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Early 2000 brought to us shows like “The Voice” and many versions of “Talent”, and these shows brought to us many talented people who came from various backgrounds, some of them were there just for fun and to appear on TV, but others had a true talent.

Some of them managed to monetise their success, while others were forgotten the minute they stepped away from the stage. There are many different stories, and you never know what kind of road someone had.

But still, there is a YouTube where you can look at many of these funny and captivating performances.

Alice Fredenham is a UK based singer who comes to popularity after she has been working in the beauty industry.

She rises to fame after she went and audition on Britain’s Got Talent with the song entitled My Funny Valentine and captivated the judges, especially Simon Cowell who is known to be the toughest of all judges and the one that never shy from giving negative comments to contestants.

On YouTube, video of Alice Fredenham audition went viral and gained over 38 million views on YouTube.

Of course, where there is a great success, there can be a lot of controversies – some people said that she faked her performance and that she acted too much to gain sympathy from the audience. Those who claimed this said that she performed on “The Voice” where her performance was really confident and that she did not show any discomfort.

Early Years

Alice Fredenham was born in Harpenden, in the United Kingdom and her upbringing was a typically British, this was a loving family.

She was always very creative and artistic, and she knew this when she went to St Albans Girls School.

Alice did not take long before she knew that she needs to put somewhere her creativity and love for music; the next best thing was – school choir.

Before Alice rise to fame, she used to work as a beauty therapist, and because she had to sing somewhere somehow, she sang on celebrations, like weddings.

In this way, Alice made some money, and above all, she practised her voice – the thing that set Alice apart from other wedding performers was her reclusiveness on stage and her choice of music, she loved old evergreen music.

Unfortunately, or maybe luckily, depends on which side you look at things, Alice quit school and continued to pursue her career as a singer.

This was probably a good choice, since she stated once, that school was pulling her on the other side of where she wanted to be.

Career Development

It seems like this was a good choice now, but where she started, she auditioned for “The Voice” – Alice did not pass auditions. She felt like a failure and decided to move on as soon as possible.

The refusal from The Voice was a huge blow on her confidence – Alice said once that she cried so much because of this event. But she was getting ready for something else that came really soon.

This was “Britain” s Got Talent”; her boyfriend talked her into joining this TV show; he was so convinced that this was her chance. And the time showed that he was right.

This audition came in 2013, where Alice performed with the old evergreen song “My Funny Valentine” – she blows away all judges that sat in their chairs – Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Walliams.

The harshest judge Cowell said that her performance was terrific and that he is impressed by her singing.

He rarely speaks of anyone in such a way, and this means that this lady truly has a talent and that she can make something special from her career.

As we have said, the video of her performance went viral, and it has over 38 million views on YouTube.

She has said prior to her performance that this was her last chance to succeed.

She was something different at that moment, and people truly liked her performance that was really simple and was based solely on her incredible voice.

Her story does not stop here, but she did not pass the semi-final, but she gained an amazing and vast fan base, all thanks to her social media account.

It is said that she did not pass her semi-final performance, because she was too nervous and she messed up the song she was singing “Cry me a River”.

As expected, Alice cried and run to backstage, but this terrible event was not the only bad thing that happened in that period – she did not sign a contract with Sony.

The company withdrew the offer for releasing her first album. But here social networks come to the surface and their importance for all people who want to make something out of their careers.

Alice told her fans that this was the time where she has a lot of soul searching and that she will go online and ask them (her fans) to help her.

Alice raised about 40 thousand pounds and succeeded in funding her debut album. She did this by using online fund raiser website – Alice had major support from her fan base, all of them stuck with her during her struggle to succeed.

She said that maybe this was the best possible way for her – it was a good thing that she needs to go from zero, and she made a really creative album.

Her first album was a collection of classic tracks that she uniquely performed, and it was titled “Under the Covers” – there were singles such as “Wishing on a Star”, “Bluebird” and “Coconut Grove”.  All of these are songs we all know and love, but Alice gave them an interesting twist and made them new once again.

This happened in 2017, and the album was released for Cherry Red Records and on it, she worked with the renowned musician Theo Travis, a famous British flautist and a saxophone player.

Personal Life

Alice adores her native UK, and she lives in Harpenden, a town in Hertfordshire  -this was the place where Alice grew up, and where she feels most comfortable to be.

In some interviews, Alice said that she has a problem with confidence because she had some turbulent affairs in life, she dated boyfriends who were nice to her, and she loses trust in herself.

As far as her love life goes at the moment, it is known that she is dating Joe Lenzie, a music producer, as she stated her biggest love and support.

It is also a known the fact that precisely Joe helped Alice with her stress and discomfort on stage; they even worked together on some projects with considerable success.

It is a funny situation that Alice still lives with her partners, in a house that is worth 1 million dollars.

Alice never had any education as far as music goes, and she never had any singing lessons, it is all about pure talent, but the same time this was the cause for all of her self-confidence issues.


Alice Fredenham made the most of her money from singing business, her brand endorsements, business deals, etc.

Alice is active in many music deals, projects as well as concerts and has always endeavored to relish her fans.

Her road to success maybe is not been easy, and it was certainly not a conventional one, but she a living proof that true talent can find its place among people.

She did not give up – she said that this was the best way for her and that her dream is not to be a major star but to have success in whatever extent.

In Alice’s case, we could see one interesting tactic – she has Talent, she did not get the deal she wanted, but she had fans that support her, and she made it.

And above all, what does her success saying to her and all of us? It says that if you have a talent and a lot of people hear you, and you will have a certain fan base. She did just that, and in the end, they were those who helped her raise money for her first album.

Quick Summary

Full name: Alice Fredenham

Date of birth: 1985

Birthplace:  Harpenden, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Age: 34

Profession: Singer

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Net Worth:  250 000 dollars