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Alejandra Espinoza Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Alejandra Espinoza is a beautiful Mexican-American model, beauty queen and a TV host who came to fame through her work in a lot of Mexican shows and on singing competitions.

She became famous in her hometown, but thankfully she soon gained the worldwide fame she was dreaming of.

She has shown how hard work and persistence can make all dreams come true.

Her parents have taught her to always follow her dreams and she kept going even when it seemed like she couldn’t be successful.

Early years

She was born as Alejandra Espinoza Cruz on March 27, 1987, in the largest city in Baja California State called Tijuana, located in Mexico.

She said that growing up in Mexico was tough and that she had very little chances when compared to people in America, but she was determined to succeed in life.

Tijuana is a very large Mexican located in Mexico state. She was born by her loving mother Rosa Maria and has spent all her childhood alongside her nine siblings.

It was very tough to get attention in their home since their parents worked very hard to provide for them, and they often had to act both as siblings and parents to each other.

There were a lot of children in the family and they lived together in a small home but they were always positive and grateful for their parents who tried to give them a normal childhood.

The siblings were very closely connected and stayed that way as grown-ups. They still visit each other quite often, but they all have their separate careers.

The family emigrated from Mexico to America in 2001, because they were hoping that they will prosper more in the States and her parents believed that the children will receive a proper education.

Alejandra found work at the fast-food dinner but she was always aware of her beauty so she often participated in various beauty pageants, hoping that she will get noticed and that it will help her build a career.

In 2007 she has participated in the Nuestra Belleza Mexico competition which was held in the city of Tampa in Mexico. She said that she always liked to nurture her culture, no matter where she was and what she was doing.

Alejandra Espinoza was the 3rd Runner-up on this beauty pageant competition and was extremely pleased by this situation.

It was all very emotional for her and she claimed that everything she did was always in order to promote herself and get a better career.

After this success, she joined the contest named Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2007 where she was one of the 12 finalists who fought for the crown.

It was a bit stressful as well, but she soon realized that this is all just a part of her journey.

She entered the Top 6 finalists but did not win it, unfortunately. It was a good lesson for her not to take these things personally.

However, this great news resulted in an offer from Univision Network which offered her to start working on their show as a co-host.

The producers liked her positive attitude, voice and her beauty so they decided to give her an opportunity as a host.

The name of the show was “El Gordo Y la Flaca” which is “The Fat Man and the Skinny Woman” when translated in English.

The show was created by Emilio Estefan and is made as a combination of different celebrity interviews and news from the world of entertainment.

Alejandra didn’t only co-host this show – she was also their correspondent and she was very good at it.

She soon garnered a huge fanbase who follow her on her social media and often compliment her on her work and looks.

Many people say that they follow her for her career, but most of the comments she gets on there are related to her outfits and her makeup.

In 2008 she became a part of a project called “Sabado Gigante”. This TV program was broadcasted in the United States but it was made by Spanish International Network and was completely made in the Spanish language. It was made especially for the Latin audience.

The show originally started airing in 1962 but the most important period of the show was from 1986 until 2015 when it was canceled. It was highly viewed in that period and she was a big part of that success.

She was a co-host to Mario Luis Krent Zberger Blumenfeld, more known as Don Francisco, a known Chilean host who worked on TV for decades. She said that this was very interesting and she was very thankful for the opportunity to get such publicity.

She appeared on the show in a period of 6 years and she co-hosted over 300 weekly shows. It was very emotional for her once the whole project was over because she grew with the show.

In 2014 she decided to relocate to Los Angeles, in order to pursue her career in the entertainment business. She said that LA is the right place to be if you’re looking for a good manager or someone that may actually have a bit more time for you.

It was the same year that she appeared on the Nuestra Belleza Latina competition in its eight-season. She starred in it alongside Chinquinquira Delgado and Pedro Moreno.

In 2015 she joined the show named La Banda, a reality show she hosted and which was aired on Univision again. It was a new experience, but she was open to those because she knew that they would look good on her resume.

Throughout her career as a host, she worked as a fashion model and her management agency is named MC2 Model Management. It was a long time after her last model shooting, but she was ready to try this out again.

Alejandra is of the Roman Catholic religion. She said that it’s her parents that taught her to be a believer. It was something that grew with her as she moved around the world.

She has become the brand ambassador of a very famous cosmetics company named Revlon. This gave her quite a lot of publicity and she was soon very popular on all of her social media.

Alejandra appeared in movies “Dos Caminos” in 2017 and “The Unclosed Door” from 2018. These were not such a success, but she tried anyway. She realized that she may actually be much better in hosting and modeling.

Alejandra loves to work with other people and likes to gain new friends. She is very pleased with the ability to learn from more experienced colleagues.

Personal life

She has dated her boyfriend Anibal Marreno until their wedding which took place in September 2010.

It was a very emotional event for her and one of the most beautiful moments she had experienced, she says.

They first met in 2006 and felt like they were destined for each other. Anibal was a judge at the Dance Contest and has proposed Alejandra twice before she accepted.

She said that she doesn’t want t share too much information on this because it’s their little secret.

Aribal is ten years older than her but none of them mind it. Many people have talked bad things about this on social media, but she has ignored them all.

Alejandra gave birth to their son Aiden in March 2015. This event has left a huge mark on her life.

It was the first pregnancy she was able to endure after three miscarriages which caused a period of depression in her life.

She said that this was one of the biggest faith tests in her life since she felt as if she was lost and abandoned by everyone.

Quick summary

Full name: Alejandra Espinoza Cruz

Date of birth: March 27, 1987

Birthplace:  Tijuana, Mexico

Age: 33

Profession: singer, actress, host

Height: 1,53

Weight: 55 kg

Net Worth: $1 million