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Andrea Tantaros Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Fox News had appointed Andrea Tantaros as a co-host for their one of the most wanted programs “Outnumbered” appearing at noon time.

She was regularly seen again on the screen of Fox News at 5 PM co-hosting the `show “The Five”.

Although her tenure at Fox News had ended quite disgracefully but before such incident she had proved her graceful potential.

Sometime you never know that you have come out of something or framed meticulously.

Her net worth is estimated somewhere around a quantitative amount of $1.5 million.

Early life

Andrea is actually Andreana Kostantina Tantaros and was born on 30th December, 1978, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States. She was born to Konstantinos, the father who was of Greek origin and mother Barbara, who was of an Italian –American origin.

Andrea knows the hard ways of life and has never compromised with her abilities and always judged upon her own potentials.

From her childhood days she has seen her parents working hard to make their family owned restaurant named ‘Pied Piper Dinner’ run successfully.

She was never taken aback to serve as a waitress there helping her parents to with their job and knowing to serve the people in better way.

Though being a daughter of a eminent business personality she never forget her tough times. In her interviews she has often talked about her father’s migration to America. How her father saved each penny to start off their family Greek Restaurant.

She vividly remembers her father’s death and tries her level best to maintain the real-estate properties and the various restaurants and the banks that were opened for serving the community. The community banks named East Penn Bank earned much popularity.

Andrea got schooled in the Parkland High School and later took admission in the Lehigh University from graduated with a master’s degree in the subject of Journalism.

She also got herself get acquainted with the French language that is needed widely in the field of journalism. After getting a degree in French language she never delayed with her admission in the Universite de Paris.


Andrea got her graduation degree from University of Paris. She started working as an intern in the most wanted television series ‘Costfire’ that in screened in the channel CNN.

After returning to Wasihington DC she also gathered experience being an intern serving as a political commentator. The experiences she gathered have immensely helped her in excelling with her career.

She got offer to be a campaign speaker serving the purpose on behalf of the major leaders who are the core member of the Republican Party.

She even conveyed her opinions being a spokes person of the Republican Party. Her designation of press secretary has enabled her to become the spokes person of the United States House of Representatives.

Andrea also served profieciently as a spokesperson serving William Weld the Massachusetts Governor and got an offer for the same designation to serve the chairperson of National Republican Congressional Committee, Thomas Reynolds.

She even serves as spokes person of the famous personality Pat Toomey who previously the Congressman of Pennsylvania and presently appointed as the senator.

The wonderful experience of FOX has ended up with a tragic incident. Andrea had to go for a lawsuit against Fox News. Andrea was bold enough to sue the ex-CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes for sexually harassing her. She was also bold enough to target the other five important executives who into this racket and she knew the policies that could make them know her temper.

She complained in her lawsuit about the whole management team under whose surveillance her whole coverage was decided to be taken off the air.

Andrea, the eminent television personality with terrific anchoring capabilities is also a tremendous writer who came up with excellent release named ‘Tied up in Knots’. The book she came up with concern various aspects of the experiences she faced in her career life and reflects upon the issue of gender-disparity. The books has been elaborated on the contemporary issues that reflects the dynamicity of men and women

Personal life

Andrea began to date the former guitarist of the famous band ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers, ‘named Dave Navarro. Andrea soon got engaged with Dave who is the lead guitarist featuring in Jane’s Addiction.

Though Dave has been married before and is the ex-spouse of the famous personality Carmen Electra, the couple is doing quite well in the current relation.

However very little is known about the duos relation but from their relationship status it can be well understood that are quite comfortable with each other

Quick summary:

Full Name: Andreana Kostantina Tantaros

Date of Birth: 30th December, 1978

Birth Place: Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States

Age: 39 years

Profession: Political Analyst


Weight: 56 kg.

Net worth: 1.5 million.