9ice Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

African music artist are becoming increasingly popular in all parts of the world, and African music is definitely bringing something special into the world’s music scene.

Fast rhythms and dance songs are waking up the people around the globe, and everyone seems to love it.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about a popular artist from Africa called 9ice. This African artist has been around for a while now and his songs have crossed the boundaries of African continent.

We are going to talk about his net worth, his personal life and his career path.

So, if you would like to learn more about him, this is the perfect opportunity.

Early years

Abolore Adegbola Akande was born on January 17th 1980 in Nigeria. As a child in Nigeria, 9ice grew up loving music and everything that has to do with music.

He went to the Abule Okuta Primary School. After finishing his school, he went to the CMS Grammar School and finished his education there.

After finishing his primary school education, he wanted to go on and study law at the Lagos State University.

Because he didn’t have enough money to continue his studies, he had to give up his courses and give up on the idea of becoming a lawyer. His father had several wives and he grew up in a polygamous family.

His family counted nine children and he was the tenth child. Surrounded by so many brothers and sisters made him love large families and he definitely dreamed of having a big family one day.

Another interesting thing about him is that his parents didn’t even know he started a singing career, and found out about this a whole year after he started performing.

As a young boy and teenager, he enjoyed writing songs and singing. This made him feel not so alone in the world, and was his creative outlet against all problems he faced.

One of his biggest role models was Pasuma Wonder and he dreamed of becoming as famous as Pasuma one day. The biggest inspiration for 9ice is his life and surroundings.

He began his career with a production company called Fuji music.

Other role models in music for him were King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey and others. There isn’t more info about his early life, so we are going to continue on to his career beginnings and to the more recent years in his life.

Career path

9ice’s career started in a group called Mysterious Boys and h recorded his first demo song with them.

He wanted to try out his talent in a group before he continues his career as a solo performer. The group is actually still active and it is now called Abinini.

After recording his first song under the name Risi de Alagbaja, he recorded his first song under the name Little money 4 years later in 2000.

Even though he had big dreams going into the musical career, he gained popularity 5 years later in 2005. This is when his career really exploded and he was recognizable on the Nigerian music market.

His biggest hit then was Little money, and after this song he recorded a featuring with various artists from Nigeria, which only secured him a fan base both from these artists and from the ones who followed only him.

Sometime later, he came out with his second song called Ganja Man. The producer called ID Cabasa took him under his wing and produced a song for him in 2006. The biggest hit with the audience was the fast rhythm and catchy songs. Other albums he released were released under Alapomeji Records.

The name of his first album was called Certificate and the most popular songs on the album were Music Daddy, Ganja Men and Little Money. Other songs did well too, but these ones stood out the most.

9ice has released a total of nine albums so far, and all of them have been very successful. There are few hits on almost every album, which is enough recognition for this famous artist.

His music style was described as fast, catchy and fun. He often uses the Yoruba language in his songs and also mixes Yoruba with English.

This is the reason his songs were listened to all around the world and people easily recognized them everywhere.

Besides being into music, 9ice appears frequently on TV and live shows. He was a part of the Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Tribute and also on the London Troxy two years from 2008 to 2010.

In 2014, he told the press that he is planning on running for political office as a representative’s member for the Ogbomoso North Constituency for the National Assembly.

He ended up losing at the primaries. In 2015 he became a special advisor of the former governor of Oyo State.

9ic has an estimated net worth of around 1.7$ million. He often shares his wealth with his followers on social media and likes to flaunt what he has bought for himself. Nobody can blame him since he truly made from the bottom of the top.

Most of the money comes from his music but some of it comes from concerts, performances and appearances on TV.

Since he is still young, we can expect him to come up with something new in the future and maybe surprise s with a new album.

Personal life

9ice grew up in Oyo state and spent his childhood there together with nine brother’s n sisters. His family is polygamous and he has a Muslim father who made the decision to practice having several women. He had a total of five wives.

Interesting thing about 9ice is that his family had no idea that he was a singer for an entire year. They found out about it and were completely shocked by his talent.

After his Gongo Aso success, he got married to Toni Payne. She is also a celebrity in Nigeria, a media personality and entrepreneur.

The couple welcomed their first child soon after, but they got divorces soon after because of rumors about Toni cheating on 9ice with his best friend.

The Ruggedman, who was 9ice’s friend, denied all the rumors and said he has nothing to do with the allegations. 9ice didn’t remain single for too long. He got into two other relationships with Victoria Godis and Olasunkanmi Ajala.

He has two girls with Victoria and one daughter with Michelle. His current marriage is with Adetola Anifalaje and the couple recently welcomed a girl called Milani Francoise.

Considering his career success and how many children he has, 9ice is a very rich man who has everything a person can dream of.

Seems like his political career is starting off pretty good, so maybe we will see him in a higher position in politics than just an advisor position.

9ice remains as one of the best singers and the most popular ones in Nigeria, and his legacy will definitely remain for many years to come.

Perhaps some of his children will continue down the same path as he.

Quick summary

Full name: Adigun, Baale, Bashorun

Date of birth: 17 January 1980

Birthplace: Oyo State, Nigeria

Age: 39

Profession: Singer, Songwriter

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 85 kg

Net Worth: 1.7$ million