Amy Brown Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Even though artist belonged to some of the most famous people in the past, their popularity in the modern world has slightly decreased.

Their celebrity status definitely faded, and today, it is hard to name few famous artist from the modern era.

It seems like their work has fallen into the background, and the products they create can carry on the fame alone without dragging them into it.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about a young artist called Amy Brown. Although, her name might not be as poplar today, her contribution to the world of art cannot be denied.

We are going to talk about Amy herself, her career path and the road she took to reach the level of success she has managed to reach.

So, if you would like to teach more abbot this famous artist, here is a great opportunity.

Early Years

Amy Brown was born in 1972 in Washington. Amy Brown was born in 1972, in town, Washington. She started her career as associate degree creative person in Nineteen Nineties. She declared that she started painting faeries in 1992.

The thought of creating her hobby a career came once she was asked to color one thing by her boss in associate degree room wherever she worked. This piece was sold-out in 3 days.

Therefore she continuing in painting faeries whenever she had a chance.

Talented creative person Amy Brown is well-known for her fantasy and fairy motives. She runs a little home primarily based business, commercialism principally a prints and a miscellaneous goodies with the fantasy themes.

As of 2016, Amy Brown has calculable web value of roughly three hundred thousand greenbacks.

For few years, Amy was commercialism her originals and also the prints in native outlets and within the streets. Then she went on-line. Brown sells her fantasy art on her official web site and conjointly on Etsy and several other on-line outlets. Beside a prints, you’ll be able to obtain a coloring books, T-shirts, calendars etc.

Many people use her work as a templet for a tattoo. There’s even a gallery of the tattoos on Amy’s web site. She has quite 900 thousand fans on her Facebook page.

So far, Amy has printed 2 books of her design titled The Art of Amy Brown and also the Art of Amy Brown II.

Career Path

Amy Brown (born 1972, in town, Washington) may be a common fantasy and fairy creative person. Her career began within the Nineteen Nineties, and these days her watercolor styles seem on t-shirts, calendars, and buttons; and folks are victimization her pictures for tattoos. 2 books of her design are printed, The Art of Amy Brown and also the Art of Amy Brown II.

Amy’s eye for drawing and magical motives came from her love to Brian Froud and also Alan Lee. She was inspired by her work and wanted to create something beautiful that people are going to enjoy.

She was also very inspired by the various movies and shows that came out afterwards, and all of that was enough for her to draw desire and inspiration for her new projects.

She started her career in fairy drawing in 1992. She began by working at a gallery that was called the Festival of Art. It was there that Amy learned more about colors, techniques and other important things about art itself. Another great thing abbot her experience there was that she was surrounded by various sources of art, and all of that was very inspiring.

This was also the place where Amy shoed of her first pieces and also the place where she sold her first piece of work. Amy was actually asked by her director to paint something on one of the frames that was empty, and this was Amy’s first chance to shine.

He instantly noticed a hidden talent in this young artist and praised her for it. This gave Amy motivation to purse her career in drawing further and work more on herself. She began by displaying her art in local shops and bars, and later on she moves to a bigger occasion.

To further push her career and herself, Amy started her own website in 1997. The website was an absolute hit and Amy started receiving requests for her work almost immediately. She was ecstatic and couldn’t believe her luck.

She later re-designed her web page so it looks better and more appealing to others. Amy began selling her work, but she was mostly happy that she was able to make other people happy with her art work. Amy then began working really hard and balancing her drawing and her business side of work.

However, she managed to do this just fine and achieve success on both fields. Her career went on upwards after all of this and in 2001, Hot Topic stores saw Amy’s work and wanted to have her in their team. She began writing articles for Hot Topics.

Amy started selling more and more of her products online as well and it even got to the point when Amy Brown Faery items got created. Even the younger generation of people were going crazy about the items and she couldn’t be happier.

In 2003, Amy came out with her first book and the book was sold in thousands of copies all over the world her success is solely based on her amazing talent and skills, and we are hoping that Amy will continue to move forward in the future.

She has been dormant for the past couple of years, but on her web page we can still see that she is active and working on her drawings. Even though Amy Brown was much more popular in the past, her estimated net worth is around 5$ million. Most of the money comes from her book deals and from selling her art pieces.

Her art is something that we might not even know it is made by her, because we can see it everywhere we look. Her art pieces can be found on calendars, T-shirts and almost any item you can imagine. A big majority of her drawings are also used as examples for tattoos that people often get. Her designs can also be found in many other books as illustrations and drawings.

Personal life

The Art of Amy Brown book has some beautiful fairy drawings and her collection is definitely an eye catcher. The book was published by the company Chimera Publishing and it has total of 157 art pieces.

Amy took her time to create a commentary for the each drawing to make the book feel more personal.

The book was published in paperback, hardcover and leather format in total of 750 copies. Both Charles de Lint and Amy Brown signed the books.

There isn’t much information about Amy’s personal life and her family. Most of the information we have is about her art and talent, but her personal life seems to be closed for the public.

Having a home business is a big advantage for Amy because she is not tied to anyone and she can create freely without any pressure. Her designs are all her own vision and they are completely her own expression and style.

Amy has lived in Washington all her life, and as far as we know she is still located there. There aren’t any new news about her in the press and she has been absent for a while. When it comes to social media platforms, she is active on Facebook and Twitter the most.

She also has her own webpage where she shares her designs with the world and also sells them to potential buyers.

On Instagram she has around 20 thousand followers and we can also see different ways that she uses her designs.

They are printed on various objects such as lockets, jewelry and other household items and miscellaneous.

Amy is a proof that even artists can be celebrities and have their own star on the celebrity sky. They might not be as sought after as actors and singers, but their contribution is just the same if not even greater.

Art gives us peace and motivates our imagination, so we should always go back to it and enjoy art as much as we can.

Quick summary

Full name: Amy Brown

Date of birth: 1972

Birthplace: Bellingham, Washington

Age: 47

Profession: Artist

Height: 1.56 m

Weight: 49 kg

Net Worth: 5$ million