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Amber Najm Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Amber Najm is a popular American celebrity who is more known for her marriage to a popular rapper named T-Pain, often referred to as Teddy Najm. Many people think that she is famous only because of this marriage and she stated many times that this hurts her, but she understands that the media always has something to say.

Their marriage is often mentioned through median and T-Pain refers to his wife as his rock. He is not only his wife and the mother of their three children, but she is also involved in all of his career decisions and important issues about it.

Early years

The wife of this famous rapper was born on April 13, 1981, a part of Florida called Melbourne. She was born as Amber Wyatt. She said that Florida is a very wild place to grow up at and that she had to be very careful about who she was hanging out with.

She had a very happy childhood surrounded by the family who loves her very much. She was especially close to her father who worked in the US Air Force. They were close especially because she didn’t see him as often as she wanted and missed him a lot while he traveled for work.

Amber Wyatt was a student at Satellite High School and was always very good at school. She liked to expand her knowledge which eventually got her to enrolling a college. She was very happy to be one of the best students in high school.

After serious thinking, she decided to enroll the Florida A&M University and excelled during her time there. She never had any problems while being a student and eventually she gained herself a respectable award in the form of the degree in business.

She said that it hurts her a lot when people think that she hasn’t done anything in life just because she is the wife of a famous person. When they hear that she has a college degree in business, many are confused and stunned.

Career development

Amber always wanted to follow her father’s footsteps and join the United States Air Force and she started training seriously when she was a young teenager. She was dedicated to what she was doing and is an example of sheer will.

It is known that she passed the US Air Force basic training when she was 20 years old but it is not known for how long she was involved in working for the UD Air Force. Her parents were very scared when she first got into this, but they were proud of her intentions.

Personal life

The relationship between Amber and Faheem Rasheed Najm (which is T-Pain’s real name) started very early when they were both very young. This caused a lot of controversy at the time when the media found this out because their age gap was pretty significant because they were young.

Amber was 22 years old when she got married to T-Pain. She said that it was love at first sight and that she was very happy when he asked her out the first time.

Interestingly, he was only 18 years old at the time they were married. That means that Amber was with T-Pain before he became a star and a hitmaker. Many people like to judge her because of this and they say that she is a gold digger, but she was with him way before any of that happened.

He became widely popular in 2008 after one of his songs became a huge hit and he even received a Grammy for it. The song was titled “Good Life” and it brought him recognition in the world of hip-hop.

In 2010 he had received another Grammy award for his song called “Blame it ” which was released in 2010.

Amber influenced a lot all of T-Pain’s career decisions so we may say that she made a lot of decisions by herself too since she had such an influence on her husband. She said that it was often stressful to be the one that makes decisions for them, but someone had to do it so she decided that she would help him.

Amber can be found all over social media but she changes her Instagram name very often. She doesn’t want anyone to mess with her private life, but sadly there is no way to get out of the eye of the public.

At the beginning of her husband’s career she named herself Painz Girl, today she more often uses another name: Teddy Girl. It’s a cute nickname that her husband approves as well.

Her husband T-Pain founded his own record label company called „Nappy Boy Entertainment” in 2003 and she is involved in its work too. She often refers to herself as the First Lady of the record label and she advertises this label a lot through her social media accounts.

Amber often posts foto of herself or her husband and two of them together but she also shows how their home looks too. She uploads photos of her children.

Amber and T-Pain have three kids together. They have a daughter named Lyriq and two boys named Muziq and Kaydnz. Amber wanted to give her boys extravagant names and she is known as a very protective mother.

This African-American beauty is very proud of her husband but isn’t that much involved in sharing the information about their personal life. However, T-pain is quite the opposite of her and he shares a lot of things.

For example, he was interviewed by TMZ once and when asked did he have a threesome ever, he shared the information that he had one with his wife Amber and a stripper. He said that this happens often and that they both like it very much.

Not many people can verify his story and his wife Amber never denied or confirmed it but he claims that this is a great thing in his marriage. She would just like to get away from the public eye sometimes.

He even explained that once happened that the girl fell in love with T-Pain and Amber had to explain to her that this is only a business arrangement and that she can not try to steal her husband.

T-Pain even stated that the stripper was from Costa Rica and shared some more intimate details about the affair.

While posting on Instagram under the name panpan2211 Amber uploaded a photograph of a piece of paper which is important to her and T-Pain, She posted a photo of a paper she gave to T-Pain when he asked for her number the first time they met.

The paper has her name and phone number on it but also has a room number where she stayed in. This means she was very serious about their relationship from the very beginning.

Amber is especially known for her love for tattoos and she managed to make a lot of them. Amber says that every tattoo has its meaning to her.

That is why she has the tattoo of a woman on her arm near the shoulders and a trunk of an elephant on her left leg.

She is very proud of her husband and is very happy because to him family comes first. He often says how he is proud of himself to be able to provide a good life for his loving wife and three children.

Her husband’s stage name T-pain stands for Tallahassee Pain because he was raised and grew up in that town. He had a very challenging childhood and youth so the word “pain” is not used as a joke.

He was raised in a Muslim family but is not very interested in religion so his family is not very religious. Amber is also not very religious.

The latest project in which her famous husband was involved was being a contestant on the first season of Fox reality TV competition which he won in 2019. The show is named “The Masked Singer” and he has won the show as the best singer, hidden under the mask of a Monster.

Amber was very proud of this win which showed that her husband is not only a good rapper but also an awesome singer. She posted a lot of his photos on her social media accounts.

She was under a lot of stress in 2009, when her loving husband T-Pain was involved in an accident at golf. He had suffered a lot of cuts and bruises and even lost a few of his teeth. He managed to fix everything to be as good as new.

She was very sad when her husband cut off his dreadlocks because she liked them very much and thought they were an iconic statement. He wanted to take a chance and he chose to cut off the dreadlocks.

Amber also had dreadlocks and had a part of them dyed in blonde but today has simple brown curls.

Her husband’s family has gone through a sad event in 2016 when his niece Javona Glover, was stabbed in a local store in the city he grew up in, in Tallahassee in Florida. She helped him overcome his loss and the death of such a young girl.

She is sometimes annoyed by the fact that he loves playing video games and that he even streams when his playing.

It’s not only her that loves tattoos – but her husband also has a lot of them.

She has her Instagram called panpan2211 and has over 14k followers on her account.

Quick summary

Full name: Amber Wyatt

Date of birth: April 13, 1981

Birthplace: Florida, United States

Age: 38

Profession: wife of a celebrity

Height: 170 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $10 million