Ana Barbara Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

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In today’s text we are going to talk about a famous Latin singer and performer Ana Barbara.

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Early Years

Altagracia Ugalde Mota was born on January 10th 1971 in El Pitayo, San Luis in Mexico.

There isn’t many information about her early years and childhood, but we do know she was always a vivacious kid full of energy, so everyone knew she was going to become a star one day.

From an early age she showed interest and taste for music, talent that could explode.

After being crowned as ‘Miss San Luis Potosí’ and representing her state in the contest ‘Miss Mexico’, she used this opportunity to make herself known in the musical world.

Career Path

In 1994 he launched his first music video called ‘Ana Bárbara’, with which the beautiful singer reached 100 thousand copies sold. This success caused groups such as Bronco, Los Tigres del Norte and Marco Antonio Solis to invite her to open their tour concerts.

In 1995 he presented ‘La Trampa’, her second album, from which the famous singer made a huge success. In 1996 he released ‘Ay amor’, a third album, but the real success came when she released her fourth production entitled ‘Los Besos No Se Dan En La Camisa’ from which one of the most famous songs of the singer emerges’ How do you make me lack ‘, authored by Marco Antonio Solís, with whom she held the main positions of popularity in radio in Mexico and the United States.

With the albums ‘Your Decision’ and ‘I give you the rain’, fifth and sixth musical production respectively, the ‘Queen Grupera’ continued to sow successes; However, with the album ‘Bandido’, in 2003, the grupera reached the peak of the success that she retained with her next album ‘Loca de Amor’ from which the single ‘Loca’ emerges.

It was in 2005, after the death of the actress and conductor, Mariana Levy that her widower, José María Fernández ‘El Pirru’ began a romantic relationship with the ‘Queen Grupera’ with whom she moved with her children Paula and José Emilio, children of his marriage with Levy.

Soon the Fernández-Ugalde family grew, because in 2006 the couple’s first child, José María, was born, who came to bless that home made up of the singer’s eldest son and the two sons of ‘El Pirru’ and Mariana Levy.

Along with the blessing of her second child, the grupera singer released her ninth production ‘No Es Brujeria’. After this album, Ana Bárbara took a break from her artistic career to devote her body and soul to her family.

2009 was crucial for the singer, since she resumed her career, but now she took a risk and on the album ‘Rompiendo Cadenas’, her latest production, mixed tropical rhythms and pop songs, this album also had the collaboration of her great friend Reyli, with whom he performed a duet.

In 2010 and to the surprise of many, the interpreter of ‘How do I need you’, announced her separation from José María Fernández, after four years of marriage.

After staying a while away from the searchlights, Ana Bárbara’s name rang loudly again in 2011, when she announced that she was waiting for her third child. In March 2012 and exclusively for ¡Hola !, Ana Barbara officially introduced her third son, Jerónimo de Jesús, and did it in the company of the biological father, the Chiapas singer, Reyli.

But Ana Bárbara does not stop and lately she presented her new single ‘Your ingratitude’ with which she officially returns to the stage. Ana Bárbara was born on January 10, nineteen seventy-one in Río Verde, San Luis Potosí. He started singing since childhood in different genres of children’s competitions.

His career in grouper music began after winning a singing contest for children in the city of San Luis Potosí. Years later, Ms. San Luis Potosí was crowned, and she represented to her state in the Miss Mexico contest what allowed her to become known in the artistic medium, with which she went to live in the City of Mexico at the end of the nineteen eighty , and also began months later a tour near multiple palenques of the country.

In 1993 she became the “Face of the Herald of Mexico” and the “Ambassador of the Ranchera Song”, which led her to sing for Pope John Paul II during her visit to Mexico that year.

In 1994 she signed a contract with the label Fonovisa and unveiled his first production called “Ana Bárbara”, which sold more than one 101 copies. The songs “Nothing” and “Everything I Learned From You” were absolute hits.

The Nordic ensembles such as Disonante, Los Tigres Del Norte, and Marco Antonio Solís began to invite her to appear in their dances. In 1995 she presented her second production, called “The Trap”; and in 1996 her third production: “Ay Amor”, with which she reaffirmed her success.

In 1998 she presented his fourth production: “The kisses do not occur on the shirt”, of which the easy “How You Miss Me” by the authorship of Marco Antonio Solisocupó the first site of popularity in pop radio stations , ballad, and Mexican music for more than four months in the USA and Mexico

In 1999 she presented her fifth production called “Your decision” and in two thousand one “I give you the rain” in the rancher genre. In two thousand three, his seventh production called “Bandit” presented the easy of the same name.

A year later, the album “Loca De Amar” and the easy “Loca” reaffirmed its popularity.

Ana Barbara had a net worth of around 25 million dollars. Most of her net worth comes from ger records and TV appearances, so this famous singer is definitely living her dream.

Personal Life

In 2006 she launched his ninth production called “It is not witchcraft” in the genre grupero. Then she retired provisionally from the artistic environment, returning in 2009 with a production “Rompiendo Cadenas”, which contains tropical rhythms and pop songs, which she promoted with the songs “What irony”, “Breaking chains” and with “Now I have”, a duet with Reyli.

At the beginning of the century, Ana Bárbara became emotionally involved with José Manuel Figueroa, son of Joan Sebastian.

Their first son Emiliano was born in 2001.

Later she met José María Fernández “El Pirru”, husband of actress Mariana Levy, with whom she had a secret relationship when he was still married to Mariana.

When she died, on the 29. of April of 2005, Fernández and Ana Bárbara formalized their relationship and began to live as well as Fernández’s children with Mariana Levy. The couple married in the city of Mexico on January 27 2006.

Barbara left her career as a vocalist between 2006 and 2009 to raise her 4 children (her own, the one she had from “El Pirru” and those she had with Levy).

In July two thousand and ten, after 4 years of marriage, he announced his separation and divorce from “El Pirru.” Between March and April, two thousand and eleven it was announced that the vocalist was admitted to an eating disorders clinic in Barna, Spain, due to malnutrition and restless anorexia that began to suffer as a result of the sensitive reactions he suffered from his divorce and his 2 car accidents.

In 2011 she became pregnant by artificial insemination. In December, 2011 she gave birth to a son.

In the month of March 2012, Barbara officially introduced her son in the company of his father, who turned out to be Mexican vocalist Reyli Barba.

Quick summary

Full name: Altagracia Ugalde Mota

Date of birth: January 10th 1971

Birthplace: San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Age: 48

Profession: Singer, Model, Actress

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: 25$