Andy Frisella Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Bin a celebrity is not as easy as it seems. You are constantly in the public eye and everyone is watching your every move. This can be fun at times, but over a certain period of time, it becomes exhausting.

But, there is still the fun part of owning fabulous homes, cars and all the expensive things you always dreamed of.

This is why everyone likes reading and learning more about celebrities. We get to understand their lives and motivate ourselves to maybe become that successful as well.

In today’s text we are going to learn more about Andy Frisella. He is the co-founder of the nutritional supplements chain started from scratch and persevered after several years with hardly any income from his activity.

Today, his sales brings him more than one hundred million dollars. His line of argument is that the only person who limits you is the one who returns your gaze when you are in front of the mirror.

Frisella intends to motivate with his lectures millions of people who are looking for a way to break through. The experience is a great testimony about how to persevere in business to achieve success. The center of his speech is precisely that: effort and self-confidence.

Early Years

Andy Frisella is one of those celebrities who likes to keep things super private. There isn’t even a full on biography about his early life and childhood, and he never said when is his birthday or when he was born.

This is something that has been baffling his fans for a very long time, since they keep on guessing what age is he and when he was born.

He doesn’t even like talking about it in interviews, which makes him more interesting to the audience. The only thing that we do know about his birth, is that h was born in United States. Andy talked about his childhood few times, mentioned couple of stories, but nothing major that we could add to his biography.

He mentioned that he was a bit chubbier than the other kids, which was the reason for other children to bully him. This left a strong mark on him as a child and he was often sad and depressed because of the things he was going through.

Besides being a bit heavier than the other kids, he wasn’t really a good student. He was an underachiever, which made it even more difficult for him to fit in with the other school kids. The sad thing was that his teachers were the ones who told him that he doesn’t have the capacity to learn like others do, and that he won’t achieve anything.

Being faced with such harsh words as a young child, made him even more determined to succeed. The only person who supported him and made him fight for more. Was his father. He never stopped believing in his son and he always pushed him to do more.

His dad would even go to school and fight with the teachers, parents and other children who were mistreating his son. This was very important and motivational for Andy and ultimately made him snap out of the self-pity.

He decided to start lifting weights and diet. Soon after he lost the extra weight and began transforming his body and his mind. After he noticed how people’s approach to him changed after he changed his body, he realized that the sky is the limit and that there is nothing he cannot do.

That is all the information we have about Andy’s early years and childhood, so we are going to jump on to his career in the next part of this article.

Career Path

During the time he started lifting he really fell in love with this discipline and was seriously thinking about doing it professionally.

He started a small supplement store when he was only 19 years old, where he helped his customers choose the right supplements and also informed them about supplements in general.

The word soon got out and he began expanding his small business more and more. It seems as though Andy wasn’t cut out for school, but he was definitely cut out for business. Later, the store transformed into Supplement Superstores, Paradise Distribution.

The store marked a huge success and was only expanding as the years passed. This is when Andy got even more inspired to help others find their happiness as well. he started a show on podcast called the MFCEO Project, where he talks to his listeners and shares advice on success.

Andy’s success didn’t stop with the podcast and the supplement store. He also started the Carbon Fire Nutrition, Alpine Sport Products, 44Seven Media and all of his bsuinessess are doing pretty good so far. He has a fan base of several million people, who listen to his podcast show which tells us a lot about his popularity.

Andy often speaks about the difficulties he faced when he started out with his supplement store. He was robbed the first yar he started and he was only making several dollars per day in the beginning. His total earnings now are around 100$ million per year from all of his businsess combined.

Andy developed a system or a way to make your business work that is called 100-0. He explained tha these are actually the odds of your business succeeding, and that determination is the key when starting a business as well as patience.

Andy’s versatile talents led him to start writing children’s books. We already mentioned how hard his childhood was, so he found it appropriate to start writing children’s books to help them realize how they can achieve anything they set their minds to. His children’s books are called Play to win and Otis and Charley.

Within his books, he often tries to motivate children to dream about one day staring their own businesses but also speaks about confidence and building it from an early age.

He felt like his difficult childhood would be a great motivation for others and a lesson not to listen to those who want to hurt you.

The secret to his success, according to him, is determination to succeed. He says that stopping is the worst thing you can do when you reach success, because that is the moment you should push even harder. He loves every single person who is a member of his community, and people understand that his brand is not there to sell supplements, it is there to motivate them to love their selves more.

Andy’s approach to business is though people’s hearts and not though their pockets. He wants to share products and thoughts with people that are going to give them hope and motivate them to build a better future for themselves.

Andy’s net worth is still under review, but judging by his interviews, he makes around 100$ million per year from his businesses. We assume that most of the money comes from his podcast, supplement businesses and his other business ventures. His children’s books must have brought him more money as well, since they are quite successful.

Andy’s net worth is certainly several million dollars, but the exact number is hard to tell. Since he doesn’t seem to be ready to stop any time sooner, his net worth is certainly going to go up in the future and maybe even come close to some of the wealthiest people on the planet. This is something we still have to wait and see, as well as his other projects that he is preparing for his faithful fans.

Andy is very active on his social media accounts and loves sharing photos with his community. As he often says he is very connected to them and sees them as his fans and his friends. He approaches their problems as if they are his own, and tries to give his listeners an honest advice all the time.

Personal life

Andy’s personal life is not that mysterious as his early childhood, but he is still not the type of celebrity who gets into a lot of scandals for the press. Andy often says that his biggest support is his wife Emily, who has been there for him from the start.

He also shared how close of a bond he has with his father, and how much his support meant to him during his early childhood. With his father’s love and support, he was able to get more confident and realize that the sky is the limit.

He strongly believes that every single person can be rich, but all we have to do is believe in ourselves and push harder towards our goals. If we surrender too fast, then there is nothing we can expect in return. Andy shares his deepest thoughts with his listeners, and one time he mentioned that he doesn’t see himself as a millionaire.

He often doubts if everything he has is real, and he cannot believe that he managed to reach such success on his own. One thing that many of his fans noticed is that Andy likes to throw a swear word or two while talking on his podcast.

He says this is a way to release his bad energy and share his anger about certain topics. This has become a normal thing on his podcast, and his fans don’t even notice it. His wife Emily has been with Andy from the time he had nothing. This was the reason he stayed with her, and decided to spend his life with her.

He often says that he was afraid that both of them are going to change because of the money and the millions, but this wasn’t the case. The both of them stayed pretty grounded and continue to enjoy each other’s company.

There is no information about children so we don’t know if Andy has any children or not. He likes to keep this part of his life a secret, which is why we don’t know if he has a bigger family or not. We will assume he doesn’t, because he never speaks about them to his fans.

Quick summary

Full name: Andy Frisella

Date of birth: Unknown

Birthplace: USA

Age: Unknown

Profession: Businessman, Podcaster

Height: 1.82m

Weight: 95 kg

Net Worth: Unknown