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Andi Dorfman Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

TV stars are equally as important and famous as some of the movie stars we watch on big screens.

In today’s text we are going to talk about such a celebrity.

Andi Dorfman is a TV reality star who became known for her participation on the show Bachelorette.

We will talk about her net worth, her career and early days, so if you are interested to find out more, keep on reading.

Early Years

Andi Janette Dorfman was born on April 3rd 1987 in Atlanta in Georgia. Her parent’s names were Patti and Hy dorfman.

She has two more sisters. The family spent the biggest part of Andi’s childhood in Atlanta. She was a part of the Phi Mu sorority in Louisiana State University where she finished her studies in 2009.

She got her J.D. at the Wake Forest University school of Law in 2012 and was working as an Assistant for a District Attorney in Georgia.

She passed the bar exam in 2012 and wanted to work hard on putting the criminals behind bars.

Career Path

Andi became famous for her participation on the shows Bachelor and Bachelorette. She managed to reach the eight episode while on the Bachelor, during the time when Juan Pablo was the contestant on the show.

She actually left the competition on her own and wasn’t sent home by the bachelor.

In 2014, she was the Bachelorette looking for love on this very popular reality show. The season 10 of Bachelorette premiered with Andi as the main girl. She actually had a to take a leave from her demanding job as an attorney assistant to come to the show.

Andi was forced to resign from her job because she couldn’t take another leave. In the end, she chose Josh Murray and the couple looked pretty happy together.

The couple got engaged in 2015 but soon after, they announced their separation. The fans were devastated by this decision, but they simply didn’t find mutual ground while together.

In 2017 she appeared on another Bachelor as a surprise guest. The Bachelor was Nick Viall who was actually a second runner up during the time she was competing to find her love. He was the one who didn’t like her choice when she picked Murray.

What do a social media expert, a handsome single from a rural town, a professional baseball player, an opera singer and an attractive gentleman have in common? The answer is Andi Dorfman, the star of Bachelorette.

The bachelor format, with twenty seasons to its credit – its female version The bachelorette, adds 12 seasons-, will join the offer of the thematic label of the Media set Spain Divinity dating channel, after having become one of the biggest phenomena of American television.

Presented by Chris Harrison, the show features a beautiful and successful young woman from Atlanta (Georgia) who has it all: an adorable family, great friends and a dream job. Determined to find love, you will be immersed in a romantic experience in which 25 handsome and intelligent candidates will try to conquer it.

Traveling to exotic enclaves with some of your suitors and presenting them to your family are some initiatives that this district attorney assistant will carry out to get to know you better.

“Loyal, fighter and lover of her family”: this is how Andi Jeanette Dorfman, the charismatic star of Bachelorette, is defined. Considered Atlanta’s most coveted bachelor, this young woman with strong moral convictions has a broad academic background: after studying Communication at the Louisiana State University, she studied law at Wake Forest University, graduating as Juris Doctor in 2012.

Subsequently, she worked as an assistant in the District Attorney’s Office of the city of Fulton, work with which contributes to “maintain the safety of the community, putting criminals behind bars.” she debuted on television at The Bachelor, where he was a pretender to Juan Pablo Galavis, star of the 18th season of the dating show.

In the publishing field he has published the book it’s not okay: Turning heartbreak into happily never after, best-seller in which he recalls his best moments and experiences after his participation in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

In the first installment of the program, Andi Dorfman met her first suitors: Thasos, a young and romantic musician; Cody, a personal trainer with an exceptional physique; Brett, a hairdresser with an extraordinary sense of humor; Nick S., a professional golfer; and Josh, a handsome professional baseball player, among others. After being carried away by the first impressions, the protagonist will undertake the search for the great love of her life.

Her net worth is estimated at around 3$ million. Most of the money comes from her engagement in the Bachelorette but also from other engagements.

She is still working on her law career, and since she hasn’t been in the public spotlight for a while, so she is probably working on other things in her lives.

Andi earns around 600$ thousand per month, which is an amazing salary for such a young woman.

Personal life

One of the most successful romances of the 2015 comes to an end. Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray announced their definitive separation, after being engaged after being together in the program ‘The Bachelorette’.

“After several months of working on our commitment and our relationship, we decided that it is better to continue in separate ways,” Dorfman and Murray said in a joint statement. “We are very sad that this has happened, but it is the best for us as individuals,” they said.

Also, both said they would remain friends, and that they wish each other the best. This decision has puzzled the fans of the reality, since this Monday they were together in a public event, and they looked happy.

But according to E! Online, at that time there were already big problems between Ando Dorfman and Josh Murray, who treated in private, while ‘they put on a good show for the cameras’. Josh Murray would not have taken the separation well.

According to US Weekly, Murray posted on his Instagram account a picture of a kneeling person, and the phrase “Lord, help me have faith in your plan.” However, this photograph was removed shortly afterwards.

Likewise, Hollywood Life asserts that it was Andi’s jealousy and insecurity that brought the relationship to a critical point, and caused the rupture between the two. Andi Dorfman was the protagonist of the tenth season of ‘The Bachelorette’, in the final episode, of July 2014, Dorfman chose the former baseball player Josh Murray, with a hand request included.

Last Monday, January 5, both were seen together on the red carpet, on the occasion of the premiere of the new season of ‘The Bachelor’. That both have ended a few days after this event is disconcerting, and points out that the relationship had lost momentum after the end of their television participation.

This young and talented woman has proven to be a real gem, and her career both in show business and law are the real proves of that. What she has in store for us in the future, we will have to see that. She hasn’t announced anything new and we will have to wait and see if she has been working on something.

Andi is also active on her social media and she often shares photos with her fans. Many people follow her every step and want to see her succeed in the future. She has several thousand followers and subscribers.

All of them are eagerly waiting for her next project, and judging by the fact she is still young so there is plenty of time for her to succeed even more.

During 2015 she has been linked Sam Hunt, a famous country singer. She has also been linked to many other famous people but all of those news turned out to be false.

There aren’t any more information about her personal life. She seems to be single right now. Will she find her couple in the following years we will have to see that in the following period? Reality TV didn’t brought her luck and love so she will have to find her love in some other places. Since she is still young, there is plenty of time to do that.

Quick summary

Full name: Andi Janette Dorfman

Date of birth: April 3, 1987

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Age: 32

Profession: TV personality, Law Assistant

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 52 kg

Net Worth: 3$ million