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Alaina Mathers Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

The popular singer Eminem would hardly have been expected to be so loyal to his children. For a girl named Amanda or better known as Alaina Marie Mathers, the rapper holds a special place in her heart.

Alaina’s name is often associated with Eminem. Alaina is Eminem’s adopted child. Biologically, she is the child of Kim’s twin sister, and Eminem adopted her and has provided her a better life. We are going to talk about her personal life, background and see what this girl is doing these days.

Early life

Amanda Marie Scott was born on May 3rd 1993. Eminem’s adopted daughter, the extremely popular American rapper, is Alaina Marie Mathers. She was related to him even before Eminem adopted her as she happens to be Dawn Scott’s child, Kim Scott’s twin sister, Eminem’s ex-wife.

The early life of Eminem’s adopted daughter was full of struggles. Straight from the family’s childhood poverty, the mother became a drug addict and an alcoholic. This has greatly affected the development of the childhood.

The lovely Alaina, however, is a very career-driven lady. During elementary school, the girl went to Cherokee and studied during Michigan’s Seneca middle school. Eminem’s adopted girl is applying for a degree in public relations at the University of Oakland, according to the reports in the daily mail.

Dawn Scott began taking medication to deal with anxiety and homelessness, when Alaina was only a few years old. She was unsuccessful in getting her out of addiction, despite Eminem’s best effort, and therefore he took Alaina under his protection to provide her with a better education.

Now she is known to the world as one of the famous rapper’s three daughters. Throughout her youth, Alaina has kept a low profile.

One of Dawn’s boyfriend said that Dawn was going to consume anything and everything that could make her high. Eminem tried his best to keep Alaina away from her mother’s influence, but from time to time there were meetings between Alaina and Dawn.

Alaina spent her childhood in relationship with Hailie, Kim’s daughter with Eminem, and Whitney, Kim’s daughter. Alaina, Whitney and Hailie were great with each other and got along pretty well and Eminem did not leave any stone unturned to make sure they all feel like a true family.

After he caught Kim cheating on him in 2001, Eminem and Kim split the road, and all he had with him were his children.

Eminem has many popular songs, including’ Mockingbird,” Crazy for Love’ and’ Going through Changes,’ he also listed them. As much as he loves his biological daughter, Hailie, Eminem loves Alaina and Whitney too. Once he legally adopted her, he also formally changed the name of Alaina to keep her away from the events of her past life.

As a result of overdose of heroin, Dawn Scott passed away. In January 2016, she was found lying dead in her flat, which turned out to be a major blow to the family of Eminem.

The uncertainty inherent in the personal relationships of Eminem is expressed from time to time in his songs. He and his sisters and his half-brother actually live in a mansion.

Career path

Eminem is the stage name of Marshall Bruce Mathers, born in Kansas City on October 17, 1973. Eminem’s name comes from the union of both initials, M&M, pronounced in English. His childhood was not easy.

He grew up in the absence of the father, who left home when he was six months old, and whom he refused to meet once the celebrity was reached. The young Marshall grew much attached to his grandmother, Betty Kresin (today, a habitual commentator on the behavior of his grandson in the American heart press).

The relationship with his mother has been a constant source of conflict: he accuses her of being a liar and drug addict, and blames her constant changes on her inability to find a stable job. For his part, Briggs told the BBC that he “spoiled” his son, who did not leave home until he was twenty-five.

Eminem, who has a brother fifteen years younger, Nathan, had his intimate childhood friend in his uncle Ronnie, of his same age (his grandmother had him the same year his mother had him). In the early 1990s, Ronnie, of depressive tendencies, committed suicide.

This episode caused the final breakdown of Marshall’s relations with his mother, when she blamed him for suicide.

At fourteen years of age, Marshall began dating Kimberley Anne Scott (who was only twelve then), another central character in Eminem’s world. Their relationship has always been stormy, plagued with equally appalling fights and reconciliations: they were married in June 1999;

Eminem filed for divorce in August 2000; they reconciled at the end of the same year, and Kim filed for divorce in March 2001. In 1996 they had the girl Hailie Jade Mathers, Eminem’s main object of worship, for whose custody she has waged bitter legal battles with Kim.

All these familiar details that, in any other artist, would serve to liven up his biography or to make a psychological analysis of his work, have a particular meaning in the case of Eminem: these details “are” his work. In each album, in each letter, he crumbles his own experiences, from his childhood until the moment he steps on the recording studio.

Many of his songs deal, for example, with the experience of being a father, although in others he fantasizes about killing his mother or Kim (in 97 Bonnie and Clyde mixes the voice of his daughter Hailie with verses in which he talks about killing the mother of this one). However, he has insisted that many of his lyrics are humorous and should not be understood literally.

Marshall began rapping during his school years, encouraged by his inseparable Ronnie. At fourteen he dropped out of school and made his first steps with local bands such as Basement Productions, The New Jacks or D12. He released his name of war, Eminem, on the Infinite album, published in 1996 by an independent label.

