films as well.

Career Path

In 2011 she was shown in “Awkward” and in Katy Perry’s music video about her film and TV series career. And in a film called “Hi, my name is Doris” she also played “sally field” and “star wars.” Speaking of her education, it did not seem to have been published in social media yet. But it’s said she’s an animal doctor.

Family life as her sister committed suicide in 2007, Anna’s family life did not go well. There are four members as a member of her family. Her uncle was an officer in the Us Marine Corps, William Akana. He was originally Korean. He had to move from place to place due to his work.

As of 2019, the YouTube self-title channel has more than 2 million followers and has accumulated more than 300 million views since its launch. Anna uploads twice a week and complete up to 120,000 views per day from the videos on the channel. This should result in an average profit from YouTube ads of $480 a day ($175,000 a year).

Once YouTube takes its share, you Tubers get charged 6$ per 1000 paid views. Monetarized views vary from 40% to 80% of the overall views.

System known as Google Preferred that allows deep-pocketed businesses to target commercials on the top five percent of the most popular content. Here the commercial rates are higher than usual.

YouTubers also earn extra from YouTube Red subscribers who pay monthly for viewing premium content on YouTube plus watching ad-free videos. Here they are paid built on their videos viewing time. The longer you watch your videos, the more cash you earn.

Anna receives more from stand-up comedy shows and production of movies. Through her website, she also sells clothes and products.

Anna Akana is an inspiration for all the teens facing the issue of bullying and ragging. She’s a beautiful actress and filmmaker. She’s also a comedian and model. She’s got popular channel vlog and YouTube. She stands up for humor in spite of her injury.

She has made more than 70 films, TV series, and short films as an actress. She has produced, writes, direct film and paid a lot of roles in the film industry, among other things.

Since 2014 to now, Anna has been in relationship with Brad Gage. Until him, Ray William Johnson was her husband. They were dated between October 2011 and 2014. Now she has a smooth and good relationship with her current boyfriend Brad.

According to internet sources, its net value is $2 million. It’s her net worth figure.  But she may have more and it’s an assumption. She makes almost $1 million in YouTube and hospital wages.

She has played a lot of 2013 movies. Some of her movies mentioned in a wiki are “Inappropriate Comedy” (2013), “Kids vs. Monster” (2015).

She also performed “Hello my name is Doris,” and in 2016 she played “Dirty 30.” She also played “Awkward,” “Shake it up,” “Fosters,” “Adam ruins all” and “Stitchers.”

Not only has she won an award for online pioneer at the San Diego Asian Film Festival, she has been nominated for the Streamy Awards for best actress. But she was not given the prize, sadly. Her Instagram account is @annaakana and she has 329 K plus rising followers.

So how much is worth Anna Akana, what is her annual salary and how rich is Anna when she is 29 years old? We estimated below the net value, money, income, and assets of Anna Akana for 2019.

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Most of the property of Anna Akana is a youtuber. Estimates of the net worth of Anna Akana differ because spending habits and how much money Anna has spent over the years are hard to predict.

In 2019, Akana came out with her song called “Intervention” and a video by Auden Bui. She continued releasing music, so she came out with Pretty Girls Don’t Cry and Not My Proudest Moment and Let Me Go, her first album under the name Casualty was released in October.

Many critics praise her content and admit that she has an interesting approach to subjects and is giving a completely new view on things and events. Her views are proof enough that she is a valuable Youtuber and that her fan base will continue to grow in the following years.

So far she is focused on her YouTube channel and her music career, so we will see what she will come up with next.

Personal life

She moved to Los Angeles instead of following her initial goal of becoming a veterinarian to become a part of the entertainment industry. She was with Ray William Johnson in a relationship and later started dating comedian Brad Gage. A lot of her videos were worked on by her brother Will.

She didn’t share the name of She’s mother. Currently working with our group, we will update details about parents, partner, spouse and children. We don’t have a lot of information about Education Life right now.

Anna Akana claims her “whole world stopped” when Valentine’s Day 2007 was suicided by her 13-year-old sister.

“I’ve been so weak. And I couldn’t see a way out if it did, “she explains the deep depression that clouded her senior high school year and the years that followed her sister’s death, Kristina, in the current issue of PEOPLE.

But Akana, now 29, found a spark of happiness after a year and a half of barely cracking a smile: a comedy special featuring Margaret Cho.

“For a moment, it allowed me to escape, to forget everything, and to laugh. And for someone else I wanted to do that, “says Akana, whose sister was a victim of school bullying. But even as her professional horizons expand, Akana remains committed to the original mission that led her to pursue an entertainment career.

“Once at the DMV, this girl came up and screamed. She told me,’ I wanted to kill myself before, and seeing your videos made me stop.’ That’s when I realized how strong YouTube can be, “says Akana, who with boyfriend Brad Gage also hosts the hit podcast Explain Things to Me.

“If my sister’s watching YouTuber gave her something to look forward to, would she have killed herself? “She’s saying it. “I’m worried all the time about that. In the end, that’s why I do what I do.

Quick summary

Full name: Anna Kay Akana

Date of birth: August 18th 1989

Birthplace: California, USA

Age: 30

Profession: Social media personality and YouTuber

Height: 1.50 m

Weight: 45 kg

Net Worth: 600$ thousand