Andrew Frankel Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

In the business world, sometimes it is not enough for those who are in business to inherit their parent’s jobs, and to be prosperous until the rest of their lives.

They have to work really hard to maintain that wealth and success and even to become more successful. They need to have education and smarts to endure harsh conditions that come from competition.

There are many examples of failures, but there are also people who indeed managed to make it in the harsh business world.

One of those people is Andrew Frankel – a guy who seemingly has all. He has the looks, the charm, the wife and the success to support this claim.

Many describe him as one brilliant, skilful, and capable businessman – he handles a brokerage firm that was founded by his father, and he has been doing so for the past 20 years, and he does not want to stop any time soon.

Frankel is a multi-talented American business magnate and the co-president of Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc – he has his fingers everywhere, and he has proven that he indeed can do it all.

This company is located in New York, United States – the centre of the world in every sense.

Frankel also gained more popularity when he married a famous American model and actress Bridget Moynahan.

Bridget is best known for her role in CBS show “Blue Bloods”.

Many describe this couple, and their love story as a fairy tale one – even their wedding was magical.

Early Years

Andrew was born to a father Stuart Frankel and mother Sharyn Frankel on August 20, 1974.

He was born and raised in Philadelphia, in the United States, and the first thing that is connected to the Frankel family is their business.

His father Stuart is very successful and famous businessmen who founded a brokerage firm named “Stuart Frankel & Co Inc”, this was in 1973 before Andrew was born.

Andrew always said that his father was his most significant role model and that everything he has own to him; he remains till this day, Andrews’s biggest inspiration.

As expected, Andrew sign at The University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1994 – but he learns right away that just by learning he would not get him where he wants to be in life.

But Andrew could not wait to finish his education, so he joined his father’s company in December 1993. As the co-president of the firm -the role, on top of many others that he has still this day.

First years in his father’s company was dedicated to learning process how the company works, and this was turning out to be the best decision he could have ever done.

He said once that he did want to take his time with learning so that he could be the best in what he does.

This was the logical step before he stepped into his father’s position.

Did you know that when he was just 16 he wrote a comic book with his cousin, and it was called “Alien Space Avenger”? This is really important to mention since Andrew loves animation and comics, and he worked in a crew that developed graphics for movies like “Jurassic Park”, “Star Wars” and “Transformers”, among many others.

Career Development

Andrew run the affairs of his father’s company, and what sets him apart from others us his amazing work ethic and he is also a fantastic manager who does a tremendous business in developing and leading the company’s sales, as well as, their cash investments trading desk on The New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor.

Taking about her profession, Andrew follows his father footstep and success to establish himself as one of the renowned businessmen in the United States. Andrew is currently working at Stuart Frankel & Co Inc, and he remains in this position since December 1993.

Andrew also worked as a news reporter, camera operator, anchor, and the editor on a News station, and of course, he was terrific in this job also.

Andrew worked in a company called “Kenner Toy company”, that later become “Hasbro Toy company” and it is very successful also. It seems that everything Andrew touches turns to gold eventually.

Before his work in his father’s company, he worked as an assistant in an Advertising agency – this was the part of the learning process also, as Andrew himself stated once.

Nowadays, all the burden and success of the company are in his hands – Andrew works in the department that handles corporate access, SWOT analyses and investments.

But his career, besides being a part that helped create some of the most successful movies of today, has a fun part, since Andrew tried as an actor in films such as “Tomorrow never dies” and “Godzilla”.

Personal Life

Andrew is known for his love with his beautiful wife Bridget Moynahan -they married on October 17, 2015.

The wedding ceremony was held in the Hamptons – they exchanged the vows in an open field at Wolffer Estate Vineyard. A famous photographer John Dolan took shots that later one made headlines all over the news.

Her ex-lover Tom Brady and their son John Edward Thomas Moynahan attended the wedding.

Fun fact is that many claims that Tom and Andrew look like they are brothers, and when you look at their pictures, it is obvious. But the amazing thing is that these two over the years became good friends.

During the occasion, the couple requested to donate to The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp (a charity for people with various diseases), instead of giving them presents.

This aspect of their wedding just shows how normal and grounded these two truly are, as they stated in numerous interviews in which they spoke of one another.

One information came to the public, and that is that they meet through their mutual friends, and they started dating after a short time, soon they decide to marry. This is one story about how their love started, and another is that they first became friends (and stayed friends for seven years) and then lovers.

Bridget is an American actress and model known for her good looks and great style – she often shares their picture on social media, particularly on her Instagram page.

She appeared in many movies, and TV series that includes Blue Bloods starred Donnie Wahlberg, Tom Selleck, and Will Estes. She wrote a book titled “The Blue Bloods Cookbook: 120 Recipes That Will Bring Your Family to the Table”.

These two do not share kids, but Andrew has three children from a past relationship, and Briget dated Tom Brady.

Bridget once said that Andrew is the most helpful guy ever – often in an interview, she speaks how genuine, kind and sensitive. He’s the best, she said once, and by everything that the public can see, it truly is like that.

She often cooks for him – Bridget said once that whatever she makes for him, he says that he likes it.

When you look at the picture of Andrew, you can see that this is the man that is very aware of his looks, and he is blessed in this way – but this is not enough.

Andrew exercises regularly and watches his eating habits.

Andrew does not have any social media accounts or the ones that are known to the public (he has a Linkedin page), but Bridget does.


So, many people describe Frankel as the one magnate that handles his own business, and he is very talented for it – he managed the affairs of the brokerage firm that was founded by his father Stuart Frankel in 1973. The company is worth $4.5 Billion.

On the official web site of the company, they say that they are guarantees “best execution” in a discreet, conflict-free and cost efficient manner with zero market impact.

He has been doing this for over twenty years.

Frankel has been overseeing the company’s sales as well as running its US cash investments trading desk on The New York Exchange Trading Floor.

He is a business tycoon, actor, news anchor, creative analyst, and much more – often times he shows how normal and grounded he is.

Quick Summary

Full name: Andrew Frankel

Date of birth: August 20, 1974

Birthplace: Philadelphia, the United States

Age: 45 years

Profession: Businessman, actor, news-anchor

Height:  6 feet

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth:  70 million dollars