His debut received poor criticism, crossed out as a mere attempt to emulate fashion names in the hip hop scene of the moment in Detroit, such as Nas or AZ. However, he was not intimidated and won the first prize of the annual hip hop festival Wake Up Show, and finished second in the Los Angeles Rap Olympics, a feat for a target.

In his next album, The slim shady EP (1997), he developed his personal style, and in his lyrics he launched furious attacks against the record industry and the detractors of Infinite. The song Just don’t give a fuck became a success on alternative radios, and Eminem participated as a guest on the success Five Star Generals, by MC Shabaam Sahdeq, and on records by Kid Rock and Missy Elliott.

In The slim shady LP (1999), his first album published in a large company (Aftermath / Interscope), he collaborated for the first time with star producer Dr. Dre.

It was also his first great sales success, accompanied by the scandal of the complaint filed by his mother, who accused him of causing emotional disturbances and damage to his reputation for the offensive comments he gave to the press.

Deborah came to publish a CD-single called Set the record straight (‘Make things clear’), and the case ended up being settled out of court, when Eminem paid him $ 25,000.

His next album, The Marshall Mathers LP, debuted at number one US sales in May 2000. But his personal life gave much more to talk about: at the end of that year, he hit a man’s butt with a gun butt. That, apparently, was spreading with Kim.

He was sentenced to two years on probation, strict control of drug use and the continued assistance of a psychologist.

The Eminem show (2002) debuted at number 1 sales in the United States and Europe, released by the controversial video clip of without me, in which he appeared disguised as Osama bin Laden.

The soundtrack to the blockbuster movie Eight Miles, directed by Curtis Hanson (director of L. A. Confidential and Young Prodigious), was another success, and even won an Oscar for best song.

Eight miles tells the story of a young white man who comes forward as a rap singer, and is in many ways an autobiography of Eminem: “8 Mile” is the name of the street that separates the rich suburbs from the poor in Detroit, and that is where He lived. Naturally, the mother, tyrannical and unstable, also played in the film, played by Kim Basinger.

Personal life

Even though through his songs Eminem has shed sufficient light on his personal life, he usually refrains from talking about it in public. It seems that Alaina has inherited this quality from him because there is hardly any information about her personal life, including her romantic relationships.

She has not built any social media account to remain further away from the limelight. A report surfaced in 2016, however, saying that Alaina was studying public relations at Oakland University. This proves she has no interest in doing a show business career.

At Oakland University, Alaina is still studying public relations. Not to mention the fact that the sister of Eminem does not do any job. In fact, Alaina’s net worth is none at the moment, as she is relying on Eminem for all her expenses.

Marshall Mathers III (this is his real name, transformed into Eminem, that is “M and M”), the rapper criticized by many for his texts sometimes revealing violence against gays and sometimes homophobes, he was born on 17 October 1972, and grew up in a violent neighborhood in Detroit completely inhabited by blacks.

Is childhood and adolescence were very harsh, marked by the chronic absence of family presences, episodes of marginalization and human and cultural degradation.

He himself has repeatedly stated that he never saw his father even in photos (apparently, he moved to California when he was very small, making himself alive only after his son’s great success), that he grew up in total poverty and that her mother was forced to be a prostitute to survive.

Given these premises, the rapper’s biography is studded with an endless sequence of difficult moments. It starts very early in the list of misfortunes that hit Eminem. Leaving aside the misfortunes that happened in childhood, a serious episode caught him at fifteen, when he was hospitalized for cerebral hemorrhage, remaining in a coma for ten days.

The cause? A beating (“Yes, I often found myself involved in brawls and arguments,” he said). Coming out of the coma and getting lost, only a year later the head of a local gang tries to shoot him (but fortunately the bullet misses him).

“In the place where I grew up everyone tries to put you to the test, and it happens that someone comes to break your balls while you are walking on your own going to friends’,” said Eminem.

The mother raised him completely by herself, as far as “grown up” or “educated” can have a very relative value. In addition to prostitution, her mother, Debbie Mathers-Briggs, used drugs massively. Add to this the young age of the girl, who at the time of delivery was only seventeen.

The relationship between the two has never been idyllic, and on several occasions the singer has accused his mother of being irresponsible and of having used drugs while having a small child in his lyrics. In response, the reaction was not one of dialogue and mutual understanding, or of rapprochement, but only of denunciation for defamation.

Since there is no information about this young lady, we are going to end the article here. Hopefully this was informative and you were able to find out more about this famous girl.

At least, you were able to freshen up your knowledge about the famous rapper Eminem and his career.

Quick summary

Full name: Alaina Marie Mathers

Date of birth: May 3rd 1993

Birthplace: Unknown

Age: 27

Profession: Unknown

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 60 kg

Net Worth: Unknown